Updated in 2566 : on 2022 : 6 : 20 : Error ;

error; fault; mistake; Radical207;

After a few steps in formulation, variable (ref) might prompt formula with error;

e.g. in (1 AND 1) advanced step-by-step method, upper 1 is VAL, lower 1 is ref, and then, if lower 1's memory dump matched upper 1's keyword, but with unexpected functional result i.e. error;

e.g. in artificial intelligence, WHILE heuristic searching, after a few tree-depths, variable (ref) might prompt formula with error;

e.g. in automata theory, after a few iterations, variable (ref) might prompt formula with error;

e.g. in programming languages, equal sign is assignment operator, doko WHERE right side of equal sign is going to be assigned into left side of equal sign; after a few lines of code, variable (ref) might prompt formula with error;

Therefore, AI (Time . Space . Action) to correct and handle error automatically, doko WHERE 2 dots mean EXTENSION; IFF Cloud Computing, manager level computing professionals should be able to do 1 dot to structure 1 sentence WHICH is beyond 1 word; Also see: error span; AI, Artificial Intelligence automatic fix for each Error (e.g. Error Codes exist, Error ID s exist, Error messages exist) ... ; archived; bin; cleanup; defender; download; error; file; internet; log; offline; per; program; recycle; report; setup; system; temporary; thumbnail; update; user; webpage; windows;


06/20/2022; Internal Server Error; www.americamyanmar.net was unable to browse in the Internet for a few minutes;

Remark: after a phone called to its ISP, And Then, uploaded 6 index files into the ISP Server, error was solved; Keyword: resource ... ;

12/20/2021; The current directory is invalid.

10/07/2020; Low level format of CD/DVD media failed . . ;

2020; Error Checking, e.g. the mutated gene patterns, i.e. falsified ones, also see: Falsify;

(COVID-19, oncogene) are errors of we human beings' immunological system;

this DOMAIN 's y . x . falsified ones is a technique, regarding Error Checking, ... ;

The destination Web ignores case. The following pairs of names will conflict.

% via explorer; One of the most important factors of quality assurance; Lesser error in percentage %, higher the quality is; Error can be trapped;

broadband service is not available;
Broadband service is not available. ;

constraint violation error (for example: x + 1 < x);

Error Code (101) The connection was reset;

Error Code (105) Unable to resolve the server's DNS address;

Error Code (107) Secure sockets Layer protocol error;

Error Code (118) The operation timed out;

Error Code (324) The server closed the connection without sending any data;

Error Code (330) Content decoding failed;

Error Code (400) Bad request;

Error Code (403) Access denied;

Error Code (404) The requested URL / was not found on this server;

Error Code (408) Server Busy;
Error Code (409) Server Busy;

for example: The website is too busy to show the webpage; HTTP408 / HTTP409;

Error Code (500) Internal Server error;
Error Code (500) Server error;

Error Code (503) The service is unavailable;

for example: No server is available to handle the request.

Error Code (504) Page not found;

Error Code (1005) URL does not exist;

Error ID: 53 (00000035)

for example: Windows Server 2003's %PATH% not exists; Cluster cannot start services on node 'xxx . xxx . xxx . xxx' ;

Error Level: Integer value;

Remark: Can be traced manually WHILE Data Access >> Microsoft Local Test Manager >> MS D A SQL >> Commands >> Pre and Post >> *.* >> Run; For testing: Register as Adds >> Test Modules . d l l (Dynamic Linked Library);

Error log, developer's human errors ... ;

File:\$ L D R $, boot error;

File:\n t l d r, boot error;

Error occurs while executing database query AND VENDOR ERROR CODE=1205; that is: 40001;

Hardware BIOS beep errors: read beep codes from manufactures; In common 1 beep is okay WHICH includes NOT able to switch from BIOS to CPU to be in protected mode; NOT cache memory latches failure; NOT C M OS shutdown register failure; NOT CPU error; NOT memory refresh failure; NOT parity error; NOT POST failure; NOT ROM checksum doesn't match BIOS's value; NOT system timer failure; NOT video failure;  ... if hear more than 1 beep WHILE booting a system means error / failure / unable;

I Error Info: WHILE interface I ID_ ID B Initialize, MD AC v.2.5, OLE DB;

invalid source (that is: browser based);

invalid value for registry (that is: control panel);

Link not available;

no internet connection;
No Internet connection. ;

OLE DB Errors: Get Error Info, I Error Info, I Error Records, I SQL Error Info, I Unknown, Set Error Info, ... ;

Potential Windows Update Database error detected 0x80070490;

Relative error: In fuzzy simulation with fuzzy_ set {...} that is for engine {, , , , , }, after performing numbers of cycles [that is 5000 cycles], possibility [that is 0.908], and relative error [that is <3%];

SQL Error: Microsoft ODBC ASCII >> Diagnosis >> SQL Error >> ... ;

SQL Installer Error: SQL Installer Error, SQL Post Installer Error, ... ; Microsoft ODBC Unicode >> Installer ...;

Syntax error: Also see: Syntax vs. Semantic;

The remote procedure call failed;

The server name or address could not be resolved;

Windows 8, installing into Trans Meta Processor, for example: Your PC needs to restart. Please hold down the power button. Error Code: 0x0000005D Parameters:0xaddress;

Windows Update components must be repaired;

Windows OS and boot error: c h k d s k /f /r <enter>;   %Recovery Console% c h k d s k /f /r <enter> fix m b r <enter> fix boot <enter> exit <enter>;   c d i386 <enter> copy n t l d r c: <enter> copy n t detect .com c: <enter>;

WinHomeServer08 installation error, Error is 2 after stage 1 step 0;




;remark: NOT linked by AI OS 's Global Characters;

; IFF logic error, NOT {TRUE}
                                                            and then
Error Log;
                                                                                            fix logic error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ            O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
syntax error, AND Type
                                                            and then
Error Log;
                                                                                            fix syntax error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ               O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
semantics error, OR Font
                                                            and then
Error Log;
                                                                                            fix semantics error=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;
                                                                                            ɟ♯ᅍ                      O=123456789Ⓞ〩〩;

ELSE IF mistake a.k.a. Error, GO TO: X HTML

ELSE ...

Error was: ASCII vs. Unicode in VBScripts;   D HTML browser instantiation;   full Window . move To(... , ...);   get Element By Name () function call;   Instantiation of undefined variable;   Object expected in line143;   Object expected in line428;   Object expected in line653;   Object Name;   Image swap function call;   Mail button from ISP causes FALSE thread;  Object required for Document THIS Element . ;   page Name;   R S S pod cast button;   ServerSideAppCharError_line36.htm;   Syntax error line294;   T T L time out;   User ID;   window . move To()_line65;