Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 11 : 19 : Sushi : approx. 184+ Sushi related transcript words ... ;

food; foodstuff; meal; Radical219;

canned; dried; fresh; frozen; refrigerated; salt water ice boxed; storage;
 chopped; blended; grinded; marinated; preserved; screened; sliced; stuffed; washed; wrapped; process;
BBQ; bake; boil; deep fry; dip; grill; hotpot; microwave; roast; sautéed; sizzling; slow cook; smoke; steam; stew; stir fry; method;

5 Color i.e. NIPPON custom, tradition, ... ;

a-ge; dice, cubical, e.g. fishcake a-ge;

ale; beer; a.k.a. Alcohol;

in common, brew (barley, citrus, corolla of flower, flavor (e.g. pale barley, pine), malt);

bottled beer; canned beer; craft beer; filtered beer; tapped beer (from wooden container);

ama ebi, sweet shrimp; seafood;


anko, sweet bean paste;

Anno Imo, sweet potato;

baked sweet potatoes; roasted sweet potatoes;

Anti-Virus Interior ; Reminder: Korea Ginseng tea is recommended, because in Union of Myanmar, many peoples become immuned ones (i.e. NOT having "flu" ) because of Korea Ginseng tea;

aonori, green laver, green seaweed;

a.k.a. parae in Korean;

dried green laver; green nori powdered;

apple; fruit;

apple cider (beverage drink); apple pie (bakery);

Fuji apple; Macintosh apple; Red Delicious apple;

apricot; fruit; small and yellow color, similar to peach;

dried apricot;

artichoke; vegetable; e.g. steam the artichokes, then dice (chop), make it spicy salad (crushed dried chili pepper, fried garlic, fried sweet yellow onion, lemon juice, olive oil, roasted peanut powder, sea salt, sesame oil);

artichoke heart; vegetable;

asanomi, dried hemp seed;

asparagus; vegetable;

avocados; fruit;

Hass avocados;

e.g. peeled and then pitted 1 ripe avocado with 2 spoons of cane sugar in a cup of milk;

awabi, abalone; seafood;

ayu; freshwater fish; river fish; smelt; sweet fish; trout;

bacon; also see: pork;

smoked bacon;

bagel; bakery;

blueberry bagel; cinnamon raisin bagel; garlic bagel; everything bagel; onion bagel; plain bagel;

bake vs. roast; WHILE cooking, "not moving" means bake, on the other hand, "moving, turning around" means roast;

baking powder;

bamboo shoot;

bamboo shoot is one of the oriental foods; Radical155;

canned bamboo shoots; fresh bamboo shoots;

chili bamboo shoots in soybean oil; Taiwanese style;

NIPPON Mt. Gassan bamboo shoots; special; not in common;

banana; fruit;

cooked plantain banana; dried banana; dried banana chip; dried plantain chip; fried banana; roasted plantain chip;

bar; bakery; frozen; snack;

e.g. seasoned almonds with cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and mixed with egg, honey, oats, and sugar, and then bake till crunchy; adding seeds will be better taste;

chocolate bar; fig bar; granola bar; snack;

fruit bar; frozen;

bar (pub), a public place (e.g. restaurant) to drink hard liquor (e.g. sake) or soft liquor (e.g. beer), and eat ... ;

basil; a bit of;

BBQ, a.k.a. barbecue; Yakitori BBQ sticks;

bean; pea; Radical184;

bean; beans; e.g.

black bean; e.g. black bean with cheese burrito;

black eye bean;

dried bean curd sheet;

dried bean curd stick;

fermented bean curd chili;

Masoor Dal, red split lentils;


Angus beef, a.k.a. rib eye, a.k.a. tender steak; in common, either grilled (gas oven heat with flavored wood burnt) or broiled (one sided heat either electricity heat or gas heat);

beef jerky (sun dried); chuck short ribs; ground beef; ground beef patties (ready to grill); strip steaks; top sirloin steak;

Yonezawa beef;

beer; brewed soft liquor; a.k.a. Alcohol;

draft beer, Radical129;

beer with chips; beer with pizza; beer with snacks;

beet; vegetable;

e.g. beets in vinaigrette;

bento box; invented by NIPPON; ready to eat; retailed by convenient stores, daily supplied by bento box wholesales food manufactures;

e.g. POS (Point of Sales) machines' bento box transactions as data; those bento box sold data are gathered with GPS locations, and then calculated to be cooking order for another day (e.g. asu Tomorrow) as Just-In-Time ( JIT) inventory system;

bento boxes' style may vary e.g. one pickled plum in the middle of white rice means the flames of the sun, a symbol of life, and the white rice that surrounds the plum represents honesty and innocence, a symbol of purity; grilled fish with a slice of fish cake represents ... ; omelet represents ... ; layered of vegetables represent ... ; 5 colors represent ... ; salad represents ... ; in common, designer's idea is intentionally applied to bento box ... ;

berry; fruit;

blackberries (a.k.a. brambleberries); blueberries; cranberries; raspberries; strawberries;

biscuit; snack;

e.g. Italian biscotti (almond bar, granola bar) with a glass of red wine;

bitter melon; vegetable;

boil vs. steam; WHILE cooking, "much water left" means boil, on the other hand, "no water, using vapor only" means steam;

Bonito flakes, Katsuobushi, dried-fermented-smoked skipjack tuna; seafood;

bouquet; flowers by interior design;


buns; cornbread; French bread; garlic bread; multi-grains bread; sandwich bread (sliced); sourdough bread; sourdough stick bread; wheat bread; white bread;

house-baked bread, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, served with draft beer; Italian style;

broccoli; vegetable;

broccoli bunch; broccoli crown;

broth; soup;

e.g. chicken broth;

Brussels sprouts; 

burdock root; vegetable;

sliced fresh burdock root, stir fry with marin sake, soy sauce, sugar, ... ;


e.g. cheese burger (between breads, burger, fresh vegetable, pickle, and sauce);

e.g. protein wrap (instead of bread, lettuce (green leaf lettuce, red leaf lettuce) and romaine are used);

tuna burger; turkey burger;

buri (yellowtail fish) teriyaki;

burrito; Latin American style; Mexican style;

e.g. bean and cheese burrito; beef and green Chile burrito; spicy beef and bean burrito;

butter oil;

cacao bean;

e.g. dark chocolate is made of cacao bean; peanut butter;

cabbage; vegetable;

green cabbage;

cake; cookie; bakery;

cupcake; lava cake (square side & size); shortcake;

butter cake; cheese cake; dried fruits & nuts cake; fruit cake; green tea cake; lotus cake (oriental style); moon cake (Chinese traditional style);

California roll, a sushi roll; one of the bento boxes is designed with California roll;

calories-free sweetener;

tin can; Radical158;

before opening a tin can, confirm expiration date on each can; if expired, trash away without opening the can;

canola oil, one of the seasoning oils;

cantaloupe; fruit; melon;

carrot; vegetable;

baby carrot; carrot bunch; cello carrot;

cauliflower; vegetable;

celery; celery stick; vegetable;


Chinese style Nagasaki (city's) Champon noodle, made of wheat flour, yellow dough by lye water;


American cheese; Cheddar cheese (American style); cheese powder; cottage cheese; cream cheese; Feta cheese (Greek style); goat cheese; Gouda cheese (Dutch style); Jack cheese; Mizithra cheese (Greek style); mozzarella cheese (Italian style); Parmesan cheese (Italian style); Swiss cheese;

cheese cake; bakery;

cheese ravioli e.g. Italian style creamy & cheesy pasta, blend with organic ricotta and organic mozzarella, quick grind of salt & pepper, drizzle extra virgin olive oil a bit, served with sautéed veggies;

chashu, and gyoza;


Buffalo chicken wings (USA's American style); in common, hot sauce with cheese, fried;

chicken curry;

chicken Kabobs with vegetables; in common, Middle Eastern style;

chicken nuggets; frozen processed food (chicken nuggets), ready to fry or microwave;

chicken wings; organic chicken drumsticks;

fried chicken;

Hainan chicken (Chinese style) steamed chicken;

whole fryer (in common, refer to frozen whole chicken, ready to cook); whole roasted chicken (a.k.a. rotisserie chicken);

Chinese style:

ball (beef ball, fish ball, fried sesame ball, ... );

bun: BBQ pork bun (baked), chicken bun (steamed), creamy egg yolk bun (baked), dried scallop bun (steamed), egg yolk paste bun, lotus seed paste bun (steamed), pork bun (steamed), sweet bean bun (steamed), ... ;

BBQ pork;

BBQ spare ribs; pork;

chilled jelly fish; cold appetizer;

Chinese broccoli;

congee: pork and preserved egg congee, seafood congee, ... ;

crepe: deep fried Chinese donut with rice crepe, shrimp crepe, vegetable crepe, ... ;

dumpling, a.k.a. gyoza in NIPPON (Japanese); Remark: many styles of dumpling (gyoza) EXIST in Asia; e.g. Shan style is with bean tofu wrapper; e.g. shrimp dumpling with green chive;

fried rice;

fried noodle (rice flat noodle; Udon noodle, made of wheat; Vermicelli, made of bean; ... );

fried squid; (stick, ring);

Remark: many styles of fried rice and fried noodle EXIST, in Asia; many styles of noodle soups also EXIST;

putting: coconut putting, durian putting, mango putting, red bean putting, ... ;

roasted duck; BBQ (half, whole);

roll: crab meat and seaweed roll, fried shrimp roll, fried pork roll, fried taro roll, fried vegetable roll, ... ;

spare ribs with black bean sauce;

specialties: e.g. baby cuttlefish, beef brisket on rice pot, beef tripe with ginger onion, chicken feet, Malay style sponge cake, pan fried turnip cake, pan fried water chestnut cake, pork feet with ginger and vinegar, puffy egg custard tart, short rib (with honey sauce, with pepper sauce), sweet custard roll, ... ;

stuffed bean curd;

stuffed sticky rice, wrapped in lotus leaf;

chocolate; vanilla;

dark chocolate; milk chocolate;

chocolate covered raisins; dark chocolate almonds; milk chocolate almonds;

chopsticks; style; traditional;

Remark: in USA, chopsticks are free upon request; in Europe, chopsticks must be purchased to eat in oriental style; in Asia, all oriental restaurants provide serve-your-self style bundle chopsticks for free;

jade chopsticks, expensive, luxury, somehow associate to Royal Families of Asia ... ; very high level style;

blacken carbon chopsticks, high tech chopsticks, available on human beings livable moons; Remark: must know laser to cut HOW very hard carbon can be as blacken carbon chopsticks;

maroon color antibiotic poly plastic chopsticks, very durable, very useful, not expensive and enjoy life style in common ... ;

special designed bamboo chopsticks are expensive (sometimes as expensive gift item, e.g. $100 USD for a pair of special designed bamboo chopsticks) e.g. special designed lacquer ware chopsticks as artisan style;

chutoro; otoro; i.e. tuna; seafood;

cilantro; vegetable;

IFF Western style, curly parsley, plain parsley are used;

citrus jelly;

coconut; fruit;

canned coconut milk; fresh coconut milk;

fresh shredded coconut; frozen shredded coconut;

coffee; tea;

cookie; cake; bakery;

coriander seed;

corn; corn, a.k.a. maize;

corn starch; popcorns; white corn; yellow corn;

e.g. salsa and organic white corn tortilla chips, served with bean paste (Latin American style);


Alaska king crab;
canned crab meat; fresh crab meat;
Maryland soft shell crab;

crackers; snack;

e.g. crackers, served with chili, salad, soup, and stew;

lightly salted crackers; roasted seaweed crackers; sesame crackers;


cream cheese;

cream powder;

cubed tuna, served with sake; bar usage;

culinary equation;

e.g. attractable = 5 colors + variety;
e.g. eatable = diet + healthy nutrition;
e.g. irresistible = salt + sweet;
e.g. marketable = location + sign;
e.g. presentable = idea + interior design;


curry paste; curry powder; curry roux; ready to cook curry;

beef curry; chicken curry;

daidai; citrus; orange;

daikon and cucumber salad;

daikon, konjac, and tofu fritter;

dashi; Dashi, made from dried Shiitake mushrooms, Iriko (dried-and-small anchovies and sardines), Katsuobushi (Bonito flakes), and Kombu (kelp);

dim sum, Chinese traditional;

in USA, Dim Sum restaurants serve varieties of specialty cuisine in small portion, e.g. a few scallion-stuffed dumplings, a few sesame balls, a lotus-leaf wrapped steamed sticky sweet rice with dried shrimp, a scoop of seaweed salad, a small bowl of steamed-beef-stomach salad, a small dish of black-bean-sauced chicken feet, a small cup of congee, a small portions of pork specialties, BBQ spare ribs, buns (bean bun, chicken bun, roasted pork bun), roast duck with buns, shrimp fried wonton, steamed seafood in sauce, yam stuffed bean curd, ... ;

donburi, home style rice bowl meal; e.g. seafood over rice; beef over sticky rice;


e.g. glazed French cruller donut with a cup of coffee;
e.g. jelly donut with a cup of coffee;
e.g. old fashion donut with a cup of coffee;

donut holes; in common, donut but small and ball alike round ones;


dragon fruit; fruit;

dried fish;

dried mackerel;

dried fruits & nuts;

dried shrimp;

dumplings, a.k.a. pot stickers, a.k.a. wontons;

fried ones; steamed ones;

ebi, shrimp; seafood;

ebikatsu, fried shrimp; ebikatsu shrimp cutlet;

edamame, a.k.a. Eda Mame, young soybeans in pods; high protein; fiber + iron + calcium; cholesterol free;


fully boiled eggs; fully boiled and peeled eggs in soy sauce; fully fried eggs; half boiled eggs; half fried eggs; preserved duck eggs; scrambled eggs;

fully boiled quail eggs (extra option, one or two in a bowl of noodle soup);

fully boiled turtle eggs (expensive and luxury, NOT available in USA);

preserved duck eggs; Oriental style;

eggplant; vegetable;

Asian eggplant; egg like round and small, teal green color;

Asian eggplant; long and rod alike, purple color;

Italian eggplant; round and big egg alike, black color;

Mapo eggplant;

eggplant, bell pepper, and pork with spicy miso;

eel; seafood;

BBQ eel; eel roll; smoked eel;
canned eel; fresh eel;
unagi eel, grilled;

Egyptian Molokia soup;

enchiladas; Chile sauce;

also see: salsa;

energy drink;

fat-free sour cream;

dipping; spreading; e.g. fat-free sour cream on a mound of nachos;

fig; fruit;

fig bar; snack;

fillet; in common, cleaned fish slices without bone, ready to cook;

beer battered fillet; fish sticks;

catfish fillet; cod fillet; halibut fillet; rockfish fillet; salmon fillet; tilapia fillet;


fish; freshwater fish; seawater fish;

fish; Radical233;


flounder; fish; seafood;


all purpose flour; tempura; unbleached all purpose flour;

flower; flowers; e.g.

dried black fungus;

dried lily flowers;

fern; fuchsia; mums; roses;

corolla of flowers; stemmed of flowers;

food should be medicine alike; immuned ones (immune to (Specialties ID 's (defined, known, stated) diseases)), immunity, vaccine, ... doko WHERE (antibody, antibodies) DEE _Mouth eats Specialties ID 's (defined, known, stated) diseases ... ;

fried chicken (in common, sale by pieces); fried noodle; fried rice;

in Hiragana : fruit; nut; Radical791;

fruit & vegetable;

apples, berries, grapes, melons, oranges, ... are commonly available in Sushi restaurants;

fruit bar (frozen); fruits pie (bakery); fruit punch (beverage drink);

in common, ripe avocado is sliced and then inserted IFF Sushi rolls ... ; crunchy is commonly from fresh cucumber slices;

store fruit & vegetable for preserving; Radical323;

furikake , dried and sprinkled over rice, for rice seasoning; In common, furikake ingredients are bonito, salt, seaweed, sesame seed, soy sauce, sugar, ... ;

Gac fruit; Gac fruit seeds;

gagome kelp; sea vegetable;

ganmodoki, simmered tofu fritters;

garden salad;

gari, pickled young ginger; sweet taste;


shoga Ginger; ginger; in common, use fresh ginger only;

a knob of ginger;

brewed ginger beer (beverage drink); gari, pickled young ginger; ginger powder;

marinated with ginger ginger juice;

myoga, Japanese ginger;

ginkgo nuts;

gluten-free, e.g. corn;

goji, red berry;

gourd; melon; Radical154;

Goya, bitter melon; vegetable;

granola; cereal;

e.g. gluten-free fruit and nut granola;

grape; fruit;

green seedless grape; red globe grape; red seedless grape;

grapefruit; fruit;

red ruby grapefruit;

green peas;

green tea;

cold brewed green tea;

green tea cake;

green tea ice cream;

green tea mochi;

hot brewed green tea;

Lotte chocolate pie green tea;

gukbap soup; Korean style;

gyoza, dumpling; pan fried dumpling stuffed with minced pork, vegetables, ... ; stuffed with chicken and vegetables, ... ; with tangy dipping sauce; with chili sauce;

halibut steak; seafood;

ham; also see: sandwich;

maple honey ham;

hamachi, yellow tail; seafood;

hamaguri; clam; "geo-duck"; shellfish; seafood;

grilled hamaguri;
hamaguri art, painting on inner side & outer side of both shells; decorated item; traditional art work;
hamaguri broth, i.e. mixed with ginger, sake, soy sauce, ... ;
hamaguri hotpot;

hamburger steak;

hashed beef rice;

hijiki seaweed;

hirame, halibut; seafood;

hokkigai, clam; ubagai, clam; seafood;


hot dog;

in USA, very famous & delicious hog dogs (approx. 1.65 USD for 1 hot dog with soda) are served at costco stores;

Polish style hot dog; regular sausage hot dog; in common, breaded with honey mustard & ketchup;

meat frank;

ice cream; fruit bar;

green tea ice cream are commonly available in Chinese restaurants, and Sushi restaurants;

bean ice cream; chocolate ice cream; strawberry ice cream; vanilla ice cream;

idea a.k.a. knowledge: at least 5+ iroColours to present to customers; think of (directional, dimensional, logical, numerological, structural) for each Sushi as eatable & sellable item;

regarding directional e.g. 1 way DEE and BF2 is our earth (e.g. sunrise @ east, sunset @ west, so dried should be ... ),
regarding dimensional e.g. 2,3 dimensional, 2 events of 90°, 3,4 dimensional a.k.a. another universe, (e.g. 2 moons are on the same orbit), e.g. if a line on a surface and then think of 2 sides of the surface can be 2 diff pressure,
regarding numerological e.g. avoid number 4 on plate, or in box, (e.g. 7 is lucky western style, 8 is lucky eastern style),
regarding structural e.g. coexistence of hole & string (round & stick), hard vs. soft, retrospective time period (e.g. stem of fresh cilantro in 5 cm in length because to grow normally, 5 moons' day time configuration is a must), ... ;

Remark: if you are successful Sushi restaurant owner (in common, who found correct location), you can make money 10 times more than common physician's salary ... ; many restaurant owners are richer than physicians; read more Sushi design books HOW decoration, idea, presentation, ... ; tools and methods are very important also; Sushi design is the most advance and knowledge based because Japanese peoples' engineering & technologies lead our world;

e.g. green vs. green as Sushi;

e.g. origin of sound as Sushi;

e.g. 2 tidal waves, 4 tidal waves as our earth daily nature as Sushi;

e.g. snaky alike heat sensing pattern prompts natural rivers as Sushi;

e.g. putting rolls together in parallel means there must be 90° off to be bandwidth as Sushi;

e.g. a box with 4 lines WHICH prompt 45° to horizontal and vertical (basic WORMHOLE method) means camera as Sushi,

e.g. white background or blue background with BE table (a.k.a. grid topology) as Sushi;

e.g. yellowish variations exist on many human beings livable moons as Sushi;

e.g. WHEN 2 lines are merging together and if they are energy and then vibration (holes) must be toward against merging 's direction as Sushi;

e.g. chip sets are commonly designed with multiple feedback therefore core (e.g. ume at center) with multiple feedback as Sushi;

and etc. etc. Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement; Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1; basically, there should be good reason WHY people like Sushi ... ; HOW to present food (e.g. Sushi) to be with 5+ colors and artistic ... ; therefore, finishing work (decorating work) is very important, in addition to good taste; Sushi is Nippon's traditional food; in Biz, variety (many options; think WHY after 9 quantity of Sushi, Sushi, Sushi, ... , ume at the center ... ; ) can enhance more business ... ;

Sushi in origami style ... i.e. very advance, very delicate, very sophisticated, and, to be oishii desu (delicious);

ika, squid; seafood;

Iriko, dried-and-small anchovies and sardines; seafood;


strawberry jam;

Japanese leek pancake;

Japanese negi (leek) patties;


apple juice; coconut juice; cranberry juice; lemon juice; orange juice; 100% pineapple juice (without foliage); pomegranate cocktail juice; watermelon juice;

juice; not from concentrated;

kaki, persimmon; fruit; sugar fruit in Myanmar;

kale; vegetable;

kale slaw; in common, made with milk and cabbage;

e.g. fried chicken with kale slaw, served with apple cider (beverage drink) and lightly canola oil spread & buttered English muffin;

kani, crab; seafood;

kanpyo, dried shaving of calabash gourd; kanpyo roll; traditional Edo style kanpyo sushi roll;

Karei fish; Hirame fish;

Karei fish is similar to Hirame fish, but their skins (" present of green algae") are diff; Hint: gene pattern diff between Karei fish and Hirame fish might solve human beings' dermatological skin's "Black Color" dead tissue problem, because they look very similar to each other, but their skins ("present of green algae") are diff; Also see: tGTSU;

stewed tofu, usage may vary, e.g. kasane at bar;

katsuo; red meat fish;

Chinese style seared katsuo;
roasted and fried katsuo;

Kikkoman, seasoning, soy sauce, ... ; as of 2015/2559, 300+ years of establishment regarding soy sauce; also see: www.kikkoman.com;

kimchi; Korea's traditional marinated cabbage;

gluten free; low carbohydrate; no cholesterol; no MSG; no preservatives; commonly made of garlic, ginger, green onion, hot pepper, Napa cabbage, paprika, salt, sugar, ... ; similar to Shan (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) traditional style;

kimchi and namul;


(dried in the open air, or smoked), salted;

kippered fish (esp. herring);

kiwi, fruit;

Kombu, kelp; seafood; seaweed look alike; vegetable;

kombu; kombu dashi;

konnyaku, konjac; a.k.a. konnyaku potato, konnyaku yam; produce; vegetable;

e.g. noodle alike konnyaku strips;

Korea ginseng tea;

hot brewed Korea ginseng tea, excellent for immunological antibodies (e.g. anti-flu, antiviral) ... ;

hot brewed Korea ginseng tea, with Taiwanese green tea cake, excellent combination ... ;

kuri, chestnut; dried nut;


fu, wheat gluten bread;


lamb loin;

e.g. roasted lamb on rice, served with Grecian style eggplant, tomato and onion, seasoned with garlic, parsley, red pepper and curry powder (a.k.a. Mediterranean style);

lemon; citrus; fruit;

lemonade; soft drink;

lily bulb bun;

lobster; in common, big & huge shrimp, expensive;

lotus root;

loquat jelly; loquat jelly, made of loquat fruit;

mabo tofu, ground meat + tofu + mabo tofu sauce;

macaroni; Italian style;

e.g. macaroni and cheese;

macaroons, French cookies; bakery;

bigger than regular cookie size, and crunchy;

Scotch flavor (chocolate, butter) macaroons;

mackerel; fish; seafood;

fried mackerel; grilled mackerel; steamed mackerel;

maguro, tuna; seafood;

maki sushi, rolled sushi; nigiri, sliced seafood over rice; sashimi sushi, sliced seafood sushi; temaki sushi, hand roll sushi; Inari, cooked rice, stuffed inside of marinated and sweet tofu;

Mirin, rice wine;


e.g. marinated by sea salt, spices, vegetable oil, and vinegar;

masago, smelt roe, a.k.a. caplin roe; seafood;

masu, square wooden box (1 masu is approx. rice consumption / 1 person / 1 day):

gogomasu = 0.9L;
ittomasu = 1.8L; Remark: (18.88L = 1.888L * 10) approx. 5 US liquid gallon, and many supply chain stores sell (retail) 5 gallon containers in USA ... ;

masu Trout, freshwater fish, like salmon;

matsutake mushroom;

matsutake rice;

mayonnaise; condiment; sauce;

inside sandwich; dipping; salad dressing;

meat frank (hot dog);


e.g. all beef meatball; all pork meatball;

gourd; melon; Radical154;

cantaloupe melon (fruit); honeydew melon (fruit); seedless watermelon (fruit); watermelon (fruit); winter melon (vegetable);

mekabu-don, e.g. Mekabu seaweed on rice; healthy vegetable food;

Mentsuyu, noodle soup base; sauce, made from katsuobushi, kombu, mirin, sake, and soy sauce;

Mentsuyu all purpose sauce; Mentsuyu dipping sauce for soba noodle; Mentsuyu dipping sauce for tempura; udon noodle with Mentsuyu;


computer (menu) i.e. schedule, programme, program;
French word (menu) i.e. refer to restaurant's available list of foods;

Japanese usage: menu kudasai (please give me menu) ... ;


skim milk powder;

soy milk;

whole milk from cows not treated with rBST;

whole milk powder;

milt, fluid of fish; e.g. fertilize fish roe with milt;

mint; a bit of; also see: Western style spices;


mirugai, giant clam; seafood;

miso soup, bean soup;

Aka miso soup, red soybean paste soup;

miso ramen;

miso soup with clams;

spicy miso soup;

mitsuba; cilantro look alike; Japanese plain parsley; vegetable;

momo, peach; fruit;


English muffin;


matsutake mushroom;

oyster mushroom; Remark: shell, or oyster shell look alike; brown;

Portobello mushroom; e.g. Portobello mushroom fries in Belgium style; Remark: frying pan size round; dark gray;

SHIITAKE mushroom; dried shiitake mushroom; Remark: a little thicker than thumb size; black;

Shimeji mushroom, expensive and specialty; Remark: fingers size; white;

white mushroom;

mussel; seafood;

Mussel vs. Scallop; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 206; Designing Animaloid;

28-108_Mussel_vs_Scallop; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 261; arc defines gravity spot's sizes ... ;


Dijon mustard with savory herbs; honey mustard (condiment, dressing);

myoga, vegetable; Japanese ginger;

nashi, pear; fruit;

negi, green onion (a.k.a. scallion);

negi sushi: negi as condiment, rice with seafood, wrapped with roasted seaweed;

nishin, herring, silvery fish;

non-alcoholic brewed ginger beer;

noodle; pasta;

bean noodle; egg noodle; instant noodle; Korean style udon noodle (wheat); rice noodle; Vietnamese style Pho noodle;

nori, roasted seaweed sheet; seafood;

flavored nori;


almonds; cashew; hazelnuts; mixed nuts; peanuts; pecans; pistachios; walnuts;

honey roasted almonds; honey roasted peanuts;

nuts & dried fruits;

oats and wheat;

oatmeal; cereal;

oden, also see: marufuku oden, fish cake;


olive oil, one of the seasoning oils;

omega-3 fatty acids, e.g. cranberries seeds oils extracted;

omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, also see: chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds;


On Choy (Chinese transcript word); vegetable;

IFF Western style, stir fried spinach is similar style;


green onion (a.k.a. scallion); red onion; shallot onion (red color and small like apricot size); Spanish onion (bigger than apple in size); sweet onion (yellow color);

Oolong tea;

Opo Bau (Chinese transcript word); melon vegetable;

orange; citrus; fruit;

Mandarin orange; Navel orange (a.k.a. Cara Cara orange); Sunkist orange; yuzu orange;

orange juice;

organic cane sugar;

oyster sauce;

otoro; chutoro;

otoro, best part of tuna; seafood;

palm oil, one of the seasoning oils;

pan-fry, a.k.a. stir fry;

pancake; waffle;

papaya; fruit;

Caribbean red papaya; green papaya salad (e.g. Thai traditional style); ripe papaya;


parsley; a bit of; also see: Western style spices;

curly parsley; plain parsley; similar to cilantro;

pasta; noodle;

pasta, Italian style;

pasta, Samurai way, i.e. Japanese style;

bean; pea; Radical184;

peanut butter;

pepper: bell pepper (aroma, sweet); black pepper (spicy); chili pepper (hot);

dried red chili pepper: crushed, powder, whole; chili peppers are tropical vegetable, and the hottest among peppers;

green bell pepper, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper; bell peppers are huge in size, e.g. bigger than apple size;

Jalapeno pepper, South American native pepper (lightly hot);

long green pepper;

Serrano pepper;

persimmon; fruit;

Pho, Vietnamese noodle soup;

in USA, many Pho Vietnamese restaurants serve delicious noodle soups, in addition, some specialty foods are also served;


pickled bamboo shoot; in common, cook with either port or chicken; oriental style;

pickled cauliflower; both Oriental, and Western;

pickled cucumber; Middle eastern, Oriental, and Western;

pickled green/red/yellow bell pepper in garlic seasoning with sea salt, thyme, and vinegar; American native style;

pickled makok; (Mon (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar), Khamer (a.k.a. Cambodian), Thai (a.k.a. Siam)) traditional;

pickled plums, and radish;

pickled sprouts; some oriental food (pickled sprouts) are made with dried fish/shrimp; oriental style;

wasabi pickle;

pickled vegetables;


e.g. fruits pie & cheese cake;

e.g. spinach & cheese pie, a.k.a. Greek traditional spanakopita;

pistachios, e.g. roasted & salted pistachios; nuts;


cheese pizza; combo pizza (cheese, meats, tomato sauce, vegetables); extra cheese pizza; frozen and ready to bake pizza; pepperoni pizza;

BBQ chicken pizza, USA's American baseball style pizza (with roasted sweet onion and smoked gouda cheese); thick pizza; thin crust pizza; thin pizza; USA's Costco's combo pizza (thick pizza, affordable and very high quality);

plaice, North Atlantic flatfish;

plantain banana; fruit;

dried plantain banana chip;


bacon; pork chop; pork loin roast; pork shank; pork shoulder with skin; pork tenderloin;

pot stickers, a.k.a. dumplings, a.k.a. wontons;

fried ones; steamed ones;


baron potato; Idaho potato;

potato chips; tortilla chips; snack;

potato salad;

potato shochu; alcohol beverage made from potato; drink;

potato starch;

baked potatoes; French fried potatoes; home fried potatoes; mashed potatoes with gravy; mashed potatoes without gravy;

potato and snow crab terrine with crab càuda sauce, topped with herb salad; Italian style;

prawn, a.k.a. shrimp;


apricot preserve; mango preserve; strawberry preserve;

pretzel; bakery; snack;

chocolate covered pretzel; lightly salted pretzel;

protein and essential fatty acid;

Essential Fatty Acid (EFA);

putting; bakery;

quinoa; grains;

Black quinoa, golden quinoa, and red quinoa are originally grown 12000+ ft above sea level e.g. in Andes, on Bolivian Salt Flats;

raisins, a.k.a. sun dried seedless grapes;

ramen; noodle;

shoyu ramen;

recipe, a set of instructions (ingredients, way of cooking) ... ;

refried beans;

fat-free refried beans;


spare ribs, pork;

rice ;

baked rice; bamboo stem stuffed & smoked rice; butter (gee) steamed rice; coconut water steamed rice; fried rice (commonly available in restaurants); Hong Kong style fried rice; steamed rice; sweet steamed rice;

brown rice; Japanese Californian sushi rice; jasmine rice; long grain rice; sticky rice (black sticky rice, white sticky rice); white rice;

husked grains of rice; Radical156;

many snacks are made from rice, some snacks are traditional by people, some snacks are marketable by global companies;

rice liquor, e.g. sake (carbonated sake, filtered sake, unfiltered sake);


caviar roe (black color), not use in sushi commonly;

masago; capelin fish roe; salmon roe;

salmon roe;

roll; bakery;

coffee roll; cinnamon roll;

roll; Sushi roll;

inner roll (rice is rolled inside of roasted seaweed); outer roll (rice is rolled outside of roasted seaweed, and then topping with fish eggs);

rosemary; a bit of; also see: Western style spices;

rotisserie, whole roasted chicken;

saba, mackeral; seafood;

sake, rice liquor e.g. alcohol; hard liquor; a.k.a. Alcohol;

alcohol content in percentage (alcohol by volume); Radical653;

In Nippon, some people like to have dinner with sake; In Western nations, some people like to have dinner with wine;

Because of health risk, drinking liquor (alcohol) daily is not recommended; Concerning liquor, twice a week should be max limit, once a week if you really like liquor, because daily drinking liquor (alcohol) prompts unhealthy;

sake meter value;

salad (dried fruits & nuts, sauce, vegetable, ... );

garden salad with fresh basil;

green papaya salad, Thai traditional style salad;

Italian style pasta salad;

organic salad blends;

rice noodle salad, and seaweed salad; Rakhine (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) traditional hot & spicy;

salad dressings; many dressings styles & traditions exist;

seaweed salad; Chinese and Nippon (a.k.a. Japanese) traditional style; spicy and sweet;

spinach salad, e.g. baby lettuces, blended with spinach salad with arugula & basil leaves;

tea salad, Myanmar traditional style salad (cabbage, fried beans, lime juice, preserved tea leaves, tomato);

tuna salad; e.g. veggies with tartar sauced tuna and mayo;


salmon; seafood;

fresh salmon; in common, after caught, and then put inside sea-salt (water) ice cubes in a box, for freshness;

salmonidae; landlocked masu salmon; salted salmon roe; sockeye salmon a.k.a. oncorhynchus nerka; kokanee a.k.a. sockeye salmon; biwa salmon a.k.a. biwa trout;

salted and aged salmon;


e.g. tortilla chips with mango salsa;
e.g. salsa (cilantro, garlic salt, lime juice, pepper, tomato) in burrito;

e.g. salsa, sour cream, guacamole (enchilada sauce) burrito filled with black bean and cheese (one of the Mexican foods);


iodized salt; sea salt;

salted beef tongue;

sandwich; in common, refrigerated;

e.g. ham & cheese sandwich; tuna sandwich;

USA's American style Sub Sandwich; American Club Sandwich;

Vietnamese style sandwich (in common, French bread with meats, sauce, and vegetables);


Sapporo, Japan's oldest brand premium beer, since 1876 (late 19th century); also see: www.sapporobeer.com;


sashimi , seafood slices, served with vegetable ... ;

e.g. sashimi eel;

e.g. sashimi fresh salmon; e.g. sashimi smoked salmon;

e.g. sashimi tuna;


apple sauce;

BBQ sauce;

Chile sauce, a.k.a. enchilada;

chili sauce (in common, with bean);

hot sauce (cilantro, garlic, herbal, jalapenos, lime juice, tomato, vinegar);

ketchup sauce;

pasta sauce;

soy sauce;

tartar sauce;

tonkatsu sauce;


Chinese style sausage;

Italian style sausage;


e.g. Malay style sauté chicken;

scallion, a.k.a. green onion; vegetable;

scallops; seafood;

sea bream; sea bass alike; fish; seafood;

seaweed; seafood;

fresh seaweed (e.g. salad, soup); roasted seaweed sheet (commonly, roasted seaweed sheets are used for rolling sushi); seaweed salad (except in villages, e.g. commonly available ready to eat seaweed salad packages);

hijiki seaweed;

wakame seaweed;

seed; blended into smoothies; in addition to cereal and milk; mixed with yogurt; topping on a salad bowl;

chia seeds; flax seeds; Gac fruit seeds; hemp seeds; poppy seeds; pumpkin seeds; sesame seeds; sunflower seeds;

pepitas, a.k.a. pumpkin seeds;

senbei, rice cracker;

sesame oil, also see: Kadoya pure sesame oil;

sesame seed roasted;

shabu shabu;

e.g. DEE . shabu . shabu ; Remark: DEE heat Distribution; Also see: DEE; Distribution; Heat; Sushi;

shallot: fresh shallot, fried shallot, ... ; small onion;

shark e.g.

fishcake, made from hanpen (shark meat); fried shark;

mako hanpen;

oden, various ingredients, stewed in soy flavored dashi (dashi, Japanese soup made of fish and kelp);

shark roe; shark sashimi;

(yoshikiri-zame (blue shark); onaga-zame (thresher shark); Billfish; ao-zame (short fin mako shark)) are used for making hanpen ... ;

Remark: wonderful shark seafood because without seafood odor naturally;

shijimi clam; seafood;

shimeji mushroom;


made from konnyaku; made from Konjac potato;

shirauo; seafood; small tiny fishes;

linguine with shirauo; Remark: Italian style spaghetti alike pasta;

shirauo salad; shirauo sushi; shirauo tempura;

shochu; beverage drink;

awamori shochu, made from Thai rice;
imo shochu, sweet potato shochu;
kome shochu, rice shochu;
mugi shochu, barley shochu;
Honkaku shochu; Ika shochu; Kokuto shochu; Kuma shochu; Soba shochu; ... approx. 200+ product names in shochu;
mizu-wari; oyu-wari; white liquor;
made from koji (one of the grains); soft liquor; (black koji, white koji, yellow koji);

shoga Ginger; Radical597;

shrimp with chili sauce;

side dish;

side dishes are very important in restaurant business;

e.g. water or hot tea to customer, and then side dish or soup to customer;
e.g. fortune cookies as side dish; snacks as side dish;

this DOMAIN developer likes Korean restaurants, because many side dishes are free-of-charge (e.g. pickled bean sprouts, pickled daikon (a.k.a. Chinese radish, a.k.a. white winter radish), pickled dried anchovies) WHEN BBQ or grilled seafood, served with steamed rice;

this DOMAIN developer likes Mongolian Hot Pot restaurants, because pickled vegetable as side dish WHEN ready to cook meat (e.g. lamb seasoning with garlic, lemon and oregano) or seafood (refer to Hot Pot) to be self served;

Singaporean Laksa soup;

smoked salmon;

e.g. whipped cream cheese with Greek yogurt, on either cold smoked salmon or hot smoked salmon, and then splash of lemon juice; finishing with idea a.k.a. knowledge ... ;


active; culture; ice; live; without artificial flavor; without preservative; without sweetener;

soba, black wheat noodle;


soup; broth;

curry soup; miso soup; seafood soup; sweet and sour soup; winter melon soup; wonton soup (Chinese style);

soy sauce:

naturally brewed Kikkoman soy sauce;
usukuchi soy sauce;

soy; soybean; Radical184;

soybean oil;

spaghetti; Italian traditional;

blue crab spaghetti;

spaghetti Neapolitan; in common, pan-fried spaghetti with bell pepper, ketchup, mushroom, and meat, ... ; decorated with fresh arugala, powdered cheese (e.g. parmesan cheese), and fresh basil; optional Tabasco sauce if hot taste is desired;

spinach; vegetable;


e.g. butter spreads;


bean sprouts; mung bean sprouts;


dried squid; fresh squid;

imaginary hyper space crafts' interior environment, IFF squid formation, also see: PHYSICS;

stew; in common, broil (1 side only) inside of cooking ware, some juicy and sauce are together with meat and vegetable;


artificial sweetener;

brown sugar; white sugar;

pure cane sugar;


summer truffle; tree's fungi;

sunflower oil;

e.g. sliced ripe plantain banana, cooked by sunflower oil with sea salt;

Sushi, in common, made of fresh sliced avocado, carrot, cucumber, ... , condiments including gari pickled ginger, soy sauce, wasabi Japanese horse radish, ... , and either fresh seafood or lightly cooked seafood stuffed inside a roll [rolled by lightly toasted seaweed]; either fresh seafood or lightly cooked seafood slice over seasoned cooked rice; in common, Sushi (rolled, sliced, stuffed, ... ) are well presented by chef's ideological decoration (art work, a.k.a. artistic) ... ;

regarding rolls, there are 2 kinds i.e. inner roll, and outer roll; rice is inside IFF inner roll, wrapped by roasted seaweed sheet; rice is outside with fish eggs or roasted sesame seeds IFF outer roll; in 21st century, Sushi food is very famous & popular in USA for lunch and dinner, because of NIPPON 's investments in USA (e.g. billions and billions dollar worth of revenues annually in engineering, manufacturing, technology, ... ; e.g. regarding 1 auto manufacturing company Toyota, more than 10+ Toyota factories in USA and export Toyota automotives to Africa, Europe, South America, ... ; e.g. millions of acres of farmland are owned & operated by NIPPON companies in USA), and because of diet (fresh vegetable, less cholesterol, low carbohydrate) and Sushi is very healthy food for daily diet;

Sushi is very famous & popular, therefore, many Chinese food buffet restaurants serve Sushi as Chinese food, and some Western buffet restaurants (e.g. BBQ, Cafe, Grill House, ... ) also serve Sushi as Western food, in USA;

for more information, also see: www.sushiencyclopedia.com;

suzuki Perch, sea base; seafood;


fish taco;

tai, red snapper; seafood;

Taiwanese green tea cake;

hot brewed Japanese ITO EN green tea, with Taiwanese green tea cake, excellent combination ...

hot brewed Korea ginseng tea, with Taiwanese green tea cake, excellent combination ... ;

tako, octopus; seafood;

takoyaki, snack, made of wheat flour, ball shaped;

tamago, egg;

tara, cod, codfish;


tea, e.g. green tea, a blend of Sencha and Matcha (e.g. Itoen Tea); Tea can be either cold brewing, or hot brewing;

flowers alike blossom (2 + + symbols) on top of caret (also see: Radicals e.g. Radical11) and there is a tree; i.e. tea; In Kanji, pronounce "char" to tea, e.g. "naing char" means milk tea, e.g. "hon char" means hot tea; In Hiragana, e.g. "sen cha", "mat cha", ... "char" represents varieties of tea; In Asia (all Asians people including ethnic tribes), tea can be bake-able (e.g. green tea cake), eatable, drinkable, ... ; A part of Eastern Civilization, e.g. ceremony event, chatting event, ... ;

Remark: Coffee is a part of Western Civilization, e.g. breakfast with coffee, lunch with coffee, dinner with coffee, working hours' ready to drink fresh and hot brewing coffee in offices, ... ; Like tea, many kinds of coffee (e.g. Caribbean Coffee, Colombia Coffee, ... ) exist;

green tea with roasted rice a.k.a. Genmaicha;

tea; coffee;

e.g. ice tea (soft drink);

English breakfast tea; Irish breakfast tea; Moroccan style mint tea;

partitioned room for conducting tea ceremony; Radical323;

tempura, batter mix; to fry carrot, eggplant, green pepper, fish, potato, shrimp, zucchini, ... ;

with tempura, fried food will be crunchy; e.g. tempura shrimp; e.g. tempura fish fillet;

Tenkasu, crunchy bits, deep fried flour-batter;

look alike cereal; cereal crunchy bits, served with milk, common breakfast in USA;

noodle soup, served with Tenkasu crunchy bits;

teriyaki beef; teriyaki chicken; teriyaki pork;

Tochigi gourd;

kanpyo roll, made of dried shaving Tochigi gourd;

tofu, bean curd;

dried tofu; fresh tofu salad (Shan (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) traditional style), fried tofu; fried tofu salad (Shan (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) traditional style), mabo tofu (Nippon style with curry paste), pickled tofu (Chinese style); sheet tofu,  ... ;

extra firm tofu; hard tofu; silky tofu; ready to cook tofu;

counter for tofu block; Radical260;


grape tomatoes (a.k.a. cherry tomatoes); Kumato tomato; Roma tomatoes (a.k.a. Plum tomatoes); vine ripe tomatoes (a.k.a. green housed tomatoes);

dried tomatoes; tomato sauce;

tortilla; bakery; wrapping purpose, NOT chip;

corn tortillas; flour tortillas; wheat tortillas;

tortilla is similar to Nan (Indian & South Asian style); tortilla is Latin American (Aztec, Maya, Olmec) traditional style e.g. enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos;

in USA, Mexican restaurants serve Latin American traditional style foods ... ; including rice;

tuna; seafood;

Albacore tuna (flaky, and wild caught southern Pacific tuna);

chunk tuna in water; canned;

fresh sliced tuna; fresh tuna;

e.g. tartar sauced tuna sandwich with veggies;

turban; seafood; look cone-shell alike;


garlic and herb turkey breast; ground turkey; turkey tenderloins; whole turkey for Thanksgiving Day special;

turnip, vegetable;

hokkigai, clam; ubagai, clam; seafood;

udon, wheat noodle; thick and white; sometimes made of sticky rice; NOT flat noodle;


ume; similar to prune or plum, but ume is more likely to be having sour taste;

green ume; fresh;
nanko ume;
yellow ume; ripe;

umeboshi; in common, umeboshi, with sea salt;

uni, Sea urchin;

Remark: in USA, Sushi restaurants serve with green tea, and then miso soup, and then menu of customer's choice, and then 10+ % tip to restaurant employees ... ; Some Sushi buffet restaurants serve small amount of Sushi on floating boats above non-stop water flow floating way and customers choose (self pick up) items (in common, Sushi on small plate) from the floating boats ... ; in Japan, many automatic Sushi restaurants exist WHICH means belt system has been integrated with high precision location awareness for each customer's order via online interactive systems;

vanilla; chocolate;


IFF sushi roll, ripe avocado for milky taste, fresh carrot for blend taste, fresh cucumber for crunchy taste, ... ; Specific sea food (name) stuffed inside (a.k.a. inner roll) a sushi roll, e.g. tuna (maguro) sushi roll; Specific sea food (name) applied/attached/sprinkled outside (a.k.a. outer roll) a sushi roll, e.g. roe (masago) sushi roll;

vegetable oil;

vegetables and mozzarella cheese spaghetti, served with tomato sauce; Italian style;

vinegar, also see: Marukan seasoned gourmet rice vinegar, since 1649 (mid 17th century); also see: www.marukan.com;

apple cider vinegar; balsamic vinegar;

waffle; pancake;

wakame seaweed;

walnuts; nut;

wasabi pickle;

wasabi, Japanese horse radish; hot taste;


purified bottled water; public water (sewer system supply water) a.k.a. tap water; spring water; well water;

alkaline water (bottled water); carbonated aroma water (canned water); electrolyte water (bottled water);

Western style spices:

basil (dried basil, fresh basil leaves; commonly use WHEN steam seafood);

bay leaves (in common, dried only);

cinnamon (powder, stick); cinnamon powder is also use for scenting hot coffee (aromatic purpose);

celery salt (dried celery powder with salt);

coriander (in common, whole seed);

crushed mint (dried mint and then crushed; fresh mint leaves);

crushed red pepper (commonly use on top of ready to eat already baked pizza);

dill; dill weed (green vegetable, dried and then crushed);

fennel seed (dried whole grains);


Italian seasoning;


parsley (dried and then crushed; in common, fresh vegetable (similar to cilantro));

pizza seasoning;

rosemary (fresh vegetable; dried; similar to ginger scent in Asia; commonly use WHEN grill beef);



seasoning salt;


wheat and oats;

wheat; oat; barley; Radical199;

whey from yogurt;

whey powder;

white fish;

white konjac with miso sauce;

white rice, common steamed rice;

white wine;

wine; a.k.a. Alcohol;

California wines are very famous around the world;

cooking wine; pink wine (in addition to grape, aroma and flavor from raspberries, rose petal (corolla of flower), strawberries); plum wine; purple wine (in addition to grape, aroma and flavor from black cherries, plum and strawberries); red wine (grape); red wine vinegar and spices, a.k.a. vinaigrette; white wine (grape);

Cabernet Sauvignon wine (blackberries); Chardonnay wine (apple, honeydew); plum wine e.g. Kikkoman plum wine, e.g. KINSEN PLUM (Takara Sake USA, www.takarasake.com ) grape wine with natural plum flavors and caramel; Merlot wine (black cherries, blackberries, caramel flavor, plum); Sauvignon Blanc wine (citrus, melons, nectarines);

wine and sherry, as an aperitif;

wontons, a.k.a. dumplings, a.k.a. pot stickers;

fried ones; steamed ones;

Yakitori (BBQ) e.g. scorch-free Yakitori chicken gizzard skewer, ... ;

YAMAMOTOYAMA, green tea, roasted seaweed nori, ... , since 1690 (late 17th century); soy wrapper; In Japanese, yama means mountain, moto is like policy; also see: www.yamamotoyama.com;

Yamatoimo yam;

yeast extract powder;

yellow bell pepper; e.g. yellow bell pepper from Holland; e.g. yellow bell pepper from Japan; e.g. yellow bell pepper from Russia;

yellowtail; fish; seafood;

yellowtail teriyaki;


Greek yogurt (refer to plain yogurt); honey yogurt;

pro-biotic cultures; healthy digestion;

zoni New Year's soup;

e.g. with burdock root; carrot; Kombu (kelp); mochi; rice cake; sea cucumber; yellow tail fish;

zucchini; vegetable; green squash;


Also see: Non Western Transcript Words;