Radicals ( Radical299) six strokes in Kanji;

dimensional, e.g.

IFF roll-able window, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 243,  CCWRW, CWRW;

directional, e.g.

call; item; name; nickname; number; pseudonym; title;

logical, e.g.

in Hiragana: number;
in Hiragana: edition; make; model; number; issue;

a part of defined group;

Automotives names IFF suffix;

pen-name; sobriquet;

in Kanji: number;

in Katakana: number;
in Katakana: number;

numerological, e.g.


number (linear) ... ; Remark: numerological numbers are consecutively placed one-after-another;
number (non-linear) ... ; Remark: numerological numbers are placed by induction logic;
Also see: 2555 Nippon Character Writing Strokes Count;

WHY do we need numerological numbers sir ? well trained kids ! notice that 3 kinds: number (linear), number (non-linear), and induction logic (whole sum) prompted by 3 columns WHICH lead to composite key ... ;

structural, e.g.

kazu Number;


percentage sign (%); Radical300;

suuji Number;

WHAT is the different between number and multiplier sir ? well trained kids ! Numbers are based on ten (e.g. (1 ~ 9) with zero) in common, and Multipliers are based on very very unique two in common with defined keywords, letters, and words, And Then, notice that bias EXIST because of either 2 ^ , or 10 ^;

regarding branching factor a.k.a. brunching factor (e.g. BF2), growth rate (e.g. based on yellowish variation as one of the factors), also see: C Sequence Number; regarding fully distributed topology, also see: Network Topology;

WHY yellowish variation has been written as Highlight (Yellow) with Font Color (Green) sir ? well trained kids ! the only way to classify planet with EMI or without EMI is whether its core as yellow or not, And Then, after understanding Origin of Sound (i.e. beyond 4th factor, and heat sensing), the only way to perceive energy (refer to solar power) and prosper (travelling) in space (e.g. Solar Sail) is like that, e.g. yellow as background and green as STRING, and, after understanding yellowish variations, it is the time to develop artificial Solar Power, i.e. creating artificial + orbital + virtual (2,3 dimensional) space environment by yourself, and beyond mapping our universes (i.e. beyond (13 = 8 + 5) thirteen strings in physics, doko WHERE our solar system behaves like secant & segment to our universes), this DOMAIN 's imaginary space crafts can be beyond very very very far away in distance ... ;