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jabber      Java ;

jack      jack      jack      jack      jack ;

jade ;

jade ;

January .     January 1 .     January ;

Japan a.k.a. NIPPON e.g.

(ancient laws; orders; Radical1010); (harmony; peace; Radical850); Reiwa;

2563; October, 2019; Emperor Naruhito & Empress Masako, Reiwa era of Japan's sokuirei-seiden-no-gi a.k.a. enthronement ceremony, Imperial Palace, Japan;

2019/2563; (emperor of Japan; Radial370), Reiwa era of Japan has begun ( Heisei, the prior one to Reiwa); in NIPPON (a.k.a. Japan) history, abdication (renouncing the throne) by Emperor Akihito in 2019 (at the age of 85+ years), and the emperor Akihito will be the 1st living NIPPON monarch; Naruhito, the Emperor of Japan; "Reiwa" means "beautiful harmony."

day; Japan; sun; Radical94;

entrance to a home; gate; Japanese style door; narrows; Radical85, also see: Radicals;

IFF GPS ( location) is Japan a.k.a. NIPPON, WHEN abnormal echoes exist at volcano, Manmade Global Weather (Artificial Intelligence gravity spots, 1 meter gravity spots only) to be elevated gravity weight at the volcano i.e. to reduce earthquake;

IFF GPS ( location) is Japan a.k.a. NIPPON, chopping plate alike tsunami by launching Manmade Global Weather (parallel world lines, 1 kilo meter long in length only) into the defined tsunami's location in ocean's surface water i.e. to reduce tsunami;

Impossible Earthquake, also see: Physics Law 79, Impossible Earthquake Structural, ... ;

Japan      Japan;

Japan a.k.a. Nippon;

Japan , also see: Numerological9;

Japanese food, also see: Sushi;

Japanese language ;

Japanese online English-Japanese, Japanese-English dictionary, also see: jisho.org;

Japanese zither (13 strings); Radical313;

((Ni (place name); Radical94), (book; origin; Radical662));

nippon; Japanese;

nippon Usage;

 "Reiwa" means "beautiful harmony."

traditional Japanese reading (Chinese characters); Radical350;

( Wrapped, Wrapped) are very very important symbols of this DOMAIN (Japan), because these symbols can protect NOT ONLY individual BUT ALSO whole defined region ... ;

yen, Japanese monetary unit; Radical777;

21st century & beyond; Japanese government should install this DOMAIN 's contents into Japanese government systems, regarding Manmade Global Weather, because (no earthquake, no storm, no tsunami, no volcanic eruption, ... ) are defined by this DOMAIN (Method, Procedure, Technique, system), regarding global security, national security, regional security, ... ; e.g., reduce earthquake in Japan; e.g., reduce tsunami in Japan; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 215, Philosophy;

07/03/2019; this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System (location: Japan, , , , 81) Satellite_DNS_Domain, using multi long length neutrino laser, Rainbow Method to reduce mud slide problem because of heavy raining, in Japan (a.k.a. NIPPON); to do so, Manmade Global Weather, IFF excessive raining exist, using multi long length neutrino laser, focusing on the clouds above the GPS location of the excessive raining, since at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser (no material can exist), the clouds will be gone away, and no excessive raining; within 2+ hours, above the defined region, clouds will be gone away, because, at the focal point of multi long length neutrino laser (no material can exist) ... ; i.e. HOW this DOMAIN 's one of the Methods, to avoid excessive raining, to avoid flood, to avoid landslide problem, to avoid mud sliding problem, ... ; Remark: please install this DOMAIN 's contents into your computer, triangulation system works very well ... ;

11/1/2018 /2562; NHK news; NIPPON (a.k.a. Japan) : ( Michibiki, Michibiki, Michibiki, Michibiki, Michibiki) GPS Satellites, globally ( 4) Satellites are peaceful & tranquil (function, functional, functioning) ... ;

April 3, 2018/2561 NHK news; 1st in NIPPON 's history, royal family's rule & regulation changed e.g. in 2018/2562, the emperor royally transferred head of royal family (the emperor a.k.a. king of the peoples) to the 1st son as new emperor of NIPPON;

Also see: Japan External Trade Organization ( JETRO) www.jetro.go.jp;

Also see: Japan Meteorological Agency, www.jma.go.jp;

another way to avoid earthquakes, i.e. using (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... ; Remark: using this "dubbing 2 or more ZCS holes as heart beats" As (Method, Procedure, Technique) is NOT "L" (Method, Procedure, Technique); within 26 hr (06/23/20 - 06/24/20), we had earthquakes in both East Pacific and West Pacific; another way to be avoiding earthquakes in the East Pacific, creating cloud artificially e.g. cloudy California in summer time period, at the same time, creating cloud artificially e.g. cloudy Japan in summer time period; since artificially 2 cloudy regions i.e. both East Pacific and West Pacific, And Then, we'll have ZCS hole in the middle i.e. neither East Pacific nor West Pacific, so that we're able to avoid earthquakes in both East Pacific and West Pacific, regarding regional ... ; very easy and simple i.e. using (Method, Procedure, Technique) ... a part of ZCS hole, so THAT "dubbing 2 or more ZCS holes as heart beats" can be using NOT ONLY in this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, BUT ALSO in this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather ... ;

no volcanic eruption in Japan;
no volcanic eruption in the defined location (your defined location e.g. active volcano's name);
Also see: PHYSICS (law sixty seven) ... ;

Also see: Japan National Tourism Organization, www.jnto.go.jp;

Also see: this DOMAIN 's IoT via NFC, e.g. (computer) connected to Internet;

cinnamon tree; Japanese Judas tree;

this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System (lightening method) i.e. to shoot down any illegal missile; HOW ? also see: Weather;


container; jar; tin can; Radical158;

Java      Java ;

jaw; Radical511;

chin ; jaw ;

next to stomach, 1st part of small intestine, to jejunum; i.e. duodenum, also see: CphT Root Words;

buck; hop; jerk; leap up; prance; splash; spring; sputter; Radical715;

jerk; tug; Radical815;

jewel ;

jewellery setting; Radical754;

Jiao, one tenth of Yuan, China's monetary unit; Radical181;

Jin dynasty of China; Radical200;

( jishinkatsudo Seismicity, jishinkatsudo Seismicity), also see: Naturally Weather Log;

JIT      JIT ;

JIT, Just In Time (system) invented by NIPPON ... ;

JIT, also see: Biz;

jitter (e.g. 1990s_Style_BlueJitterAdjustment), also see: Schematic Symbols;

job ;  ;     job ; ;

Jodo Shin Shu, a.k.a. Pure Land, a.k.a. Sukhavati;

bind; fasten; join; tie; Radical592;

fit; join; suit; Radical692;

to associate with; to join; to mix with; Radical111;

going; journey; Radical176;

tui Joyous; also see: Swastika;

js, Java Script ... ;

suru : ( to be; to be sensed (noise, smell, etc.); to color; to cost; to decide; to do; to feel; to file; to frost glass; to judge; to lose a match; to pass elapsing time; to pick; to place; to print; to rub; to serve; to think; to transform; to use; to wear ) ... ;

judgment based on something (heard, read);
judgement based on something (heard, read); Radical951;

fluid; juice; liquid; sap; secretion; Radical310;

juice ;

7 July ;

bound; hop; jump; leap; spring; vault; Radical715;

jumper      jumper ;

JUN time ;

1st 10 days ;

2nd 10 days ;

3rd 10 days ;


also see: Lunar time e.g. 2 * 7;

June .     June 6 ;

jungle ;

control; wind-instrument; jurisdiction; Radical555;

just; e.g.

half * ; just a little; partially; semi * ; somehow; somewhat; vaguely; Radical129;

IFF adverb: just; merely; only; simply; Radical321;

IFF conjunction: again; and; from now on; just about; or; soon; Radical344;

just; natural; reasonable; Radical263;

just      just ; Also see: j Usage;

to handle (just a verb); bic;

arrangement; justice; truth; Radical598;

justice system's greater court ranks; senior; upper; Radical567;


cannabis; flax; hemp fiber; hemp plant; jute; linen; Radical237;

juten (fill, filled, filling) ... , also see: Physics Law 61, ... ;