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Also see: Script; SQL general; system ( SQL) ... ;

In 2013/2557, data base e.g. Oracle 12c ... ;

In 2008, IFF Oracle DB, 6 recommended books are Oracle Database 11g New Features, Oracle Database 11g DBA Handbook, Oracle Automatic Storage Management, Oracle Database 11g SQL, Oracle Database AJAX & PHP Web Development, and Oracle Database 11g PL/SQL Programming, also see: www.oraclepressbooks.com;

SQL & Databases are generally altogether since flat files were no longer used; In common, Systems . Databases . Relational Files WHERE 2D based data are ... ; 2D based data means rows and columns are in XY plane; WHICH can pin point any data in the coordinate, and kept as Relational Files; In 2013/2557, some RDBMS systems are still using flat files;

Microsoft SQL Server 2005: To run Setup, must be a local administrator; To run cluster Setup, among  on all nodes of the cluster, and must be a domain user AND local administrator privileges; Version of Framework must be specified; Hardware/Software IE6>; IIS5>; MDAC2.8> specification must be matched; 32bit failover_cluster OR 64bit failover_cluster, regardless of 32bit or 64bit, 8 node_clusters is a limit; Upgrade constraint = IF NOT MS SQL Server 2000> , No upgrade; Upgrade logic [Database name must be in log, otherwise] = Attach Database OR Detach Database OR Backup Database OR Restore Database; Migration or Not, IF migration is TRUE, and then OS portability, converters, ... ; Dealing with instances?, think of instances as a bit of subset of a database which is available to public, therefore services such as event logging, monitoring, parser acceptance/rejection, ... , can be functional; Training = AdventureWork* sample db [i.e. NorthWind* sample]; UNC not recommended; CSP must pass; ASP.Net must pass [Ensuring Framework]; MS DTC configuration for transactions; Agents for systems level ... ; All 8 nodes must be installed at one time [One after another is not recommended], AND 1 cluster takes approx. 3 hr to install completely; TDS encryption; HTTPCFG for HTTP/SOAP AND IPv6 AND SSL; Visible password AND associated DDL because Microsoft designs visible in Traces & Logs; Analysis_Services server roled OLAP admin after login as Analysis_Services can do Data Mining; DTS functional/not_functional options; SQL Native Client API = SQL OLE DB Provider + SQL ODBC Driver; Data types UDT and XML data are newly added; Alter database 1st, and then Transact-SQL statement can do Snapshot Isolation; Mirroring; [ADO + OLE DB + ODBC] = Data access; CLR available by setting SET STATISTICS IO OR SET STATISTICS PROFILE to "ON", a management of server; All replications are supported;

Microsoft SQL Mobile Server 2005: ... ;

Microsoft SQL Server Client Network Utility is cliconfig;

RDBMS . Permissions: DENY, GRANT, REVOKE, ... ;

Sample SQL: select [Also see: Relational Calculus and Algebra ] net_transport [One of the OSI layers] from sys.dm_exec_connections [from Table OR View OR Lookup Table OR ... ] where [Find session in help.htm] session_id = @@SPID [Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager; 2005];

Sample SQL: SELECT columns FROM remote_database INNER JOIN as transaction;

Sample SQL: SELECT * FROM local_database WHERE logical NOT has been deployed;