info .txt     Last updated on 2021/2564 1 28, a full moon day;

Buddha Year Gregorian Year SQRT2 (square root 2) SQRT3 (square root 3) Item ;
2564 2021 4142135623 7320508075 12088  
2563 2020 414213562373095048 732050807568877293 11700  
2563 2019 414213562373095048 732050807568877293 11700  
2562 2018 4142135623730950 7320508075688772 11414  
2562 2018 41421356237309 73205080756887 11381  
2562 2018 414213562373 732050807568 11298  

AINEU, Artificial Intelligence Numerical Expression & Usage;

net setup, also see: .. / IT / 25640 / net setup;

this DOMAIN Certificate, also see: .. / IT / 25640 / Certificate / this DOMAIN Certificate;

only in the year 2019 (Time) : regarding SQRT2 design model default system value (Space) : for prevention of system's data lost, (Action) NOT to use (2.019) as system value;

Remark: After compilation number C128, once a year compilation (e.g. C138 in 20??) will begin, and no more monthly compilation (but this DOMAIN 's contents will vary day-to-day) because developing of Idea Processor requires more-and-more characters to be learning in Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, and shared system values (e.g. (info .txt, noCOOKIE.exe, Publisher .reg,  Roaming .inf, this DOMAIN .p7b, ... )  ♯ . ♯ . ♯ . ♯) is good enough for sharing ... ;

Remark: as of 2/20/2016 /2559, yellow color background with green color font, because contents' idea should be adaptable to true Solar Sail method, for collecting energy in our universes ... ; Dharma Shakya Day in Numerology Number is 481941181271417; ASEAN number is 63626066673658558569584 for Cyber security; If system database (e.g. regedit), this DOMAIN recommends to delete unnecessary data, or old data; for example: after clicking on Publisher.reg file, and registry data is added into a system, and then version after versions, those old data should be deleted;

_ above table is very simple meta table, WHICH serves (e.g. service) globally with unique #;

_ computer becomes Internet browser oriented computing with built-in GPS functions, therefore, unique number inside of info.txt become more important than ever before;

_ HOW Internet of Things ( IoT) e.g. verify IPv6 (NFC) WHICH ... ;

_ if GPS string can be filtered, and then zone string can also be filtered, so trace route can be shorter;

_ if (e.g. trace) route becomes shorter, hop count becomes lesser;

_ IFF (e.g. Zip Code) is alphanumeric, numerology is applied, e.g. 12237412 is AB T3G 4S2;

_ info .txt is a common file among software, and a wild guess would be time-network-time dot O frequency in ...;

_ info .TXT is encoding by UTF-8;

_ info .txt should be only 1 file within 1 domain, and should be at software's root directory; nevertheless, \\CentOS5\info .txt, \\OS X\info .txt, \\Window7\info .txt, ... are for installation of operating systems;

_ one of the oriental concepts: time . space . action has been applied;

_ since shorter routes with lesser hop counts can be, and then TTL a.k.a. Time To Live becomes shorter;

_ shorter TTL matches nowadays "light rate" very fast computing (e.g. Cloud Computing) ... ;

_ there is e.g. C:\ info .txt, WHICH is located at this DOMAIN 's  root;

_ unique serial number with information as set inside;