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Japan, , , , 81;

IFF GPS ( location) is Japan a.k.a. NIPPON, WHEN abnormal echoes exist at volcano, Manmade Global Weather (artificial intelligent gravity spots, 1 meter gravity spots only) to be elevated gravity weight at the volcano i.e. to reduce earthquake;

IFF GPS ( location) is Japan a.k.a. NIPPON, chopping plate alike tsunami by launching Manmade Global Weather (parallel world lines, 1 kilo meter long in length only) into the defined tsunami's location in ocean's surface water i.e. to reduce tsunami;

this DOMAIN 's Satellite DNS System (lightening method) i.e. to shoot down any illegal missile; HOW ? also see: Weather;


Manmade Global Weather: reduce category 4 storm; reduce earthquake; reduce excessive rain; reduce flood; reduce heat in summer; reduce tsunami; Also see: Japan;

J M A, Japan Meteorological Agency, also see: weather;

numerological Number (5) : number (linear) is (14694957 5192883125 95 11715 154 219515) : i.e. avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

tui Joyous (lake) also see: Swastika;

to fly; to hop; to jump; to soar; Radical218, also see: Radicals;

correct; justice; righteous; Radical567;