Radical : Radical : Radical : ( Radical86) four strokes in Kanji;

dimensional, e.g.


directional, e.g.

Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

logical, e.g.

in Hiragana: arm; hand;

in Kanji: hand;

Takade (family name, surname); Tasome (name); Tesaki (family name, surname);
Te (place name);

ability to cope;
care; effort; trouble;
foreleg; forepaw;
hand; handwriting;
hand; help; worker;
hand of cards;
handle; Also see: Syntax vs. Semantics;
kind; sort; type;
means; move; technique (a.k.a. Method); trick; workmanship;
one's hands; one's possession;

numerological, e.g.


structural, e.g.

Also see: PHYSICS (e.g. Physics Law 150,  ability to cope, ... );


: : : : : : : . i.e. IPv6, also see: dot dot dot;

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