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♯ ;

N a a S, Network as a service (i.e. cloud) ... ;

a b g W i F i n i.e. wireless ;

national digit shapes substitution, N A D S ... ;

IFF ((coordinate-less D number)),
infrastructure (C number) ... ;
wormhole protect the Location;

name resolution  
full name        
long file name              
    Name ; name ; name set
; domain name server , D N S ;  
D N S , Domain Name System ;    

, i.e. polite form with name; IFF question, instead of , using e.g. ( what is your name?);

e.g. E n s o r is a name, but not in dictionary, also see: sensor;


( book; cell; formula; name; sheet; value; ... );

(action; center; clock; indicator; input; network; power; volume; ... );

N A N D;

N A N D gate, i.e. N A N D element;


10^-9    ;    24mm natural time can define 1 second, digitally since 1970s; after analyzing amount of energy left inside capacitance a.k.a. time slices, and then those time slices can be engineered to prompt nano- ; in theory, it seems very easy, but in engineering, one of the most difficulties to do ... ; because to understand just micro- , so many new concept must be understood 1st, such as CD track, MUX, x t a l, ... ;   also see: multiplier;

Nanobot Programming ... ;

1 nanometer, approx. ( 5) atoms can fit within 1 single nm;

space satellite; basic infrastructure; national security;

native character ; native character set;


Clouds are cloud; Mountains are mountain; Rivers are river; Also see: Buddha (index) ... ;

naturally, natural extension of the numeric, e.g. mouse variable;

    car navigator      

N C F L; M I S C; D C I M; ...

near video demand;

near-field communications ... , e.g. building access, NEC (broad) applications, transport ticketing, ... ;

N E C ( Nippon Electric Company )

language code (1369) Nepali language; Also see: Keyword to Port Number;

net     net;

.NET Framework ♯, Microsoft component;

.NET Framework ♯ Multi-Targeting Pack, Microsoft component;

net setup; Also see: .. / .. / .. / IT / Buddha Sasana year /net setup .h t m; info;

Network     Network     Network; network: Network     network ; sub-network; bus network; network name; data network; tree network; test network; star network; mesh network; star network; ring network; open network; tree network; star network; star network; mesh network; network chart; network layer; network drive; voice network; network device; network packet; also see: Clock; Volume; Power; Action Center;

network name ( S S I D / E S S I D);

Artificial Intelligence to solve : networking problems e.g. allowing other computer to connect to this computer; networking problems e.g. cannot find folder on a network; networking problems e.g. cannot reach specific website; networking problems e.g. connecting to workplace; networking problems e.g. specific network adapter (Ethernet, Wireless); networking problems e.g. using direct access;

Netware system server;

new; New Server; e.g.

new J I S kanji character code: Keyword;

new ;     newly purchased item ;     new ;

New Server ... ;

new tab, also see: Browser; Remark: since approx. year 2000, browser based computing ... ; S

          news ;    

news demand;

next ;          
next ;          

next-generation nonvolatile memory ... , e.g. 95 2891 category, memristor s, N A N D, ... ;

NF, Normal Form; to reduce redundant data, among relational ... ;

1NF, a.k.a. 1st normal form, 6 rules must be matched to be in 1NF, e.g.

1. order of column does not matter;
2. order of row does not matter;
3. row must be unique, therefore, row must have primary key;
4. column must be unique;
5. domain must be consistent, it means the domain must be within acceptable value;
6. cell must be atomic; atomic means Info must be the smallest; e.g. First Name Last Name cannot be in 1 cell, WHICH means First Name must be in 1 cell, Last Name must be in another cell;

If you meet all the 6 conditions, you're in 1NF;

2NF, a.k.a. 2nd normal form, must be already in 1NF;

1. primary key must be representing the rest of the record, e.g. unique pointer number;

If 2 primary keys are designed to be, those 2 primary keys are called composite key; the different between composite key and foreign key is THAT primary key cannot be duplicated, but foreign key can be duplicated;

3NF, a.k.a. 3rd normal form, must be (1NF AND 2NF);

1. no transitive dependency, e.g. zip code; if you have a zip code, you know WHICH city and state; It means zip code is transitive;

In 3NF, no transitive dependency, WHICH means once you have a transitive, you must split THAT transitive into another table, and it is called 3NF; Therefore, if a table is 3NF, it is already normalized, therefore, no transitive dependency inside;

de-normalization means backward, e.g. from 3NF to 2NF, from 2NF to 1NF;

4NF, 5NF, 6NF; In common, 1, 2, 3 only;

NFC; e.g.

NFC4; NFC3; NFC2; NFC1; NFC, Near Field Communication;

NFC     NFC     NFC;

We've started NFC, (approx. since 2010s); quantity; Radical831;

N F S     N F S;

臼NG, i.e. \\Temporary Internet Files\Content ... ;

NHK     NHK;

N I C , net work inter face card  
network interface card              
Cable OR Wireless ...


N I F, National Ignition Facility; also see: Fusion by Laser; Smart ... ;

N I I, National Information Infrastructure;

( NiMH, NiMH, NiMH, NiMH), Nickel Metal Hydride ... ;

Alkaline, Lithium, NiMH, N i O O H, Zinc Carbon, ... (i.e. battery) ... ; Also see: E P P ;

nine 9     nine 9;

9 x 9, also see: Schematic Symbol;

Nippon, video, audio, data, 81;

Nippon (i.e. Japan) NHK World Video Network ... ;

NIS     NIS;

our earth (NIS), IFF severe bad weather condition EXIST, And Then, amber alert (emergency, partition hotlink) via ..\\device\ACCESS\Roaming\ (e.g. Asteroid is falling into this defined location, e.g. Earthquake is going to happen very soon, e.g. Tsunami is coming) ... ;

2 nm; 3 nm; e.g.

( 2 nm, 3 nm), also see: Action; IoT; n Computer; Network Topology; Processor; Transistor;

nm e.g.

: (Nautical Mile (NM, a.k.a. nm i)); (nm, a.k.a. Nanometer); (n M, a.k.a. nano Molar);  (Nm (Newton metre));

30 nm (OR about 150 atoms across) process, by etching, photolithography, ... ; Pg. 25, INVISIBILITY, PHYSICS OF IMPOSSIBLE, M I C H I O K A K U, 2008; Also see: Water Clock;

n Manmade Global Weather;

no COOKIE IE; browser; 3D PC (user ) 3D GUI ... ; 56366295;

      node ;        
( computer ) sub - node , sub - station
; adjacent ; anchor , end point , peripheral ;
center ; data processing ;          
  end point node , peripheral node ; floor ;
host ; i - node ( Unix ) ; intermediate
; Node . j s ; label ; logic a
l ; physical ;            

nominal (European) digit shapes, NODS ... ;

programming e.g. ( dynamic, goal, integer, linear, multi level, multi objective, nonlinear, toward uncertain) ... ;

      norm ;        
      norm ;        

normal (i.e. within its defined limit); Also see: measure; abnormal;

Normal Power Mode, also see: Low Power Mode; D P M;

normalized form (e.g. 95 floating-point representation)

non-contact a.k.a. contact-less; IFF Smart grid ( solar tree) ... ;

NOR gate, i.e. NOR element;

Not (logical operator);

not equal to operator (<>);

NOT gate, i.e. NOT element;

NOT-IF-THEN gate, i.e. NOT-IF-THEN element;

669 (For), 154 (And), 562 (Not), 232 (But), 69 (Or), 752 (Yet), 16 (So), a.k.a. 6152671, ... ; For, And, Not, But, Or, Yet, So, a.k.a. FAN BOYS, because, easy to remember as FAN BOYS, using comma to combine sentences ... ;

(book) using dictionary, artificial intelligence (i.e. knowledge, 5W1H, method, ... );

notification (e.g. abnormal weather condition exists and then do notification, earthquake alert notice IFF abnormal echo exists, illegal drone exists and then do notification) for each time zone;

    now ;          

N R Z-O, non-return-26-zero change--zeros recording;

NTFS, also see: File Systems; Keyword; name;

NTT NTT (company) ... ; Global I C T, Global Information and Communication Technologies ... ;

nuclear 1    
nuclear 2 ;  
atomic energy ;    
nuclear power ;    
N P S , nuclear power station ;    
S N A P , System s for   Nuclear
        Auxiliary Power ;      

Think that red color is positive potential (e.g. plus), black color is negative potential (e.g. minus); At core, Thermal Imaging Camera prompts silver alike {E3,E3,E3} color WHICH is eccentric circle alike; 4 silver color at the edge represents naturally 4 lights are square WHERE the plate is;

( nuclear1, nuclear2); Also see: grid network topology ... ; electron;

artificial intelligence, the core should not be moving, IFF eccentric circle alike the core is moving (e.g. between hot end and cool end) adjust the plate's load (e.g. by connecting diff pipes); Also see: heat vs. light; world time mode, fetch DEE into the core artificial intelligently ... ;

empty string ( null string ) ; null address ;
null byte ; null character ; null character string ;
null field ; null list ; null modem ; null
pattern ; null pointer ; null string ; null type
; null value ;            
        null pattern ;

number; numbered; numbering; numbers; e.g.

Application Locator Number;
Application Locator Number;
Application Locator Number;

call; item; name; nickname; number; pseudonym; title; Radical299;

Numbers in Dharma; IFF 2, 3 ... ; IFF 3,4 ... ; IFF 31, ... ;

number      suuji Number      kazu Number;

IFF detail keyword (documents) #, 35mm focal length, Nickname, ... ;

numeric character ; numeric character set;

numeric coded ; numeric coded set;

numerical     numerical     numerical     numerical     numerical;

numeric; nudge e.g. (nudge shadow, nudge up); nudge; now; normal; new e.g. (new database, new query); new;

numerological, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 173, ... ;

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