; ; ; ; Updated in 2024 : July : 4th (Thursday) : y Character ;

; ; ; ; Updated on 4 : 7 : 2024 : y : Y : y : y Character;     Also see: y Usage;

( y Ten), ( y Nine), ( y Eight), ( y Seven), ( y Six), ( y Five), ( y Four), ( y Three), ( y Two), ( y One), also see: Japanese . Syllabary . HTML;

( Gravity Spots For Floors X, Gravity Spots For Walls Y), also see: kadosei Mobility; structural Battery; 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

y ;     y      y      y ワ イ;

if we can communicate via Idea Processor (deduction logic, induction logic),
base on (aspect ratio, (X, Y), X Y), i.e. (z, Z) I guess (imaginary),
24 pisayo must be variable (e.g. ((left, x), (left, y)), ((right, x), (right, y))), And Then,
if we add Time t, And Then, Time (Year : Month : Day) . Space ((x, y, z), xyz, XYZ) . Action
would be base on (aspect ratio, (X, Y), X Y), i.e. (z, Z) I guess (imaginary);
Remark : starting with (discovered, hidden), (known, unknown), ... , I don't know WHAT is (z, Z) ... ;

IFF Active Z (dot, pixel, point, sphere, spot) color code, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3;

X Y ;     X Y ;     X Y ;
i.e. (( x) * ( y)) to (calculate, define, mark, measure, translate) z ... ;
e.g. PHYSICS, law one hundred and thirteen, any moving location of point, ... ;

(x, y, iroColourWaveForm), also see: layer (dot, pixel, point) ... ;

Remark: long long time ago, in 1990s, we had (x, y, c), And Then, in 2000s, we had (x, y, C♯); notice, realize, and understand THAT "z" is NOT easy to define, regarding (2*6) momentum ... ; "z" is NOT plus-and-minus of neither zoom (in, out) nor m e m r i s t o r s (5 left, 5 right) 's NOT 90 degree e.g. (45, 60, 72) either, and I a i n 't know ;

*y ;

Y2K      Y2K      Y2K  ;

Yamato Kotoba a.k.a. wago ;

one of the 3 types of word in Nippon;

Yang energy; Radical633;

Yankee , a.k.a. northerner of USA;

factory; mill; plant; yard; Radical30;

yard ; ;

yardstick ;

string; thread; yarn; Radical157;

fail; gap; lack; yawning; Radical98;

yeah; Radical751;

year; yearly; years; e.g.

10 years (decade); 100 years (century); 1000 years (millennium); Remark: 10, 100, 1000, ... are engineering notation, IFF SQRT2 design model, ±98 based;

last year, also see: Radical549;

n e n j i Annual a.k.a. yearly; once every year (annually);

year (monochrome bitmap server) also see: Server;

( 60 years, 60 years, 60 years, 60 years), also see: Physics Law 234, (core, edge) ... ;

year;     year;      year t o s h i Year;  ; 

( koji Substance (ceramides i.e. lipid molecules), malt, yeast) ... ;

yellow; yellowish; e.g.

(Air, Blood Flow) method (yellow flows), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 280, Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

BF2 Light yellow, BF2 Yellow, also see: PHYSICS, law eighty two; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

diode Yellow, also see: iro LED;

Light Blue For Yellowish Therapeutic;

Light Green For Yellowish Therapeutic;

Light Red For Yellowish Therapeutic;

our earth 's normal Yellowish1, also see: Schematic Dimensional;

regarding dermatology (also see: Specialties D), our earth's normal dermatological (skin) thrive would be Our Earth's Dermatological Thrive (also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol), And Then, yellow should NOT be surrounding (forming circular structural) between green and blue (e.g. ( One Of The Dermatological Disorders) WHICH indicates skin disorder) ... ; Remark: on human beings livable moon (ACT2 imaginary hyper space info), our human beings' skin might be with "white spots" because of diff momentum (i.e. diff dermatological thrive) causes genetic problems (e.g. BLI problem (because of growth rate diff (C Sequence Number (BF1 diff))), "white spots" on skin (because of diff dermatological thrive)), therefore, still in R&D HOW normal dermatological thrive can be defined for each human beings livable moon ... ;

(white pin, red pin) audio, And Then, yellow must be for video (e.g. HDMI);

Yellow Color vitamin B complex, essential metabolic energy, also see: Riboflavin ... ;

Yellow Green Either Way;

(yellowish variation and its reversed yellowish variation) component ... ;

yellow; Radical240;

yellow Rounded rectangular callout Heat Sensor, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 258, Heat Sensor;

Yellow Screen; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; Schematic Dimensional;

yellow      yellow;

yen; e.g.

IPv6 based embedded RFID (  (  ( ))) for NFC IoT ... (so, verification e.g. WHEN was its last transaction, WHICH ATM site (e.g. Location Awareness Response), Personal (counter) deposited, Personal (counter) withdrew, and so on Japanese Standard ... ); Also see: ア メ リ カ 緬 甸 .網 Biometric recognition and RFID based systems; IoT; y Character;

yen, Japanese monetary unit; Radical777;

yen      yen      Japanese currency;

yes e.g.

am; is; are; are;

(Ref, Val) EXIST; both Ref. and Val. exist; either Ref or Val exists;

two (2) is very very unique in many ways e.g. (Able, Disable), (abnormal, normal), (acceptable %, unacceptable %), (approved, NOT approved), (assemble, disassemble), (Bad, Good), (begin, end), (Bias, Neutral), (cheap, expensive), (clinically proven, clinically NOT proven), (close, open), (constant, variable), (Constructive, Destructive), (Core, Shell), (countable, uncountable), (day, night), (DEE, lights), (defined, undefined), (Dead, Live), (Directional, Heuristic), (do, don't), (down, up), (echo readable, echo unreadable), (expected, unexpected), (Explicitly, Implicitly), (FALSE, TRUE), (Female, Male), (first, last), (focused, un-focus), (foe, friend), (Hard, Soft), (hardware, software), (healthy, unhealthy), (High, Low), (Hyper, Hypo), (Illegal, Legal), (increasing, reducing), (inner, outer), (invisible, visible), (inward, outward), (interior, exterior), (joining to be together, splitting to be apart), (known, unknown), (Left, Right), (light-weight, heavy-weight), (local, remote), (lock, unlock), (Long, Short), (Manmade Global Weather, natural global weather), (marked, unmarked), (matched, mismatched), (Minus, Plus), (mono, stereo), (Negative, Positive), (no, yes), (non-standard, standard), (nothing, something), (Old, Young), (one way, many ways), (Opaque, Transparency), (project-able, un-project-able), (receive, send), (safe, unsafe), (seen, unseen), (setting, unsetting), (SQRT2, SQRT3), (wire, Wireless), (with metta, without metta), (within limit, without limit), (Wrapped, Unwrapped), (zoom-in, zoom-out), ... , also see: jinko chino Artificial Intelligence;

yes; Radical751;

yes      yes      yes      yes      yes      yes      Yes      hai Yes ;

Yes, as opposed to No;

yu Yes; Radical761;

yesterday      yesterday ;

yet; e.g.

and; moreover; yet; Radical261;

but; however; nevertheless; yet; Radical161;

yet      yet ;

yield; yielded; yielding; Unyielding; e.g.

f u k u t s u Unyielding; Also see: f Usage;

submit; yield; Radical663;

yield; Radical622;

YIN and YANG     Yin and Yang ;

600 BC;     also see: cause-and-effect, pros and cons, Swastika, ... ; 2;

yo KATAKANA _Space Craft _Yellowish Variation _Load Balancing _Walls Y, also see: Physics Law 198; Walls; y Character; y Computer;

you; your; yours; e.g.

(e.g. your own melody, your own music, your own sound), also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 173, SPL Engineering; Schematic Dimensional; Schematic Light;

familiar language (archaism) pronoun: you; Radical289;

Idea Processor ((if necessary to do remote nama reading (me, user, you)), get report of insectoid-to-animaloid-to-humanoid) ... ;

you      you      you;

( you, you, you, you), also see: this DOMAIN; this_DOMAIN_'s_position_Info_with_Timestamp; y Character; y Computer; e.g. You're ??% here or there;

your; yours;

You've new app THAT can open web pages ; Also see: Inter Active;

you (Remark: transcript word would be "n i n" WHICH means "my dear ones");

young e.g.

young ; ;

IFF prefix: immature; unripe; young; Radical206;

young animal; Radical46;

yuan, Chinese currency ; ;

0, 0x0, 0x1, 0x2, ... i.e. return values, also see: assembly; info;

DEE _ Jitter _ Adjustment Y; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

2891 464195 . 2991573312965 . 171254 : 4 . 8 . 2 : this DOMAIN . triangulation . system ( x, y, z), also see: Ace Jaw;