Naturally Weather Log;     Last updated on 2018/2562 10 24, a full moon day;

regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization (in our earth: 1 way DEE (we can't see our back because of 1 way DEE) naturally; in our earth: 7 gravity spots EXIST, and the daily sun is the biggest gravity spot naturally; in our earth: parallel incoming moon waves (strings) cause holes (gravity pressure e.g. 1 km hotspots in oceans) naturally; in our earth: "maroon" or "red" is a limitation because "red" behaves constraint of inner side of our universe naturally) ... ;

Manmade Global Weather; PHYSICS (Idea Processor); Weather; power of the Internet must be peaceful & tranquil; Satellite_DNS_Domain (as pixel, do good action, focus, inevitable climate change, lock, map, on ZCS, pinpoint, unlock);

International Domains;

climate; season; weather; Radical269;


air; airy;
eye; eyes;
map; mapped; mapping;
run control; running control;

  21st century and beyond,     using (, , reversed momentum method) , HOW to avoid earthquakes;     Pacific ocean;    



Domain; remark

  US dollar name    
  at the present,     using , (reduce, reduced, reducing) the storm name ("") ... ;          
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  10/11/2018 .us flood; storm;

category 4+ strength storm name hurricane "Michael" affected: 0.9 million peoples in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia; 3+ m high wave at the Gulf of Mexico; 150+ mph wind;

0.06+   USA;    
  10/6/2018   earthquake; magnitude (5.9 scale); regional (Caribbean nations: Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos Islands);     Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018 .bs earthquake; Bahamas;     Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018 .do earthquake; Dominican Republic;     Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018 .ht earthquake; Haiti; 0.11+   Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018 .tc earthquake; Turks and Caicos Islands;     Atlantic ocean;    
  10/6/2018   storm name: "KONG-REY" ; regional (East China Sea);     Pacific ocean;    
  10/4/2018 .jp storm name: "Kong-rey" ; regional (East China Sea); 0.10+   Okinawa, Japan;    
  9/29/2018 .id tsunami; earthquake; magnitude (7.5 scale); tsunami strength (5+ meter); 14+   Palu, Indonesia;    
  Sept. 2018 .us storm name "Florence" ; caused 13+ days (state of emergency); 0.40+


North Carolina, USA;    
  Sept. 2018 .jp landslide; quake; earthquake; landslides;     Atsuma, Japan; Sapporo, Japan;    
  9/5/2018 .jp earthquake; magnitude (6.7 scale); electricity restoration 99% recover within 3 days; 0.40+   Hokkaido, Japan;    
  8/6/2018 .id earthquake; magnitude (6.9 scale); home lost person (20000+ people); 5+


  8/1/2018 .us fire; square mile (120+);     California, USA;    
  summer, 2018 .us forest fire; acre (250000+); fire vortex traveled speed (3+ miles in 15 minute);     California, USA;    
  07/29/2018 .in excessive rain;   5+   India;    
  07/10/18 .tw storm;            
  Aug. 2018 .jp excessive rain; flood; landslide; reconstruction cost (900 millions US dollar); 2+


  June, 2018 .jp earthquake; magnitude (6.1 scale); injured person (389+); 0.04+   Osaka, Japan;    



2562; 。
: ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ : ♯ . ; 。
Remark: eight groups of 16 bit each (i.e. IPv6) ... ;

      One Of The Moons 2 (our earth's approx. location in our universes) ;      
      1 String 1 Hole Cause Green Structural Because Of Salt ;        
      directional Light yellow on X ;        
      in summer, using anti heat wave to reduce heat globally ;        
      in winter, using heat wave to reduce excessive snowing globally ;        
      our earth 's normal Yellowish1 ;        
      Also see : Schematic Dimensional ;    

Remark: this DOMAIN 's Contents As Triangulation System in the Internet (Manmade Global Weather), protecting environments worldwide (e.g. cleansing PM2.5 air pollution above cities' sky), reducing bad weather conditions (e.g. category 4+ storm to be category 1+ storm), trying to do good weather conditions (e.g. no earthquake for more than 10+ years), ... ;

as of 2018/2562,

- demolishing air pollution (PM2.5) above cities' sky in China; Remark: 3 (1 meter ones) gravity spots in a tangent method, above sky in the defined cities; solved air pollution;

- demolishing drought in California, USA, by creating rain above California; Remark: forward clouds in Pacific Ocean, moving toward California, And Then, sound beam to the clouds to do rainfalls onto California; solved drought;

- pushing rivers' waterway toward ocean (directional gravity spots (gravity spots)), during monsoon season; Remark: using Satellite_DNS_Domain (Directional Gravity Pressure and gravity spots) for solving seasonal (monsoon season, raining season) regional flood; solved regional flood in Myanmar, and Thailand; keeping 1 meter lower water-level-mark than normal water-level-marks;

- reducing category 4+ storms to be category 1 storms, in Pacific ocean; Remark: using Satellite_DNS_Domain (system), and using Directional Gravity Pressure As Method; solved category 4+ storms;

as of 2018/2562, this DOMAIN is trying to solve HOW to avoid earthquakes for 10+ years; suggestion: in world history, we human beings have done many landmarks, therefore, if implementing (2 events of 3 lights are 90 degree) in Pacific ocean for avoiding earthquakes, we should do landmark alike i.e. regarding HOW to avoid earthquakes e.g. manmade 3 lights as 3 light-sources and they're forming 90 degree at the defined location (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean) in Pacific ocean;

as of 2018/2562, this DOMAIN still cannot solve many weather related problems;

Remark :


2018 .us fire; forest fire;

approx. 325360 acres burnt; estimated 500 yards diameter fire vortex; fire-fueled cumulus cloud rising to 39000 ft; fire name "Ferguson Fire" and "Carr Fire" ; fire vortex traveled 3-4 miles in 15 minute; heat speed 130 mph; max wind speed were 143 mph; twister alike fire whirl;

    California, USA;    
2017 .us fire;     1000 Napa, California, USA;    
2017 .za regional drought;       Africa;    
2016 .cn regional flood; 25+ provinces flooded; 32+ million people were affected;   20 China;    
2015 .np earthquake; magnitude (7.8 scale); 8000+ 10 Nepal;    
2013 .th excessive rainfall; 3+ million people were affected; 45+ provinces flooded; 60+   Thailand;    
2013 .pk earthquake; magnitude (7.7 scale); 800+   Pakistan;    
2012 .us storm; Atlantic ocean; storm name hurricane "Sandy" ; 200+ 70 USA;    
2011 .jp earthquake; tsunami; magnitude (9 scale); 40+ meter tsunami; regional (Miyako, Iwate, Tohoku); 15000+ 360 Japan;    
2010 .ht earthquake; tsunami; magnitude (7 scale); 200000+   Haiti;    
2008 .cn earthquake; magnitude (8 scale); 200000+ soldiers were deployed to rescue; 69000+ 15 Sichuan, China;    
2008 .mm storm; tropical cyclone; Bay of Bengal, Indian ocean; 130000+ 12 Myanmar;    
2005 .us flood; storm; Gulf of Mexico; Gulf Coast; category 5 strength storm name hurricane "Katrina" ; 1800+ 125 USA;    
2004 .th earthquake; tsunami; Andaman coastal (west coast of northern Sumatra), Thailand; 220000+ 10 Indian ocean;    
1992   storm; Bahamas; Florida; Louisiana; category 5 storm name hurricane "Andrew" ; 65+ 27 Atlantic ocean;