; ; ; ; Updated in 2023 : May : 9 (Tuesday) : Mode ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 9 : 5 : 2023 : mode : Mode : mode : mode ; Approx. 171+modes are available to read;

2562; 2018; in Buddha's Abhidhamma (Abhidharma) based Idea Processor, among (forms, modes, stages, states), 2 modes are "b a w a n" mode, and "zou" mode, ... ; doko WHERE

miru Seeing (1&1); Radical180;

chokaku Hearing (1&1); (( Radical851), ( Radical454));

nioi Smelling (1&1); (( Radical221), ( Radical646));

shishoku Tasting (1&1); (( Radical765), ( Radical219));

fureru Touching (1&1); Radical892;

can be realized; Also see: Nama For Humanoid;

WHAT is mode sir ? well trained kids ! A state of computer operation is called mode;


( Server, Server, Server), also see: Server ... ;


Gene Therapy System mode;
Gene Therapy System mode;

Also see: Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

Anti-Earthquake Mode of this DOMAIN ... ;

by 04/26/2023, I've noticed, realized, and understood THAT My R&D PC doesn't have Print Screen key (a.k.a. P R T S C, a.k.a. P r t S c S y s R q) key, so I press (Logo Key + Shift Key + S Key) and it prompts (Freeform mode, Full screen mode, Rectangular mode, Window mode) As Snipping Tool, after Explicit Ampere (A) defined; another "Tarzan" Rakhine American's wild guess would be WHEN dealing with (multiple layers, NCS (s), PCS (s), several layers, ZCS (s)), Toshiba's architects & engineers decided to be with options i.e. (Freeform mode, Full screen mode, Rectangular mode, Window mode) As Snipping Tool, so (multiple layers Coordinate-GUI, several layers Coordinate-GUI) layers are better computing to be ... ; Also see: Mode; this DOMAIN;


I wrote: WHAT is Standard Input Output (<s t d i o>) keyboard ?

well trained kids!! replied: 101/102, 106/109, ... , depending upon language codes sir;

I wrote: mochiron of course; ( doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why, doshite Why) above table's Left & Top are intentionally Purple Color, Navy Blue Color, and Silver Color ?

well trained kids!! replied: Umm!! Hmm!! ACT2 level imaginary hyperspace coloring sir;

I wrote: Yes. do good kharma Action (s), good results will ... ;

power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil;

21st century; 2565; 2021; PHEV VVTI Mode, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Variable Valve Timing Injection Mode; Also see: Automotive; Cloud; GPS; kadosei Mobility; Mode; Satellite;

("EV") means wheel is rotated by electric motor;
("Hybrid") means power source (rpm, speed, torque) by several systems;
("Mode") means a state of computing (computer operation);
("Plug-in") means any wall outlet connection to recharge the rechargeable Battery WHILE parking;
("VVTI") means the internal combustion engine's values are (on, off) by computer (Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI));

Sound Enhancement Mode;
Sound Enhancement Mode (all sound effects, Description, Enhancements, Environment, Equalizer, Loudness Equalization, Pitch Shift, Provider, Sound Effect, Speaker, Spatial Sound, Virtual Surround, Voice Cancellation) ... ;

2018/2561; Automotive (e.g. 2018 Toyota Camry) modes are Eco, EV, Normal, and Sport;

2015/2559; (audience, laptop, presentation, tablet, tabletop) i.e. Toshiba computer ( 5 modes) ... ;

In common, zero and one (e.g. based 2) a.k.a. binary ... ;

In numerological dimension, combination of 2 numbers (coexistence of non-value vs. value numbers) e.g. any of (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) as value number (e.g. 500 is 5, 226 is 1, 150 is 6, ... ), e.g. doko WHERE zero is similar to "default", "no", "none", "not", "nothing", "void", ... ;

(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) behave value alike with co-existence zero; e.g. Duo Binary O S I 's (duo binary is more likely to be SQRT2 with SQRT3, doko WHERE mantissa point (a.k.a. truncating point) of floating points for each system) #3 Network layer and #4 Transport layer might be a mode in numerological dimension as 3,4; Some hardware are designed by plus only and then 7; Some hardware are designed by minus only and then 1; Some hardware are designed by multiplication only and then 12 becomes 3; Division based design is the most difficult among systems; Notice that IFF designed by minus only, zero might be prompting, but not functional e.g. inside x y z .sys, user cannot delete xyz.sys; Because, x y z .sys has been space by itself; Therefore, oriental concept is universal true i.e. time is the more important than space; Remember, Time . Space . Action;

Numerological numbers are easier to understand than binary number;

Numerological numbers are easier to address via Internet browser than binary number;

Numerological numbers are easier to type def as keywords;

Numerological numbers are syntax if compare to semantic binary numbers;

Also see: Numbers in Computing;

Access Mode: A E S / OS usage; File level;

A C P I Mode: Phoenix BIOS C1 state ~ C4 state;

Active Directory Application Mode: In this mode, AD can be deployed as L D A P; Windows platform; [e Week Magazine, July 7, 2003];

Address Mode: Software method: Memory address [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Admin Approval mode: U A C; administrator account + password = administrator credential; user + administrator credentials = elevated access token; [Configuring Windows Vista Client; Microsoft Press; 2007]; Start >> Run... >> G p edit .m s c >> ... ; G p, Group policy;

A F M mode: Atomic Force Microscopy (A F M) ... ;

Alphabet Mode: ABC;

IFF SANYO S1 PHONE (English Sequence) ... ,

  Key English  Sequence Lower Case ; Upper Case
  1 . , @ 1 ? ! * #
  1 /              
   2 a b c 2 A B C 2
   d e f 3 D E F 3
   4 g h i 4 G H 4
  5 j k l 5 J K L 5
  6 m n o 6 M N O 6
  7 p q r P Q R 7
  8 t u v 8 T U V 8
  9 w x y z 9 W X Y
  9 Z 9            
  0 0              
  #                Space
  SHIFT One - character - shift ed    
  shift Cap s Lock          
  Shift Un shift ed          


; ABC information a.k.a. Alphabet Mode is originally from Sanyo S1 PHONE 's User Guide, 2007; encoding alike technology; similar to numerological dimension; IFF the285 mode is changed to Airplane Mode, in flight S M S ... ;

IFF numerological dimension,

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a b c d e f g h i
j k l m n o p q r
s t u v w x y z  

; also see: KEY; MOBILE; SWITCH; PHONE; ...

Airplane Mode: 1st, ABC information must be understood; 2nd, encoding alike technology, i.e. Alphabet Mode, for each key i.e. character mapping technique must be understood; 3rd, functional in flight S M S PHONE services can be further study ... ; Remark: world's 1st global functional in flight S M S services, implemented by Singapore airline, since 2000;

Answer Mode: In telephony, automatically answer the incoming calls; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

A P M Mode: Wake-Up using A P M Mode, a property of Network Bridge; MAC Bridge Miniport; Fast Ethernet; Windows サーバServer 2003;

Asynchronous Transfer Mode: ATM; In real time, データdata are communicated by packets(53 bytes = 1 packet); Up to 2.5 Giga bps bandwidth in 1998; [Cisco Router Handbook, George S a c k e t t, McGraw-Hill, 1998];

ATM Mode: Check %$ p $ g%, %PATH%, and a t m a d m .exe must have connectivity to ATM Call Manager;

Audio Redirection Mode: MSDN usage, also see: http://m s d n .micro soft .com/en-us/library/ms861803.aspx; Keyword : type : value's ratio of string s OR / AND integer i are written with keyword, for example AudioRedirectionMode:i:2559   means Audio Redirection Mode is a keyword ratio with integer i as integer with number 2559; IFF concerning s, inside u s a m y a n m a r .r d p [ IFF parallel 時time testing ..., click on the * .r d p ] might be written as Topology Node Audio In : s: \25590; also see: browser based 5gCellPhoneRedirectTo.htm;

Author Mode: A mode of M M C; [Microsoft Management Console 2, v.5; 2004];

Authentic8: Artificial Intelligence (AI), using Authentic 8 's 26 avoid i.e. 66 semi - stealth mode e.g. crime ware, mal ware, root kits, spy ware, viruses; Anti Virus ... ;

Auto Mode: in 2008, Canon L i D E 200 scanner's AI system scans Photo, Magazine, Document, ... as file with appropriate / suitable file extension such as *.jpeg, *.tiff, *.bmp, ... ; Document Type: Auto Mode; Notice that the scanner uses power supply from USB only, and also the scanner scans I / O image データdata via the same USB, and also the scanner software prompts technical CHECKSUM file WHICH is also very new software engineering technique, and also ... ; Also see: DPI;

Auto Proxy Detect Mode: IE . Connectivity; Windows; 2005;

Auto Scale Mode: Dpi; Font; Inherit; ... ; [Microsoft Visual Studio 2010]; % ... ;

Backup Mode: UPS hardware specification; [Linear UPS; 2001];

Batch Mode: Software or hardware method: consecutively process one job after another as processes; [Advantage: at batch mode, user can interact to cancel its batch process]; [WWW .IBM .COM]; In Win XP OS, Batch mode is %PATH%\c script script's name and its extension with option parameter / / B;

Boot Mode: Software method; while booting system; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];




U E F I Boot;

C S M Boot;

BIOS Boot;

Borland, I n p r i s e Corporation's B D E administration modes: DATE MODE = 0; OBJECT MODE = TRUE; OPEN MODE = READ / WRITE; SQL PASS THRU MODE = SHARED AUTO COMMIT; SQL Q R Y MODE = ' '; TRACE MODE = 0, 1, ...;

Break Mode: For debugging, (1st) a program's source codes must be opened in a project; (2nd) run the project in compile-時time; (3rd) find and fix the bug in Break Mode; [Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 6, Francesco B a l e n a, 1999];

B S S Mode: Basic Service Set mode in pocket PC can identify whether Wi-Fi connection is by either Infrastructure Mode [by MAC address of access point], or Ad-hoc Mode [by another wireless device]; Also see: B S S I D, E S S I D, in ID and Wireless;

Burst Mode: in 2008, S Q I interface, 4bit multiplex serial, 8byte, 16byte, 32byte, 64byte burst mode operations;

Burst Mode: Software and hardware method: while データdata-communicating between device and computer, within time constraint by control of multiplexer [mux], データdata transfer to and fro; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999]; In 2005, NEC's quantum cryptography in burst mode by alternative-shift phase modulation produces stable key generation; Speed burst mode, is one of the SONY DSC M1 camera's modes in 2005: 3 fps, 4 shots, 5MP JPEG Fine データdata transfer to and fro;

C B C mode: (♯GB) Flash memory storage AND CRYPT; WHICH, supporting A E S 256-bit encryption;

Character Mode: W S H 's mode; [W S H / c script .exe; Win 2000, 2003]; Also see: Graphical Mode; [.Net Magazine, August, 2003];

Cluster operation mode: U n i c a s t OR Multicast with I G M P multicast; U n i c a s t OR Multicast without I G M P multicast; [Windows サーバServer 2003];

C M L: Common Mode Logic; Current Mode Logic; Logic in current I; Transceivers usage; Also see: Relay C M L;

com p at Mode; debug Events Mode; debug JS Mode; preview Mode; previous Mode; pub w Mode; w mode; Also see: ..\..\Desktop\システム\document .INF ;

Command Mode: A wait state for user’s command; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

this DOMAIN AI SYSTEM ( Cloud ) ;
communication mode ( infrastructure / ad - hoc ) ;
channel ( - ) ( IFF app
l i cable ) ;          
network name   ( SS ID / E S S ID ) ;
authentication method ( open system / share d )
; encryption mode ( none / W E P / other .
. ) ;              
encryption key ;              


Compatibility Mode: Hardware and software specification of systems; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999]; 1 executable program can be run on N OS platforms; mode; net setup .exe;

C o n f i g Mode: Microsoft ODBC Test ASCII OR Unicode >> Installer >> Con fig Mode >> SQL Set Con fig Mode OR SQL Get Con fig Mode ... ;

Correct Mode vs. Diagnostic Mode: Cisco router usage in networking; While troubleshooting a router problems caused by either telnet session window OR serial interface bug OR Ethernet interface bug OR ... ;  Registered set{} of a router after manual configuration should be called Correct Mode;  In Diagnostic Mode, initial configuration and manual configuration must be compared, must use of original copy of initial configuration, and so on ... ;

c r i t S e c Mode: CRITICAL _SECTION m _ c r i t Sec, critical section has been & m _ c r i t S e c WHERE space has been previously mapped as C r i t S e c m_table[256], also see: MSDN >> Code >> Concurrent ... ;  a.k.a. critical section mode, 1 second can be sliced into 1 / 3K... IFF NT / 2000;

Current Display Mode: Win XP >> Direct X .C p l >> DirectX Diagnostic Tool >> Display >> Device will prompt current display's info;

Current Mode: one of the common IC power management functions; And, common IC power management functions are AC-DC function, Current share function, Fly-back method function, Forward method function, Hot swap function, Power factor correction function, P\ / \ / M function, Secondary side control function, Step up / down direct current function, System power supply control function, 時Time latch fail safe function, Voltage mode function, ... ;

Current Mode:, Text To Speech Mode, and Mode Name are VB6 code usages;  i.e. Text To Speech;

Day Mode : Night Mode, in µbiomechanics, while studying micro bio existence, oxygen density is analyzed 1st, to do so, Day Mode / Night Mode must be classified, because light and dark are naturally coexistence as a factor of beings;

Debug Mode: Software method; a programming environment where source-code can be edited;  For C++, also see: C P P Win32 Debugging Options;  [Programming Microsoft Visual C++, David J. K r u g l i n s k i, Scot Win go, George Shepherd;  5th Edition;  1998]; Also see: Command, so that remotely can debug ... , platforms must be understood 1st, and then for each platform, which OS name must be understood 2nd, and then loading, and then initializing, and then configuring, ... 3rd, and this DOMAIN recommends NOT to know all 3 diff because trillion dollars businesses ... ;

D E P mode: since Windows サーバServer 2003 SP1, D E P, データData Execution Prevention; Processor must be with P A E, Physical Address Extension; D E P feature performs J I T application, either 32 bit or 64 bit, WHICH means

_ default process stack;

_ default process heap;

_ Default URL;

_ / SECTION link;

_ IFF system-wide, (SP♯);

e.g. start >> control panel >> system >> advanced >> performance >> settings >> d e p >> turn on or off for each application with D E P or without D E P ... ;   IFF hyper-v, D E P;   IFF s p a r c, D E P;

Directory Services Restore Mode: Microsoft Windows 2000 domain controllers' mode; F8; N T L D R will be compressed;

disk encryption mode (XTS-A E S); Windows 10, version 1511 or later ones;

Display Mode: At C E A T E C 2005, depending on IC chipset configurations, display modes can be classified into CST, L T P S, O L E D, S T N, and TFT;


Display Mode: Cache's post RDBMS parameterized option;  [Cache Configuration Manager >> Advanced >> Monitoring];  [Inter Systems; 2003];


2010 OR 2554; SONY; Display Mode=CAM; also see: P M B;

Dolby Night mode:   _ IFF system (Dolby Night mode) also see: CALCULATOR;

Dolby Normal mode:   _ IFF system (Dolby Normal mode) also see: CALCULATOR;

Dolby Theater mode:   _ IFF system (Dolby Theater mode) also see: CALCULATOR;

Dot Addressable Mode: Compiled program can point to each screen’s dot, or to each printable character;  In contrast, programmer still has to code pixel / resolution in graphics mode;  [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Draft Mode: Print mode to dot matrix printers; [Hint: i.e. %$p$g%\type FILENAME >p r n ];  [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

DRAM Testing Mode: Transparent mode, and Direct Access Mode;

D S R M: directory services restore mode;  Active Directory;  Windows;

Dual Mode: One of the modes of LEOS www . l e n o v o .com; 2004;

Duplex Mode: Half duplex, Full duplex ;  Simplex [D-Link;  Tiger Direct .com;  2004];

d w Open Mode: Value for Create Named Pipe in ODBC [ODBC Text v.2.6;  Microsoft;  2000];

d w Pipe Mode: Value for Create Name Pipe in ODBC; [ODBC Text v.2.6;  Microsoft;  2000];

dynamic CPU frequency mode: dynamic CPU frequency (e.g. frequency band) mode;

536, eco; 3 letters word in English language, created by NIPPON in 21st century:

- eco charge mode;

- eco mode;

- environmentally friendly;

- for energy saving;

Remark: to design eco, eco charge mode, eco mode, and eco* ... , structural must be understood thoroughly, e.g. strings (DEE pattern, gravity spot, sound beam, ... ) ' directions; 1970s' strings' directions can be defined by hole board, And Then, 2010s and beyond tech would be "walls" , "zero curvature surface" a.k.a. ZCS, ... ;

Edit Mode: Software method: a way of file’s opening stage;  can edit the file;  [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

energy save mode: a.k.a. low power mode;

English mode, ASCII;

Error Correction Mode: E C M can only be deployed between two E C M machines for fax transmission integrity;  [Owner's Manual, MFC-3100C;  www.brother.com; 2003];

Exclusive Mode: in sound (e.g. speakers) WHILE running shared mode, application can control of the device, so called exclusive mode; Application's priority can also be assigned; Win7;

Fast Page Mode: fast page mode a.k.a. FPM;

Filtering mode: Windows サーバServer 2003 >> Load weight: default is 50, in Filtering Mode, while configuring Add / Edit Port Rules, Cluster IP Address, in Network Load Balancing Properties, Affinity: option can either Class C OR None OR Single; 65535 = Cluster's Port Rules;

FM MODE: also see: radio;

Force Directory Security Mode: Like Force Security Mode;  Instead of applying permission bits on files, apply on dir;  [Security Complete;  S y b e x2001];

Force Security Mode: NT / 2000 ACL by Samba Linux;  Permission bits;  [Security Complete;  S y b e x2001];

(Full mode OR Skin mode) Windows Media Player, 2006; SRS; Remix mode (1 channel only, 2 channel down mix, Dolby EX ♯ channels, DTS ES matrix, DTS Neo: ♯ cinema, DTS Neo: ♯ music, Pro logic up mix, stereo left, stereo right, ... ) DVD audio ... ; with streaming proxy (HTTP, R T S P, ... ) protocols ... ;

FX MODE; LP MODE; also see: CAM;

Graphical Mode: W S H's mode; [W S H / w script .exe; Win 2000, 2003]; Also see: Character Mode; [.Net Magazine, August, 2003]; Windows OS: %PATH%\g r a f t a b l /? <enter> for extended characters;

Graphic Mode: IFF Graphic Mode = 0 AND Meta Spool = 1; IFF Meta Spool = 0 AND Graphic Mode = 1;

Graphics Mode: Software method: by using pixel’s frame-buffer and color lookup-table to display on screen; Borland compiler provides graphics mode separately in compile-時time; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];   The diff between graphics mode, and Text mode is that, in text mode, character set is mapped / block-select / normal-select to display as characters, on the other hand, in graphics mode, each pixel's color-property / defined-value / 時time-constraint is animated / rendered / framed to display as either characters or images;

Guest mode; also see: 7Practice; profile based access with some system constraints such as NOT allow to change system 時time, NOT allow to delete files, NOT allow to install, ... ;

Hex Mode: [Dialog Editor v.3.1 >> Options]; [Microsoft Dialog Editor v.3.1; 1992] Also see: SDK Tool;

I-Mode: [NTT; D o C o M o];

IFF AI, wearable computer? displayⓄtouch screen, ... ; ... ;

I M E Mode: = 3 'DISABLE, 2 v\ / , 1 ... , reset pass & word, quantity in WHEN @@@@ WHERE H, user may not need current password, also see: Microsoft's WinNT: reset p w d .exe;

Incognito Mode: similar to noCOOKIE, compiled in 2000, a browser is executed / launched / run / ... in a purpose of not to be traced later; In 2008, Microsoft IE8;  and Google Chrome are engineered with a new mode called incognito mode; In this mode, web surfing cannot be retrieved / saved-cookies / traced / ... ;

infrastructure mode; G I I; information infrastructure; N I I; network infrastructure;

Intelligent eco mode, www.panasonic.com/help; D E C T; AI OS (power) ... ;

Interactive Mode: Script parameter setup for logon, startup, and ...; [M M C 2 v.5; Microsoft; 2004];

IPS Mode: Also see: TFT LCD Display; [http:// p a n a s o n i c .co .jp / c o r p / news / official.データdata / データdata .dir / en0410-2 / en041029-2.html; 2004];

ISO/X A Mode 2: File system dependent; CD, DVD, Storage related;

issuer; e.g. POS (Device ID, Merchant ID, Terminal ID) . issuer (AC ???? ???? ???? ????, ARC ??, AT C ????, T S I ????, TV R ???? ???? ???, ... ) ; Credit Card; Debit Card;

Journal Mode: Cache's post RDBMS parameterized option; [Cache Configuration Manager >> Advanced >> Journal]; [Inter Systems; 2003];

Kernel Mode: In Win XP, [Systems Tool >> DirectX Diagnostic Tool]; Microsoft OS;

LAI Mode: Logic Analyzer Interface Mode, for debugging; NEC's 2005 model A M B;

Landscape Mode: Printing option to printer; document will be printed horizontally; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Link Speed / Duplex Mode: a property of Network Bridge; MAC Bridge Miniport; Fast Ethernet; Windows サーバServer 2003;

Low Power Mode, also see: Normal Power Mode; D P M;

M M C Console Mode: WinサーバServer2003, Microsoft provides 4 default *.m s c to manage:

disk m g m t .m s c for maintaining [Disk region setting, Drive path, Partitioning, Volume] sectors;

d e v m g m t .m s c for binding [Device Manager's listed devices / drivers] values;

f s m g m t .m s c for sharing [Share I P C $, Sessions, Open Files] paths;

event v w r .m s c for viewing [applications, Securities, Systems] events;

To do so, m m c .exe>>File>>Options...>>And then choose to assign Author Mode OR User mode with full access OR User mode with limited access and multiple windows OR User mode with limited access and single window;

Mobile Mode / \ / Normal Mode: SHARP 's notebook usage; Mobile mode's drain current is lesser than Normal mode's drain mode; Because, battery life is longer the Mobile mode; [SHARP NOTEBOOK COMPUTER OPERATION MANUAL; 2005]; On the other hand, file systems' format may vary as 11bit FAT, or 16bit FAT, ... ;

mode     mode     mode;

mode: command; also read: c:\mode /? ;

Modes of Profile install / uninstall: Connection Manager is c m s t p;

MS-DOS Mode: Non-windows environment; [Result of MS-DOS Mode:\dir *.* /s   is not equal to Windows P I F:\dir *.* /s;] [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

NAT static translation mode: Also see: System security; [Firewalls 24seven; S y b e x; 2000];

navigation mode: cursor; GPS; media; normal gravity (aqua, cyan) WHILE blue or green as structural; sliding (left, right) ACTION;


Remark: SONY invented ACTION Keyword, since 2009; Also see: Action;

1st to realize & understand 30 degree, e.g. (29 Days, 30 Days) ... ; Also see: Time;

2nd to realize & understand 15 degree ... ;

3rd to realize & understand Distance ... ;

Normal Power Mode, also see: Low Power Mode; D P M;

Offline mode: also see: offline; offline mode, in Windows Vista, offline mode allows users to use Windows Mail, by saving money and cost of operating of email system, because email system needs connection 時time among mailbox workstation to / from post office サーバserver to / from terminals satellite; In common, synchronization is needed between workstation and サーバserver to do send and receive functionalities, and synchronize all 時time is not recommended if cost of connection 時time is concerned. Therefore, offline mode is useful in common, but if a system is critical, if a system is 時time sensitive, if a system must be a short period real 時time system, offline mode is useless;

Open Mode: Cache's post RDBMS parameterized option to read sequential files; [Cache Configuration Manager >> Advanced >> Input Output]; [Inter Systems; 2003];

Output Inverter Mode: UPS hardware specification; [Linear UPS; 2001];

Output Stabilizer Mode: UPS hardware specification; [Linear UPS; 2001];

passive mode a.k.a. Passive FTP Mode: P A S V FTP, second type FTP, supported by web browsers; [Security Complete; S y b e x; 2001] [FTP itself is not a mode but P A S V FTP is a mode];

Port Forwarding Mode: Computer systems security; Static translation of port addresses; i.e. SNMP port to; where is external firewall's IP, and is サーバserver's IP address; [Firewalls 24seven, S y b e x, 2002];

Preamble Mode: AND Wireless Mode: are Property of Intel PRO / Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection, and Property: Wireless Mode is Value: 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g; Property: Preamble Mode is Value: Auto Tx Preamble (default); Short preamble, or long preamble is used to connect access point: Auto Tx Preamble is for automatic setting;

Presentation mode: also see: Windows 7 practice;

Print Mode: Printing options; Print mode options may vary depend on printer’s type and brand; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Privileged Mode: Software method: Like protected mode, it supports multitasking, but restricts only specific processes only such as I / O, Memory management, and etc.; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Promiscuous Mode: Computer systems security expert must know exactly how to protect MAC level device drivers and system files not to be in the promiscuous mode; [Firewalls 24seven, S y b e x, 2002];

Protected Mode: Software method: Intel 80x286 and higher processors support multi-tasking in this mode; [Note: Real mode does not support multi-tasking;] [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Quiet Mode: Windows XP IE Update; %PATH%\i e u n i n s t .exe [/q] [/z] <*.i n f> <Enter> where /q command _line _parameter is Quiet Mode, and /z is No Reboot; Quiet mode off. Quiet mode on. is similar to Restore icon set to false. Restore icon set to true. , inside i e s e t u p .d l l;

Remark: quiet mode is important, because if you're testing Zero Curvature Surface (ZCS) in cold environment, kuru kuru WHILE "squeeze noise" is occurring, And Then, try to realize & understand that this DOMAIN has defined Origin Of Sound ... ; IT might be worth trillions of dollars, and very very few peoples truly realize & understand "tranquilizer" level ;

Read Line Recall Mode: Cache's post RDBMS parameterized option; [Cache Configuration Manager >> Advanced >> Object Script]; [Inter Systems; 2003];

Real Mode: Software method: system drivers and device drivers which are declared as boot-sequence batch process; therefore, OS can utilize the driver at run 時time (Intel 8086 environment); Generally, Win16; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

R E C Mode: 2009 SONY camera's mode; Normal mode and Burst mode; In Normal mode, WHEN toggle button is pressed, take image once only, on the other hand, in Burst mode, WHEN toggle button is pressed & held, take image continuously ... ; Also see: Display, IFF 3:2, 16:9, ... ;

Recharge mode: Power consumption, approx. 12 W [Panasonic Portable DVD / CD Player DVD-LS series in 2008]; Also see: Standby mode ;

Release Mode: 1st, develop a software's source-code in Debug Mode; 2nd, rebuild the software's source-code in Release Mode; In software engineering spiral model, the Release Mode becomes a second-stage Debug Mode, and so on ...; [Programming Microsoft Visual C++, David J. K r u g l i n s k i, Scot W i n g o, George Shepherd; 5th Edition; 1998];

request mode: A N S E R, A R Q, CORBA, I R Q, PD PR, R T S, ... , request ... ; ʂ;

Retained Mode: also see: Silver light; retained mode = animations + graphics + interactivity + multimedia;

☟1    WHERE input <device> keyboard + mouse + stylus; IFF engineering unlock, also see: device;

☟1    WHERE media <play | back | streams> MP3 + WMV7 + WMV8 + WMV9 / VC-1;

☟1    WHERE UI core <render bitmap> animations + JPEG + text + vector graphics;

☟1    WHERE X A M L <<X A M L></X A M L>> ... language; Notice that instead of "HT", it is "XA" ... ;;

Router & AP Mode; Also see: Router;

: ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN ; Software method: At boot mode while booting system, bypass real mode drivers (i.e. device = … in config.sys); System can be re-configured at Safe_ Mode; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999]; IFF Windows, F8 function key WHEN boot prompt ... ;

: ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN ;

ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN
  ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN  
  ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN  
ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN


by the built-in administrator, start up selection (e.g. selective startup) with boot options (e.g. safe boot, alternative shell) i.e. Safe Mode, and notice that

- no app (application) can be activated;

- no audio speaker in safe mode;

- no desktop background available;

- no dictionary defined words (e.g. F7) in safe mode;

- no Wi-Fi in safe mode;

for further understanding, also see: Command (e.g. m s c o n f i g);

Scan Mode: Scanner usage; At this mode, user can choose scanning options such as black and white, gray scale, color magazine, color photo quality, color multi-scan, color auto crop, and ... ; [Canon Can o Scan Tool Box; 2004];

Sensor Mode: Multi-functions solar power digital clock; Casio's (Sensor Mode (Altimeter mode) (Barometer / Thermometer mode) (Digital compass mode) (時Timekeeping mode) (...)); However, till 2005, Sensor mode does not have interface to external computer peripherals;

Sleep Mode: It is run by power-management to save energy consumption of system; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Split-bus Mode: 33MHz 32bit P C I bus, and 66MHz 32bit P C I bus; Also see: IX bus / Level One, Intel; [A Guide to Network Processors, Micro Design, 2000];

Standby Mode: UPS hardware specification; Microsoft also provides Standby Mode in its O S s;  [Linear UPS; 2001];

Standby mode: Power consumption, approx. 0.4 W [Panasonic Portable DVD / CD Player DVD-LS series in 2008]; Also see: Recharge mode;

Start Mode: Auto OR Disabled OR Manual; Also see: Refreshing System Information... ;

Stealth Mode: Also see: System security; Sonic Wall, Sun Screen; [Firewalls 24seven; S y b e x; 2000];

Structure and Binding Mode: How R R F binds in structural; [http://www .o s a k a -u .ac .jp /eng /research /report /vol4 /graphics /07.html];

Suspend Mode: Also known as sleep mode; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Swept-Sine Mode: 90 dB at F F T, 145 dB at Swept-Sine WHILE dynamic range has been measured, [www .think S R S .com; physics today; July, 2006];

System Management Mode: Intel Pentium processor’s mode; [WWW .INTEL .COM];

T D D or F D D modes: O F D M multiplexer's modes in B W A;

Test / Normal Mode: Scan based technique in hardware engineering, in a test mode, clocked signal to I / O pin's I, the last carried [also see: Testing 時time / test-pattern] stage latch's value to I / O pin's O; There is no scan value in Normal Mode; [C M O S Digital Integrated Circuits; 3rd Edition; Sung-Mo Kang; Y u s u f L e b l e b i c i; 2004];

Text Mode: Software method: by using character set which is mapped to display on screen; [Dialog Editor v.3.1 >> Options];   [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];   [TextPad v.5; Helios; 2007; In configure menu, block(column) selection mode, and normal selection mode t o g g l e l y exist OR b e h a v i o u r];   Also see: Graphics mode;

TN Mode: Twisted N e m a t i c Mode: VGA TFT LCD with the fastest wireless response 時time;

Toggling Mode: Developer's instruction level vector mode for humanoids e.g. Asimo J i v a k a, ... and later versions;

Translate Mode: [Dialog Editor v.3.1 >> Options]; [Microsoft Dialog Editor v.3.1; 1992] Also see: SDK Tool;

Translation Mode: = Bit Shift HP; www.hp.com;

Translation Mode: NAT firewalls' 4 functionalities: Dynamic translation, Load balancing translation, Network redundancy translation, and Static translation; [FIREWALLS 24SEVEN, MATTHEW S T R E B E, CHARLES PERKINS; S Y B E X; 2002];

Transport Mode: I E T F standard I P S e c 's mode; Also see: Tunnel Mode; ; [FIREWALLS 24SEVEN, MATTHEW S T R E B E, CHARLES PERKINS; S Y B E X; 2002];

Tunnel Mode: I E T F standard I P S e c 's mode; Also see: Transport Mode; [FIREWALLS 24SEVEN, MATTHEW S T R E B E, CHARLES PERKINS; S Y B E X; 2002];

( two sequences of bits (floating point mode (digits in the number, and its exponent prompts position of the radix point))) i.e. floating points ... ;

Type-over Mode: Type-over mode = over-type mode; Type-over mode = over-write mode; In word-processing, replacing current-type-in character; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     this DOMAIN     graphics mode ( pixel) 669 gravity dimension computer pixel (graphics) ... ; Also see: Testing;

User Mode: [Microsoft SQL サーバServer Configuration Manager; M M C; 2005];

V86 Mode: a.k.a. virtual real mode; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Video Mode: Software method: Text-mode + graphics-mode exist as video mode; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

View mode: also see: www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b certificate; View mode toggles either Certificate purpose OR Logical certificate stores; Also see: camera;


Also see: IT \ Sasana Year Number + 0 \ Certificate \ this DOMAIN Certificate ;

Virtual 8086 Mode: a.k.a. virtual real mode; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Virtual 86 Mode: a.k.a. virtual real mode; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Virtual host mode: Between hardware and software, logical and functional modes are necessary to test; Virtual host mode is one of the modes e.g. I B I S T, M E M B I S T, ... ; Also see: NEC's 2005 model A M B;

Virtual Real Mode: Software method: virtually existence of several real modes; [Microsoft Computer Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1999];

Widescreen Mode: The different between Standard mode and Widescreen mode is:  numbers of vertical pixel; [www .f u j i film .com; 2004] Also see: Display; Resolution;   [In widescreen mode, quantity-of-numbers-of-vertical-pixel is less than Standard mode];

W L A N AP Mode*: Normal AP mode; Client AP Mode; Bridge AP Mode; Repeater AP Mode; [185 Wireless Secrets; Wiley Publishing; 2004]; radio;

World Time Mode: invented by CASIO, with GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) for each city, displaying the current time in ♯ cities (♯ time zones) around the world; using artificial intelligence (City Code Table) setting Home City time ... ; Also see: clock; net CITIZEN; Sanyo; SEIKO; Sony; ... ;

\ / \ / oW64 Mode: Platform dependent which means framework version dependent in Microsoft .NET environment; Must be with 64 bit OS; If A S P .NET version conflict exists, especially while deploying IIS, read further user manual [read me .h t m; Microsoft Visual Studio; 2005];

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