Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 5 : 26 : Physics Law 147 ;

(law 147) : (mask, masked, masking) ones;

mask     mask     mask;

I've a quiz i.e. within this DOMAIN, HOW many pictures would you like to select to represent (mask, masked, masking), if diagonal ... , if horizontal ... , if vertical ... ?

well trained kids! replied:

for each diagonal, we'll be using (, ) ... ;

for each horizontal, we'll be using ; Also see: Radical1;

for each vertical, we'll be using ; Also see: Radical2;

I wrote: wow! well trained kids! are very smart ones ... ;

since 2 is very very unique in many ways, I've a quiz i.e. are they with time, or without time ?

well trained kids! replied:

(, ) for with time , and

(, , , ) for without time sir; Remark: we've learnt this DOMAIN for more than 10+ years already, and we've got very good employments, incomes, ... ;

Masking     Masking     Masking;

I wrote: mochiron of course; My directional gravity spots, NOT for sale ;

OK. we've to keep up with our imaginary hyper space systems (e.g. dark energy engineering, invisibility engineering, ... ), and I've a gift for you well trained kids! (very easy and very simple) ones i.e.

masking _zcs Black; Remark: you can change your own colors if you like too ... ;


DEE Box vs. DEE Donut; , also see: Physics Law 181, ... ;

(roll-able, ZCS, flat panel, screen, CRT) Resolution, also see: Physics Law 140, ... ;