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    Tao     symbol of gate
      samsāra   way to ...  

at the age of 50+ years, IFF developing imaginary hyper space systems, suggestion to the Shakya King would be : dispatch (( soshin Send; Radical767), ( jushin Receive; Radical417)) "flag" and "keyword" by slow-down-time period (i.e. regarding Synchronization), also see: -time; "slow-down-time" period e.g. week, month, year, decade, century, ... ;

One of the oldest characters in both China AND India;

In China, it is pronounced "wan-zi", interpreted as an emblem of immortality;

In India, the character was used in 2500 ~ 1500 B.C., Mohenjo-Daro, a good luck symbol;

In Union of Myanmar, pronunciation "Shakya" refers to ( symbol OR symbol ); Pronunciation "muni" might be derived from Arakan a.k.a. Rakhine [also see: 90,000 pagoda], and suffix "muni" to Buddha statue ... ; also see: Mahamuni; Shakyamuni;

In Union of Myanmar, there has been "dhamma shakya", a coined usage of "dhamma" and "Shakya" ... ;

IFF is solar system orbit, is 2,3 dimensional orbit ... ; IFF is 2,3 dimensional orbit, is solar system orbit; a.k.a. ACT2 ... ; 2 directional shakya; IFF 2 * 6 in 1 dimension, outward of (solar system orbit and 2,3 dimensional orbit) i.e. 3,4 dimensional orbit ... ; a.k.a. ACT3 ... ;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( AI ( 5W1H) ) WHEN multi time lines, WHAT kind of space crafts, WHICH directional orbit (i.e. solar system orbit, 2,3 dimensional orbit, 3,4 dimensional orbit) , WHERE UPS (i.e. Universal Positioning System) location, WHO locks or unlocks, HOW multi directional shakya are ... ;

IFF directional gravity, using GPS, also see: G D C ... ; e.g. Normal Gravity and then ... ;

IFF in Pali language (a.k.a. religious script language (by sound only, uttered) in Buddhism), also see: c Pali; in Union of Myanmar's language, cakka, a.k.a. Shakya;

regarding shakya (our universe, our universes, universal, universally), for each human beings livable moon, for measuring yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation, IFF 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, 24 pisayo must be variable ... ;

The character can be angled clock-wise, or counter-clock-wise;

The character can be seen, "seal of the heart of Buddha"; also see: BuddhaNamoAmitabhaTaiwan2003;

THIS character can also represent DNA, because the double strands of the DNA ... ; 285 double strand s 66 285 DNA;

Swastika is usage "MAHA" alike, found in both Indian Civilization and Eastern Civilization; Also see: , , Rakhine;

a.k.a. TAO symbol, a.k.a. Yin and Yang symbol, also see:

chien Creative,

kun Receptive,

chen Arousing,

sun Gentle,

tui Joyous,

ken Mountain,

kan Abysmal,

li Clinging;

IFF compass direction, also see: Pa Kua, in the book I Ching (a.k.a. Book of Changes);

numerological dimension is induction alike, also see: philosophy; e.g.

IFF numerological dimension ( 6) also see: Lo Shu; any direction; 3 layers; China's invention;
IFF numerological dimension ( 9) also see: 9x9 a.k.a. Sudoku game; directions; 2D (i.e. X, Y); Nippon's invention;
IFF Brunching Factor (e.g. BF2) in 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space, also see: C Sequence Number ( DEE) ; Union of Myanmar's invention;

THIS symbol (i.e. shakya symbol) can be seen among Buddha statues, shrine compounds, temple entrances, in Japan (i.e. Nippon), in Taiwan, originally in Asia  ... ;

YIN and YANG, cause-and-effect, pros and cons, swastika, ... ; 2;

After reading this page, pagoda should be read ... ;

solar system might be moving from GREEN to BLUE; to understand HOW could that be?

1st to under Radical7, also see: Radicals; e.g. WHY written intentionally and precisely as upper horizontal line is shorter than lower horizontal line;

2nd to define GREEN and BLUE, also see: iroLED structural environment;

3rd to develop & prove our solar system might be moving from GREEN to BLUE ... ; to do so, start with DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) ... ;