- Alodawpyie Bodhi Sukha Dhamma Meditation Monastery California (ABSDMMC) has been founded since 2011;

Alodawpyie in Myanmar means fulfilling wishes;

Bodhi in Pali means holy tree WHERE Buddha enlightened;

Sukha in Pali means happiness;

Dhamma a.k.a. dharma (the truth Buddha teaching);

- since 2012, Alodawpyie Bodhi Sukha Dhamma society has established in Newark, California, USA;

Alodawpyie monasteries are in Arizona, California, and Texas, USA;

- domain name has been registered since June, 2017/2561;


About Dr. Ariyawansa

- Alodawpyei Sayadaw Ariyawansa Biography;


About Bhante Panyacekka

- in 2017, Bhante Panyacekka applied Permanent Residence in USA, after staying 3 years with religious visa;

- 2016, Article: A Study of First Mula Min Gone Zetawon Sayadaw;

- 2015, Article: An outlook on the pragmatism of the Buddhism;

- since 2014, Bhante Panyacekka has lived in Newark, California, USA;

Bhante Panyacekka Biography;

- regarding title, Ashin and Bhante are same meaning venerable, and Bhikkhu means monk;

- Pannya is transcript word in Myanmar (Panna in Pali) means wisdom; cekka means the wheel of wisdom;





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