; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : February : 28 (Tuesday) : Updated : Electricity Power Plug ;

; ; ; ; year 2566 in Buddha Sasana Calendar ... : 2023 : 2 : 28 : Updated : ( E P P) Electricity Power Plugs ;

2-in 3-out Laser Fusion Electricity Power;

around-the-clock (electrical potentials),
mega joules of fusion energy output,
unlimited clean energy (mega joules of electrical power),
without coals, without fueled-power, without gas, without hydro-turbine-power, without pollution, without radioactive risks (e.g. nuclear power plant), without wind-mills,

and designed, engineered, and modeled by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, National Ignition Facility, Livermore, California, United States of America (USA); Wednesday, December 14, 2022; The Modesto Bee newspaper news; Also see: Electricity Power Plug; Fusion; Laser;

Remark: Aqua Color is for multi long length neutrino laser's traveling path, and "look likes a hook" for the Walls, (Amber Color, Brown Color) is for Black Color "hot line" at (consumer, customer, utility account) 's sites, and Silver Color is for our earth's normal living environment with 78% Nitrogen (open air) ... ;

well trained kids!! replied:   ware ware We're Africans WHO have lived in Africa, ware ware We're Americans WHO have lived in America, ware ware We're Asians (Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, ... ) WHO have lived in Asia,  ware ware We're Europeans WHO have lived in Europe, and we like to be having "unlimited clean energy (mega joules of electrical power)," generated from laser fusion to (feed, supply) 4400V, 8800V, power lines to (commercial, residential) electricity power plugs sir, you would say that "trillion of US Dollar" worth question sir, can you teach us how would that be sir?

I wrote: I need the Shakya King's permission to explain how in public;

Shakya King informed: OK. don't be captive ones; continue ... ;

I wrote: inside of Processor design model, ware ware We've already defined (size-by-size, box-by-box, sheet-by-sheet, step-by-step, side-by-side, line-by-line), and WHICH ones would you like to (choose, pick, select) to do your national power grid?

well trained kids!! replied: ware ware We'll (choose, pick, select) side-by-side, and line-by-line sir;

I wrote: for line-by-line, we need to create 4 lines; for side-by-side, we need to create 2 sides; can you draw 2 pictures for me?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! they're

Left's side-by-side and line-by-line prior to laser fusion, and

Right's side-by-side and line-by-line prior to laser fusion, sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; (for the Walls, look alike hooks) means 1/2 Water design model, and I've a quiz now, i.e. inside of Wireless Antenna, WHICH ones would you like to (choose, pick, select), And Then, doko WHERE the defined antenna should be located? Umm!! Umm!! the Shakya King will award me e.g. ownership of 1 human beings livable moon in our universes for sure;

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!!   ware ware We'll (choose, pick, select) Hammer Antenna sir, And Then, the antenna (s) should be located next to the "hook" look alike locations sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Yes. correct, proper, thrive, ... ; remember, around-the-clock (Hammer Antenna) 's 2 sides, in this case (Left and Right) are going to be surrounded by Red Color, i.e. our earth only; one more quiz to you, regarding (Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization, 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index) and 2 is very very unique in many ways (hole, string), so in this case, doko WHERE the Left's strings prompt hole, the Right's strings prompt hole?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Umm!! they (holes) should be dubbed either at the front or as background, depending upon system architect's decision sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; Yes. correct, proper, thrive, ... ; by the way, I've not taught my Bamboo Stem Factored Number yet, because of the Shakya King's restrictions ... ; at the present, you're ready to do your own "unlimited clean energy" national power grid, and good luck to you (i.e. beyond trillions of US Dollar worth), ... ;

well trained kids!! replied: thank you, ware ware We'll build our own "unlimited clean energy" ... ;

I wrote: dear Shakya King, would you like to teach me wormhole way (laser fusion) to do implementation of functional "unlimited clean energy" national power grid in addition to 2-in 3-out Laser Fusion Electricity Power sir?

Action of ... ; Radical661;

electrical     electrical;

electricity; Radical535;

Toggle Button of Power; a.k.a. on/off button; Also see: Schematic Symbols;

Fuse Box Logic ,          
e.g. ( (√(P/R)) , (P/V) , (V/R) ) i.e. I, ampere  ... ;
e.g. ( ((I*I) * R) , (V*I) , ((V*V)/R) ) i.e. P, power  ... ;
e.g. ( (P/(I*I)) , (V/I) , ((V*V)/P) ) i.e. R, resistance  ... ;
e.g. ( (√(P*R)) , (I*R) , (P/I) ) i.e. V, volt  ... ;
Fuse Box Logic _ EN _ Formula ;  

Also see: Schematic Symbols; E P P;

volt a.k.a. voltage; approx. 10+ types of electrical plugs are ... ;

  Plug type  c/s  Frequency Hz Voltage v; Remark;            
A 50; 50/60; 60; 100; 110; 110/220; 120; 120/127; 120/240; 127/220; 220; 220/230;  
B 50; 127/220; 200/220; 220; 220/230; 230; 240;  
C 50; 60; 110/220; 127/220; 127/230; 220; 220/230; 230; 230/240; 240;  
O 50; 230/240; 240;  
NEMA10-30R 50; 240; 3 wire;            
NEMA14-30R 50; 240; 4 wire;            
      240; 480;            
      440; 4400; or higher voltages;            
    120; 240; 600; i.e. Television;  

above table's 3 locations (42mm) can be calculated by triangle (a.k.a. Delta) and then find your own Cosine neutral lines, IFF topology is 3 phase (triangle, NOT star) ... ;

( A V i, A V i, A V i) ... ; Also see: 5aComputer; Physics Law 149, (AC, DC, VAC), ... ;

Diff eV; structural pattern (triangle alike DEE); if our earth, in common, at the edge, Diff eV forms naturally; regarding "triangle alike DEE" notice that left and right are not the same because sunrise and sunset are not the same, Diff eV forms naturally among container, pipe, tank, tube, ... ;

Diff Potential; Also see: Schematic Symbols;

NFC4, Near Field Communication 4; Also see: IoT; NFC;

2565; 2021; ( B E V, F C E V, M S H V, PHEV, ... ) ... motor vehicles, also see: Automotive; Battery;

AC, Alternating Current, a.k.a. Alternative Current;

AMPS (e.g. Amp Rating, FLA Number Amp, RES Number Amp); Number Hz (e.g. 50/60); LRA Number; Temperature (e.g. max operating temperature Number °C, min operating temperature Number °C); Voltage (e.g. Number V); VAC;

Also see: 4aComputer;
Also see: 1fComputer;
Also see: 4lComputer;
Also see: 6rComputer;
Also see: 8vComputer;

artificial intelligence (Plug type; c/s Frequency Hz; Voltage v; Nation name; ... ) power ; power-up plugs; Also see: POWER;

bar code;

battery     battery     battery;

 ( Battery _Check, Battery _Default, Battery Full Charge, Battery 10% Remaining, Battery 20% Remaining, Battery 30% Remaining, Battery 40% Remaining, Battery 50% Remaining, Battery 60% Remaining, Battery 70% Remaining, Battery 80% Remaining, Battery 90% Remaining, Charging _Battery) ... ;

DC, Direct Current; e.g. 1.5V, 3V, 5.5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 19V, 19.5V, 24V, ... ;

EPS; e.g. EPS-23 compatible;

eV     eV     eV ; Also see: Battery; e Character;

(E V) IFF automotive , e.g. IFF Solar Tree (i.e. energy pole to do remote charge, Solar Tree is invented by NIPPON for 21st century and beyond) e.g. focus and pinpoint to vehicle's battery location and then light beam as specified item, to energize the battery's cells (doko WHERE light beams transform into sound beams to energize the battery's cells); WHEN the battery's cells are grown up (larger to its BLI limit accordance with gravity index), so called fully charged battery; E V, Electric Vehicle,  ♯ minute (♯ voltage) charged, e.g. 123 min (240 V) charged, battery's power; E V buses, E V cars (240; 480), E V trucks  ... , in 2012/2556, within 1 hour to 100% charge, 480V supply up to 120 amps; ♯♯♯; ♯♯♯; (e.g. E V boats, E V ships) ... ; ♯♯♯; ♯♯♯; (e.g. E V airplanes, E V helicopters) ... ; EV ... ;

440; 4400; or higher voltages are industrial electricity power lines, and common devices are not connecting directly;

this DOMAIN 's jinko chino Artificial Intelligence ( AI) system to protect (computer <device driver> power supply controller board); FUSE, also see: fuse;

counter for circuits; Radical510;

heat (a.k.a. ampere) can be limited (allowed, filtered) by either fuse or breaker; both fuse and breaker can disconnect power; fuse is one time use only to disconnect power, once breaking, must replace with new fuse; breaker is designed for automatic triggering to disconnect power WHEN power-line's heat (a.k.a. ampere) went wrong;

Fuse Box Logic AC, also see: Schematic Symbols;

Fusion, HOW creating more energy naturally ... ;

home group, using iroColourWaveForm 's color e.g. Yellow OR Hex={FF,CC,99} WHILE ( input, output) ... ;

IoT IoT;

jack     jack     jack     jack     jack;

kW (i.e. kilo Watt); In common, kW is measured by hour (e.g. kWh, kilo Watt hour); Also see: E P P, Electricity Power Plug;

Monbusho level knowledge enhancement(e.g. idea ♯ 144, Universal Atomic Signal), also see: Gravity Harvest Power Antenna;

Network Topology, a.k.a. Grid ... , in our global earth only; Therefore, it is important to share electricity poles among border cities, towns, villages, ... , IFF NOT islands; IFF islands, wireless AB distance communication 's node can also be grid ... ; Why do we need grid network topology? because it is reliable, e.g. if 1 line is down, other 3 lines are still available to be power resources as service ... ; In common, 50 c/s (Hz) ~ 60 c/s (Hz); IFF numerological dimension (floating point numbers) 50 is doko WHERE GPS starts, 50 is 1/2 of NII (refer to full duplex speed NII is 100), and then 50 is local machine's electricity (e.g. bandwidth, c/s, frequency, Hz, meter, rate, speed, ... ) ... ; (e.g. 0.014 ~ 0.071 kWh) WHILE running this DOMAIN servers are on with Internet WHICH means lesser the electricity uses, higher the bandwidth HOW ... ;

( NiMH, NiMH, NiMH, NiMH), Nickel Metal Hydride ... ; Also see: Battery; n Computer; Physics Law 179; structural Battery;

nodes: ground; negative; positive;

(numbers equal power, issue) ... ;

Polysilicone     Polysilicone     Polysilicone (e.g. Poly-Silicone-15, Poly-Silicone-11, Poly-silicone, ... ), a.k.a. Sunscreen (solar panel), made of material from human beings livable moons' imported Solar System Material; As of 2565 in 2021, China is the Solar System (Electricity) supplier nation, already designed, already functional, already manufactured, already modeled, ... and, China becomes unique powerful nation in our earth, surpassing G7 nations, G20 nations, ... , and still maintaining our earth's peaceful & tranquil diplomatic solution (not colonizing any nation yet, as of 2565 in 2021), regarding "our earth" ... ; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper spacecrafts are supplying China's demand (Solar System Material) ... ; As of 2565 in 2021, all nations' nuclear related ones have been mapped already by ( GPS), and China maintains our earth's peaceful & tranquil diplomatic solutions e.g. (not colonizing any nation yet, as of 2565 in 2021), regarding "our earth" ... ; Remark: human beings livable moons' natural resources are valuable ... ; beyond 1980s modeled C d S light sensor and material engineering (absorbing U V B radiation, approx. 310nm); Remember, Gravity Machines (without combustion) are elevated and dispatched on no moon days, since 1990s approx. at the same time as "Zombie" Machine designing time period; because of solar panel (Fusion), solar power automotive (car, bus, drone, flight, ship, train, truck, van, ... ), solar power home, solar power imaginary hyper spacecraft (solar power animaloid, solar power humanoid, solar power insectoid), solar power plant, solar power satellite, solar power space station, ... ; Gravity Dimension Computer ( Polysilicone, Polysilicone, Polysilicone), also see: Electricity Power Plug; Fusion; GPS; 1pComputer; Satellite;

Solar Panel;

capacitance run; directional gravity run; high ampere run; inductance run; low ampere run; SPL run; to run; Radical189;

( inverter, Inverter, inverter, Inverter) ... ;

(( solar, solar, solar), ( panel, Panel, Panel, Panel, panel)), also see: Physics Law 58;

SQRT3, Square Root of 3 (√3) i.e. power factor ... ; also see: 3;

structural Battery ... ;

if Solar System traveling, imaginary hyperspace craft designer must change (3Phase_IC_EM*) 's Color Codes, e.g. Hydrogen means Maroon Red; e.g. Oxygen means Aqua Green;  e.g. Nitrogen means Silver; and so on ... ; (from Hydrogen to Water) i.e. fuel cells (originally invented by Japanese & Korean), And Then, Water to Hydrogen and Oxygen again means 1 Cycle, And Then, potential diff via Oxygen ... ; our earth only (Blue, Red);

 this DOMAIN

; ;
south ; Swastika ; north

Also see: Physics Law 198, switch for hyperspace craft's ( Elevating, Landing);

volt a.k.a. voltage;

( W I O (a.k.a. Wattage Input Output); Tool; Switch; S V M (a.k.a. Support Vector Machine); Sensor; Self IE (a.k.a. Self Internet Explorer); Power bank; Classifier; Cable; Board; Battery (a.k.a. Batteries); Actuator) specification, model, design, ... ; Also see: Automotive;

printed wiring board, a.k.a. Printed Circuit Board (PCB); Radical510;

IFF world plugs, also see: 3pComputer; 9wComputer;

Electricity Generating Nuclear Power Plant; Also see: Nuclear1; Nuclear2;
Electricity Generating Nuclear Power Plant-;

electrical     electrical;