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Also see: Bandwidth vs. Throughput; Computers; Synchronization; Topology;   In (data storage | data management | data center | data allocation), regardless of whether grid or others, data-access-time, response time, seek-time, ... should be considered the same. But the following table contains the differences;

Grid = Info + Network + Server + Storage AND Others

Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ...

Blade Computing

One rack may contain several trays; and each tray may contain one motherboard; and each motherboard may contain several processors and memory-modules;

However those motherboards may share the same cooling-system, the same power-supply, and the same storage; In common, trays are vertical slots alike, and hot-swappable;


Architect's choice to manage all kinds of sources (CE, OS, PE, ... ) i.e. cloud Cloud Computing

After year 2000s, functional platform independent (e.g. flexible framework, frame) model i.e. Cloud;

Any OS (all kinds of computers) in Internet (e.g. web) with or without Network Topology, so called Cloud Computing; To do so, 1st to understand flex frames, 2nd to understand browsers, 3rd to develop HOW   AI can adapt all kinds of sources e.g. CE, OS, PE, ... ;

Centralized data: grid is more centralized than cluster; Centralized design Cluster Computing

Centralized data: cluster is less centralized than grid; however, several computers can be gathered to become one single entity of clustering, and then the clusters are used to compute load-balancing, fault-tolerance, and parallel-processing;

Historical milestone: trend after year 2000 [ after 2544 in Buddhist Calendar ]; however theoretical analysis was in 1960s; Cluster Computing

Historical milestone: trend before AND after year 2000; Cluster can be categorized into: application-server-cluster, file-server-cluster, FTP-service-cluster, IIS-service-cluster, print-server-cluster, virtual-server-cluster, SQL server [i.e. MS SQL Server 2005], ...;

1000 Mbps bandwidth Ethernet Computing

10/100/1000 Mbps bandwidth in 2003; In the near future, 10Gbps will be available soon;

Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... Fibre Channel Computing

While data-communicating, full-duplex serial medium is used;

FlexFrame technology; TRIOLE deployable; Fujitsu

Regarding FUJITSU 's TRIOLE, TRI means 3; OLE means Object Linking & Embedding (since Windows 95); Therefore, in addition to full duplex back-and-forth, kuru kuru (aka triangulation) ... ; Also see: noCOOKIE ♯40 for better understanding of WHAT is flex frame;

Way should be artificial intelligently (e.g. AI) by Idea Processor IFF installed; Idea Processor starts IFF 128 bit and beyond e.g. 4K in 2010s, ... ; Anything you can manipulate is Object; Since Windows 95, update HERE will automatically update THERE is called Link; Hardware's upper line can be populated to be lower line, and then lower line's  functions as software is called Embed; In common, the line must obey Specified Items (e.g. time period) is called Time Line and then end of the line is WHERE ACTION starts ... , so called Computing (commands) ... ; ACTION as Keyword, originally designed and engineered by SONY in its GPS system since 2009;

Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... Infiniband Computing


Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... LDAP Computing

LDAP provides better portability;

Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... NAS Computing

File sharing; In common, NAS allows hot-swappable hard-disks without re-booting system;

Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... Node Computing


Its filter supports: DAFS, iSCSI, NFS, ..., protocols; NetApp applications deployable NetApp


Oracle Database ♯ deployable Oracle

oracle; IFF language, also see: Java;

Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... RAID Computing


Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... SAN Computing


Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... SMP Computing


Storage-protocol: CIFS, DAFS, FCP, HTTP, iSCSI, NFS;  Storage-protocol: ...
Architect's choice to combine the mixture of ... VPN Computing


In 2004, primary grid system time factors are Response-time, and Up-time; Other *time are also considerable;

(OGSA (GLOBUS grid computing (OS (Linux) (Unix)) (Communication_library (High_speed_communication)) (Parallel_processing (MPI) (Local_sys_manager)) (Resource_management_job_control (Scheduler(NQSII) (LSF) (SCORE) (SGE) (CONDOR))) (Remote_job_control (Globus_toolkit) (OGSA) (GRAM) (GSI) (MDS) (GASS) (GridFTP)) (Blobus_tool (MPICH-G2) (GridRPC) (CONDOR-G) (Grid_sys_manager)) (Application_interfaces)))

Remark: It is almost impossible to know all Right pane, Left pane, and Menu, for example, if someone knows a Menu, he/she might not know Right pane and Left pane, vice versa, if someone knows Left pane, he/she might not know a Menu, and so on; Trillions dollars businesses, operated by computers in 21st century, therefore, it is good not to know all 3 differences;