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( Factorisation, Factorisation, Factorisation);
( Factorization, Factorization, Factorization); e.g. ♯, #, (Even Number, Odd Number), floating points with mantissa points, Hash, millibar, numerological, "ro" sizes, ... ;

next following subsequences; Radical980;


21st century & beyond; by using this DOMAIN 's



Blue gray








Dark red




















Light turquoise




Light yellow







































Also see: PHYSICS, law eighty two, ... ;

      keisu Coefficient, (factor, multiplier) for measuring property, (numerical, numerological) constant WHICH multiplies variable ... ; Also see: Optics;      

(bio marker, cell marker, FISH Marker, NGS marker, tumor marker, UDNGS marker) As Factor, also see: bGTSU; cGTSU; fGTSU; nGTSU; tGTSU; uGTSU;

( ... , BF2BrownZCS, BF2GreenZCS, BF2IndigoZCS, BF2LavenderZCS, BF2PurpleZCS, BF2RedZCS, BF2SilverZCS, BF2TurquoiseZCS, BF2YellowZCS, ... ) ... for Gene Therapy System therapeutic ... ; Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

2018/2562; Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol, using yellowish variations and its Remote Heat Sensing structural ... ; Remark: only in our earth, heat and lights are at the same location; on human beings livable moons, heat and lights are NOT at the same location;

2018/2561; PHYSICS, law twenty seven : every light has its ending distance WHICH obey C Sequence Number (BF1); Also see: halt; stop; Radical99; e.g. leaf, leaves, fruit, ... ;

(law one): in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space environment, energy obeys C Sequence Number ( BF2 a.k.a. Brunching Factor 2) ... ; Radical7, also see: Radicals;

2-brunch tree; Radical144;

approx. 300 years as life expectancy; Radical238;

serial number; Radical534;

be associated with; be limited to; factor;

C Sequence Number Natural Cell Path Battery, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

factor; proportion; rate; ratio; Radical300;

IFF (square root 2, a.k.a. SQRT2) model e.g. (1/1), (3/2), (7/5), (17/12), (41/29), (99/70), (239/169), (577/408), ... i.e. Distance approximation;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 178, Distance Approximation with C Sequence Number, Math approach;

IFF sequence value (11235), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 180, Engineering Notation; IFF log as structural distance (e.g. log2 ~ log10) ... ; since 2011, using Satellite DNS System, this DOMAIN has mapped all nuclear (e.g. Nuclear1, Nuclear2) plants as dots on screen surface in the Internet, and think that nuclear means none-stop population (populating) of high heat WHICH obeys C Sequence Number (BF2), and in common, those none-stop population (populating) of high heat through condenser prompts high amp ( A a.k.a. ampere) with different potential ( V a.k.a. voltage) so called nuclear power plants ... ; voltage is correct usage, because "volt" must be with "age"; W a.k.a. watt is measured by time period, because aging (e.g. age) is like attenuation WHICH means distance prompts resistance e.g. dB . m @ nuclear core is the highest noise if compare to dB . m @ home's electrical cable (i.e. the smallest wire, the thinnest wire); therefore, always on cooling systems recommended at ( IFF symbol, @ a.k.a. at) core (refer to nuclear power's thermal rods); to understand HOW 1st to understand Manmade Global Weather;

In 2001, WHILE residing in Bangkok, Thailand, this computing number was invented. And, later donated to a professor who has worked in Chulalongkorn University for 30+ years ... ; It provides variable brunching factor of a tree; Instead of tree, find your own circular heuristic (e.g. wandering whithersoever) numeric relation; Look at several trees, and realize the differences among them such as tree brunching factor varies i.e. tree leaves and roots stop/end certainly at depth of path along with mass energy biometric factors; C number may be helpful in particle analysis; Also see: Network Topology; 5+ satellites (structural) as our earth, do good weather conditions globally ... ;

Remote Heat Sensing needs C Sequence Number ... ; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 177, (connect, connected, connecting, connectivity, connectivities, connector), ... ;

chokkosei Orthogonality (sequence of orthogonalities, specific keisu Coefficient (s), variance polynomials, variance wave front) ... ; Also see: Optics;

Remark: this DOMAIN provides/allows the computing numbers (i.e. this C Sequence Number) for further scientific IT testing purposes with or without factoring, numbering, tree structuring, circular structuring, mass energy biometric path depth, and ...; IFF (N-1), also see: div/2;Also see: FS+.sys; FS-.sys;

Cell 5W1H brunching; Number; Formula?   Also see: Nama For Humanoid; R F I D; Transistor;

Also see: spiral 1 H2O resists to G gravitational waves without square in ACT 1 stage was, and notice that G gravitons have been pushed from 3 planets; For Monbusho level developers only: apply C number's depth as power of radius as r1, r2, r3, r4, ... , and develop spiral G algorithms; Also develop "pairs of sticks" vs. "turtle and turtle eggs" ... ;

2,3 dimensional_ carbon nano wall, 3,4 dimensional_ carbon nano wall: spore ... ;

Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (one of the factors to adjust BLI (Body Length Index)) on human beings livable moons ... ;
DEE _ CSNBF1 _ CS (Dark Energy Engineering _ C Sequence Number Branching Factor 1 _ Close Space);
DEE _ CSNBF1 _ CS (Dark Energy Engineering _ C Sequence Number Brunching Factor 1 _ Close Space);
DEE _ CSNBF1 _ OS (Dark Energy Engineering _ C Sequence Number Branching Factor 1 _ Open Space);
DEE _ CSNBF1 _ OS (Dark Energy Engineering _ C Sequence Number Brunching Factor 1 _ Open Space);
Remark: based on "white" ZCS (Zero Curvature Surface) screen e.g. if you can do DEE patterns like here, you will get "white" screen for sure ... ;
Remark: this DOMAIN
's contents are ACT2 and ACT3 imaginary, and notice that Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization is NOT officially EXIST as of 2018/2562;

Fuzzy brunching factor for C-sequence number

For Monbusho level developers only: Write algorithm to test the C-number's variable brunching factor by its depth by super computer within time constraint to compare among computers; And, assume that C number is in omni, and try to calculate epi* ... for strings in ACT2;

Also develop CdS fuzzy brunching factors for orbiter machines ... ;

For Monbusho level ACT2 stage Fuzzy S V M developers only: Calculate hyperspace traveling by Fuzzy S V M;

MOON anti-graviton at time t0, consider as semi-dynamic system; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement ( idea ♯ 154; Reinventing the Moon Wave) ... ;

EARTH & water at time t1 consider as static system     WHEN

M Theory's 2 spin string 2N as 1H at time t2 in hyperplane1   WHICH as Left as dynamic system

M Theory's 2 spin string 2N as 1H at time t3 in hyperplane2   WHICH as Right as dynamic system

Calculate the Fuzzy S V M 's possible value in 3-in-1 dimension WHERE

hyperplane1 as 1 entity     1st to understand 4 planet prediction

hyperplane2 as 1 entity    

MOON as 1 entity     2nd time & lunar gravitational

Thus, 3 entities cause 1 lunar gravitational as 3-in-1 dimension     3rd to understand cracks in symmetrical

however full moon day, no moon day, ..., time t4, t5, t6, ... , tN-1, need to be calculated for hyperspace traveling

and then consider 5 gray horizontal sections from very very very far away ... 4th dimensional hyperspace

so, a Myanmar in theoretical way ...

time     time   AND   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ... number  = distance;   ACT2 and ACT3 stage parallel time calculation is in progress ... ; Notice that time + number = distance;

After understanding pore-pore distance, C number can be further applied by 4PP + JUN WHEN 4PP represents 2*7, and WHEN JUN represents 2*5; Therefore, can be further studied ... ;

driver (Bus Connector and Port) OEM ... ; using artificial intelligence to analyze the domain system ... ; x; y; z;

Develop D number, DEE, Water Clock, in ACT3 stage ... ; DEE;


A decade of testing in ACT2 ... ACT3 ...


C number inside a board, develop 2 times ... ;

C number inside a board, develop 3 lights ... ;

C number inside a board, develop 4 DEE ... ;


Flying automotives by P M E, also see: DEE, Gravity, Light, ... with R F I D;


Fuzzy Set [2,2] [3,3,3], is for developing 2,3 dimensional D Number ... ;


Gravity Pressure Share Radical, also see: Gravity Pressure Share Radical;


IFF 2....2    ♯88...88    2.2, also see: div/2;

IFF (L SYN R); develop step by step ACT3 stage with energy map; develop gravity dimension computer;  ... ;

IFF Light rate C R C: also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement.htm#light_rate_CRC;



BF1 (N+1) (N+(1+(1*1))) (N+((1+(1*1))+(1*1*1))
BF2 (N+2) (N+(2+(2*2))) (N+((2+(2*2))+(2*2*2))
BF3 (N+3) (N+(3+(3*3))) (N+((3+(3*3))+(3*3*3))
BF4 (N+4) (N+(4+(4*4))) (N+((4+(4*4))+(4*4*4))
BF5 (N+5) (N+(5+(5*5))) (N+((5+(5*5))+(5*5*5))
BF6 (N+6) (N+(6+(6*6))) (N+((6+(6*6))+(6*6*6))
BF7 (N+7) (N+(7+(7*7))) (N+((7+(7*7))+(7*7*7))
BF8 (N+8) (N+(8+(8*8))) (N+((8+(8*8))+(8*8*8))
BF9 (N+9) (N+(9+(9*9))) (N+((9+(9*9))+(9*9*9))

IFF ACT3 Imaginary Hyper dimensional AND fixed structured, also see: Heavenly Wheel Topology;

IFF 2,3 dimensional environment, doko WHERE IPS cell can transform into any one BF2 tissues ... ; World's 1st IPS Cell, invented by Nippon, in early 21st century (approx. 2002) WHERE the IPS cell can transform into any BF2 tissues ... ; Also see: Medical Matrix;

IFF 2,3 dimensional, complex ion gene therapy system (76647555) i.e. Good Gene ... ; increase Life Span, using Bio Clock, also see: Bio Clock vs. Life Span;

IFF four dimensional hyper sphere OR N dimensional space, also see: hyper sphere; spore;

IFF super symmetry e.g. x * y = - y * x, y * x = - x * y, ... , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement idea ♯ 146 (super symmetry); Particles (super symmetry);

reversed heat sensing way, also see: PHYSICS, law eighty six (jinko chino DEE Box) and law eighty five (our heart), ... ;

sequence ...