; Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 8 : 5 : Physics Law 173 ;

(law 173) : SPL Engineering ;

at SQRT2 (10000) level, i.e. at universal (10000), SPL Development, SPL Engineering, SPL R&D, ... exist;

one of the military top secrets, therefore, cannot explain anymore; Rakhine (1+ millions peoples as an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar's ethnic tribes) rather have more questions than answers; Basic understanding would be :

this DOMAIN has already defined origin of sound As , doko WHERE 4 Yellow vertical lines are NOT parallel, ... ;

Physics; PHYSICS; Physics;

SPL, also see: Schematic Dimensional; Schematic Light;

SPL, Sound Pressure Level;

SPL     SPL     SPL;

whenever ware ware We see 1 (image, photo, picture), it can be somehow represented by 1 (audio, noise, sound) WHICH leads to SPL Engineering;