Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 12 : 23 : ijo Abnormalities ;

Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 12 : 23 : ijo Abnormalities ;

Mark ijo Abnormalities : its timestamp are : 04:49; 09:49 ;

marked ijo Abnormalities As Pattern;

because of incoming parallel moon waves, we have holes naturally;

because of dark energy is cut by maroon color or red color naturally, we have limitations;

because of we can no longer (keep, maintain) our organs' healthy color codes, we have abnormalities naturally, so called xyAbnormalities;

2 is very very unique in many ways, (e.g. 2 ways to be therapeutic. e.g. 2 ways to cure, e.g. 2 ways to do Tx, e.g. 2 ways to fix, 2 ways to repair) whenever ijo Abnormalities exist, and they are : ((using light), (using sound)), also see: PHYSICS, ... ;

(epidemic, pandemic) unwanted virus COVID-19;

COVID-19 Positive Respiratory;

COVID-19 Positive Respiratory;


Keywords (Anti Virus, Gene Therapy System, therapeutic) to handle (contagious, infectious) disease e.g. Virus;

(Time . (2563, 2020)), (Space . our earth (biological, logical) global), Action . unwanted Coronavirus;

naturally, bad weather conditions are abnormalities;

e.g. (AQI > 100) is bad weather condition; (AQI > 100) is unhealthy environmental; to be good weather condition, to be healthy environmental, also see: Manmade Global Weather; PHYSICS; Weather;

(epidemic, pandemic) unwanted virus EVD;

EVD, Ebola Virus Disease;

Whenever ijo Abnormalities exist, using Gene Therapy System to cure, to do Tx, to be therapeutic (those abnormalities) naturally, so called xyAbnormalities ... ;

Whenever ijo Abnormalities exist, using Manmade Global Weather to do good weather conditions globally, so called xyAbnormalities ... ;

WHEN we have ((abnormality, abnormalities), also see : Disease Disorder Acronym), this DOMAIN 's 10 dimensional Gene Therapy System (Z-index), using Artificial Intelligence e.g. finding and defining WHAT kind of (abnormality, abnormalities), and this DOMAIN has been designed, engineered, modeled by (<25 layers, <25 mediums) WHILE ((using light), (using sound)) go through our bodies ... ; because, this DOMAIN is beyond memristors (inward, outward) a.k.a. flat panel, flat surface, ZCS, and for each light, it is using wormhole way (i.e. the most advance technology, like yellowish variation), and for each sound, it is using SPL way (i.e. the most advance technology, like directional sound beam to be Manmade Global Weather (rain, raining)), and so on ... ; this DOMAIN 's Gravity Dimension Computer, using (many, multi, multiple) Directional Gravity Pressure (s), also see : Schematic Dimensional;