Artificial Light     Last updated on 2018/2562 4 29, a full moon day;

ACT3 stage development is in progress along with parallel time development ... ; 

A combination of heating & lighting has been used for thousands of years;

ACT2 water tank, ;

Artificial Light;

Boundary in SchematicSymbols.htm; Boundary in SchematicLight.htm;

Heat vs. Light;

IFF Naturally Filtering Spectrum To Red Orange Yellow, also see: Yosemite in late February;

Light rate bridge, Light rate CRC, ... , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement;

Natural heat in 3-1 dimension, also see: ACT2 hyperdimensional craft's imaginary natural heat in 3-1 dimension;  

Schematic Light;

Separation of heat and light;

Understanding a spectrum of light; Understanding of heat;

Before engineering ACT2 and ACT3 stage artificial light, the technologies such as: gravity symbols and vectors, mb milli bar pressure, natural time, water, ... ; 40+ years ago, WHEN tick tick tick in quartz analog CK clock somehow proved that there must a hole exists, and then hole and stick must be understood thoroughly; After understanding and engineering such holes and sticks, and sticks as strings in M theory, light can be engineered by sticks, and mb milli bar pressure can be engineered by holes; After engineering sticks of light, the most advance gravity can be understood, and approx. 44 sticks with 4 holes are needed to engineer gravity, also see: graviton;