; ; ; ; Updated in 2565: on 2021 : 11 : 26 : P M E, Pressure _Machine _Engine;

IFF ACT3 stage, the truth is nothing out there, on the other hand, "out there" is existence of very dark universe without heterodyning, somehow after year 2008, a similar system has been found but this DOMAIN still cannot solve number 7 yet; In early 21st century, Orbiter Machines have been used to detect HOW to light, WHERE are the both ends of milky way, civilization type whether in type 1, 2, 3, ... ; Nevertheless, pressure machine engines will make civilization changes in the near future;

we need "Artificial" heterodyning of lights, so we'll survive in ACT3; Remark: as of 2563, in 2020;

well trained kids! replied: we're able to do kuru kuru of lights, so WORMHOLE ways are heterodyning of lights sir;

I wrote: Umm! I've learnt something to think about ... , thank you well trained kids! please don't forget to be using one of my creations i.e. DEE _Radio ;

well trained kids! replied: we'll be using NOT ONLY radio, BUT ALSO yellowish variations sir ;

I wrote: Wow! well trained kids! are very very very smart ones already, i.e. good, goody good, ... ;

(Mobile vs. Normal) e.g. 15x15 dimensional ones: ( 15x15_dimensional_Mobile, 15x15_dimensional_Normal), also see: Physics Law 198; Server;

Fluid theory cannot solve space traveling because fluid is based on fluid dynamics and thermal dynamics; Fluid in liquid form should be considered old tech, mechanism by fluid theory can only be deployable on Earth, due to sea level; In space traveling, concerning engine, sea level concept, math, formula, and calculation must be voided; On the other hand, sea level fluid theory should be considered to be in artificial inner _space environment; Also see: DEE; Error vs. Trap; M Theory; Satellite; Simulation vs. Distribution; Space; Worm=holes;

IFF directional gravity, using GPS, schematic symbols are ,   ,   ,   , ... WHERE 23x34 for outbound, 34x23 for inbound, ... ; HOW to do gravity, 1st to understand solar powered 0.5 second kinetic momentum, so green gravity can be understood; 2nd to understand DEE by iroLED, "lord of ring" method to do space elevating, by using GPS device; 3rd to understand cell path and directions, so called directional gravity ... ; Also read the book: Prof. Michio Kaku's PHYSICS OF THE FUTURE, 2011;


IFF PME aka Pressure_Machine_Engine;

Dynamic system vs. Static system, in strings evolute

If sine 90 to ferromagnetic core, Pa = Pb, and static behavior to  gravity  g; When Pa ≠ Pb, dynamic behavior starts; In space, no value assigns to  gravity  g, and when Pa > Pb, distance Z dynamics tangent to Pa, and when Pa < Pb, distance Z dynamics tangent to Pb;

Planet's  gravity  g may vary to its mass [because], so make Earth's default milli-bar scale which has been calculated as static behavior to  gravity  g;

Science fiction can become real ... without electricity AND without combustion,  

i.e. boxes; Quiz;

i.e. c 3_gravitational_vector_for_each_C60H20.GIF at one of the a, b, c, ... ; Also see: 1 gravitational vector;

Before engineering PME, pressure machine engine, lighting must be understood, because light stimulates cells [ think light as stick, and cell as balls ]; In M theory, as YIN and YANG, hole and stick coexist, therefore, WHEN lights exist, holes also exist, WHERE dub holes can be further ACT2 study to engineer artificial  gravity ; Time . Space . Action oriental concept must be applied to simulate and test PME, as a result, flying boats, flying buses, flying cars, ... , and ACT3 hyper dimensional spacecraft can be engineered.

Sometimes, hole reproduces stick; For basic understanding, worm=holes, classified ... ;

Sometimes, a pair of nodes produce stick; For basic understanding, also see: ACT2 wafer; For basic testing, in addition to common available meters, all you need is a non-static housing frames to hold cutting blades, and if you can place cutting blades above any circuit board and not touching it, and if you can find out dB.m varies, interrupt varies, ... you are in basic ACT1 stage testing ... ;  

Sometimes, a coil in EM produces stick; For basic understanding, also see: ACT1 analog quartz clock [24mm natural time]; ACT1 automotives' spark plug & its coil [about 40V to spark, but pressure & vacuum environment is needed]; ACT1 relay [potential diff];

Sometimes, heterodyned of lights reproduce stick; Military top secret, classified, not available to public, do your own ... ;

Sometimes, ... ;


ACT1: a trace to PME, Pressure Machine Engine, also see: DEE, WHEN injecting laser beam into a bulb, dB.m becomes higher, WHEN injecting dark energy into a water hot pot dB.m becomes lower?, prove that dark energy exists along with light, therefore a statement "when light exist, dark also exist" can be scientifically proved and developed; Is this a beginning of sound beam? or is this a beginning of PME?

ACT1 dual band transmitter should be understood as basic ACT1, because in ACT2 and ACT3 stage, worm=holes are very difficult to understand, also very difficult to engineer, because heat vs. light, dark energy,  gravity , distance adjustment, gray scale simulation, parallel time engineering, ACT3 stage this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional spacecraft ... ;


ACT2 Testing a water2 gravity 7 vs. water7gravity2, G system in strings;

5 pressure machines might be needed; Distance (s) of pressure machines somehow will prove G system in strings ... ; Before understanding  gravity 's dimensional schematic symbols water2 gravity 7 and water7 gravity 2, 1 stick of light must be understood; After understanding 1 stick of light, and then approx. 44 sticks in parallel with 4 holes must be understood, and then time to engineer ACT2, and ACT3 stage pressure machine engines [for example by deploying pressure machine engines: flying boats, flying buses, flying cars, ultra lightening fast missiles, space vehicles, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyperspace craft in ACT3 stage, ... ], Myanmar must learn oriental language to be in ACT2 and ACT3 stage ... ; After understanding sticks of light, and then time to simulate, time to engineer, time to develop ACT2 stage vectors of pressure machine engines ... , for example: consider the image Pressure_Engine_Vector1.GIF, maroon colored  gravity  symbols at time t [in natural time only], with 4 holes along with mb milli bar pressure [not PSI pressure], the kinetic vector in red colored arrow, therefore such ACT2 and ACT3 stage development exists ... ; Therefore, to test G system in strings with 5 pressure machines, before simulating  gravity  in 2*7 vs. 2*5 ... ; Also see: Heat vs. Light;


ACT2_HyperdimensionalCraft_Imaginary_2,3dimensional_AperV.GIF, this DOMAIN 's imaginary flying pressure machine in 1D direction...

Remark: in 2,3 dimensional without adjusting time line surfaces, think that above A distance = B distance, and then think that (horizontal capacitance and vertical capacitance) i.e. 2 are in 0.5 momentum ... therefore, you are in ACT2 stage, and if you are developing Universal Positioning System, find 3 iro ... yourself in Natural Time; In common, digital cameras and "flying" digital camcorders are designed in 2,3 dimensional ... ; But, in 3,4 dimensional, do it yourself ACT3 ... e.g. Global Energy Testing from ACT2 station, Neutrino transformation in ACT1 distance in Natural Time, Worm=Hole in ACT3 stage, ... ;



ACT3 mb pressure independent temperature, mb independent temperature

Analyzing mb pressure independent temperature, to do so, 1st to understand I ref by avoiding V ref, 2nd to understand mb pressure dependent temperature by sticks of light, by avoiding psi pressure, 3rd to understand G system and its strings by 4 Planets Prediction e.g. 2*7, 2*5, ... , and then time to do Fuzzy Gray Scale Simulation, and then time to do mb independent temperature, ... ;

ACT3 parallel time toggle switch ... ;

_ IFF 青信号 green light AND あおしんごう green light, also see: ColdBoot.ini;

_ IFF system (gravity) Gravity Dimension Computer ... ;

2 worm=holes full duplex 1 light before calculator frame ; 15x108;


Ion Engine, like CRT tube, ... ; Ionized atoms as beam, like electric current heats filament, aka xenon, ... ; No blast; No explosive gas; Using steady flows of ion, e.g. calculator frames on thin film, ... , i.e. Ion Engine ... ; Hayabusa, powered by 4 xenon ion engines, ... ; Plasma engine is more powerful than ion engine, but hydrogen gas is heated magnetic field and radio wave, prototype is available and not yet in space, ... ;

< 1 second, i.e. 0.5 second momentum must be thoroughly understood, with 3 lights, just to control 2 capacitances' 0.5 second momentum, ... reversely engineer gravity by using lights, because lights vary WHEN gravity is applied ... ; Particles ... ;

After understanding 0.5 second kinetic momentum, i.e. green gravity, and then time to do directional gravity by using USB powered GPS ... ;