In space, Myanmar rather have more questions than answers... e.g. ( fugaku Computer, fugaku Computer, fugaku Computer, fugaku Computer), also see: Computers;

Location Awareness Response;

IFF satellite, wireless is one of the ways to the Internet, e.g. www;

Simulation: Fuzzy coefficient; Fuzzy parameter; Fuzzy set with distribution; ...

Particles are whether in timeless OR/AND time . space . action ?

Eastern thought makes me understand: time must be understood before place [universe . solar system . earth . land . ... ]; when is the most important than where, what/which may belong to Action?

Heterodyned indexes must be known first, in order to know exactly why there is no liquid water exists in Mars?

In Solar system, Planet Earth's average density = 5.5 g/cm3 , since density must be measured at certain temperature, how to measure the Earth average density? [Hint: assuming planet Saturn = 0.7 g/cm3 , the lowest average density in Solar system]?

Assume that Moon of Earth = 1/80 mass of Earth; Lo = Moon of Jupiter = 1/3 of Earth, where the Lo exists the most active volcanic:

Also see: Error vs. Trap; Satellite; Pressure _Machine _Engine; Wireless antenna;

Wildcard, Computer Science . h t m # Space ;