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Tabi (family name, surname); Taku (family name, surname); Tokou (name); Radical653;

Tachi (place name); Takashi (name); Tatezaki (family name, surname); Radical146;

Tada (family name, surname); Radical321;

tadaima, greeting IFF live together, or work together;
okaeri nasai, reply to the greeting tadaima ... ; vice and versa, in short form, if someone greets okaeri, reply tadaima; if someone says tadaima, reply okaeri ... ;

Tadashi (i.e. given name); Radical140;

Tadashi (name); Takashi (male name); Radical513;

tadashii ( correct), also see: Gene Therapy System index;

taekwondo; also see: sport;

Tai (family name, surname); Utena (family name, surname); Utsu (name); Radical754;

taihen desu, surprise!
taihen desu, there is a problem;

Osamu (family name, name, surname); Sakihira (family name, surname); Taira (family name, name, place name, surname); Radical545;

IFF Gene Therapy System : NOT statistically independent (orthogonal populations) bio (cell, genetic) e.g. tairitsuidenshi Alleles (at the same place on 1 chromosome, a.k.a. each kiseki Locus (kiseki Locus : defined (particular, particularly) place, point, position, space, ... )) alternative (e.g. ±98) forms of (cell, genetic) a.k.a. mutation; Also see: Optics;

taiwa Dialogue;

Takade (family name, surname); Tasome (name); Tesaki (family name, surname);

Takagou (family name, surname); Radical692;

Kumi (family name, surname); Takagumi (family name, surname); Radical366;

Takahi (family name, surname); Tasuku (name); Radical102;

Takanabe (family name, surname); Radical998;

Takanahashi (family name, surname); Radical994;

Takara (name); Radical156;

Takariki (family name, surname); Tsutome (name); Tsutomu (male name); Radical23;

Takasai (family name, surname); Radical251;

Takatsugi (family name, surname); Tsugu (name); Tsuguru (name); Radical980;

Jou (family name, name, surname); Jouji (name); Takashi (name); Radical361;

Takashi (family name, name, surname); Takeru (family name, name, surname); Radical201;

takoshiki Polynomial, (2+ algebraic terms, 3+ algebraic terms, consisting of several terms), ... ; Also see: Optics;

Takuma (name); Radical1005;

Takumi (family name, surname); Radical388;

Takumi craftsmanship (system); also see: Automotive;

Tamotsu (name); Radical414;

tankoshiki Monomial, (algebraic expression: consisting of 1 term), if (division Method, multiplication Method), And Then, composite quantities, sums of monomials, ... ; Also see: Optics;

tanpakushitsuketsugo Protein Bound, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 264, Protein Bound;

tanso Carbon     tanso Carbon     tanso Carbon;

tatami Mat, approx. 2.4 inches thick, (3 x 6) feet size, made of straw, and (floor covering, room's sizes) in Japan are described by tatami mat counts;

Tatami (family name, surname); Tatamiya (family name, place name, surname); Radical923;

Tatsu (family name, surname); Tooru (name); Radical231;

Te (place name); Radical86;

tegata (promissory note), also see: Biz;

Tei (family name, surname); Radical625;

Tei (name); Radical247;

Teki (name); Radical257;

tengoku Heaven; Radical666;

Tenkasu, also see: Sushi;

Terman, unclassified name; Terme, place name; Also see: term;

this vs. that, in English language; regarding Time, this represents present, on the other hand, that represents past; regarding Space, this means locally ... , on the other hand, that means remotely ... ; plural usage e.g. these vs. those, if compare to singular usage: this vs. that;

onomatopoeic in linguistic, for example, sound of clock can be expressed as: e.g. di da in Mandarin Chinese, e.g. katchin katchin in Japanese, e.g. tick tock in English, e.g. tik tik in Hindi, ... ; Also see: nippon2IdenticalVoices;

*tion; suffix alike;

* tion      
verb with "tion" suffix form s noun      
in EN ( English ) language ;      

time between;

*tive; suffix alike;

* tive      
when ever noun is emphasize d ( i.e. adjective )
in EN ( English ) language ;      

Tobari (family name, surname); Radical345;

Tochigi gourd, also see: Sushi;

Todo (name); Radical280;

Todomu (name); Tomaru (name); Radical99;

tojo On The Way; Radical963;

Tokiko (female name); Radical951;

Tokumasu (family name, surname); Radical198;

Tokuo (family name, surname); Radical81;

Tomo (name); Tomoni (name); Radical628;

ton ton, beating a small drum, also see: don don;

Tooru (name); Radical167;

toranzakushon Transaction, also see: Biz; Physics Law 456;

Tori (i.e. family name, given name, surname); Torisaka (i.e. family name, surname); Radical234;

Den (family name, female name, surname); Touda (name); Tousoe (name); Radical535;

Tasuku (name); Tsugi (name); Radical7;

Tsubura (family name, female name, surname); Radical777;

tsufukessetsu Tophus, also see: cGTSU; jGTSU; sGTSU;

Tsui (family name, surname); Tsuizaki (family name, surname); Radical991;

Naoshi (name); Sunao (name); Tsukasa (name); Radical735;

Tsukizaki (family name, surname); Radical96;

Tsume (family name, surname); Radical109;

Tsuno (family name, surname); Radical181;

Atsushi (name); Nou (family name, surname); Tsutomu (male name); Radical619;

Tsutomu (male name); Radical57;

Tsutomu (male name); Radical566;