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A (family name, surname); Akutsu (family name, surname); O (name); Radical1003;

Aa (name); Radical268;

abbreviations in English language are:

 ... (ellipses), you know already, you do yourself;
a.k.a. (also known as), another def. would be, another name would be;
(carbon copy), original one's duplicate copy;
e.g. (for example), presenting logical similarities, sampling;
etc. (etcetera), extra, undefined ones;
IFF (if and only if), conditional constraint must be matched and then;
i.e. (that is), previously mentioned;
esp. (especially), adverb alike, particularly, specifically;
ref (reference), equation's right size, refer to;

Val (Value), equation's left size, value;

Remark: usage (left size, right size) "size" instead of using "side" because this DOMAIN prefers quantity of ... ;

also see: Acronym;

Katakana language's transcript word would be: apinya (also pronounce apinyan), regarding abhiññā ( abhinna, also see: aPali) e.g. extraordinary knowing, super natural power;

active voice vs. passive voice; in English, expression can be either active voice or passive voice; e.g. he drives the Mitsubishi truck (i.e. active voice in present tense), e.g. the Mitsubishi truck is driven by him (i.e. passive voice in present tense);

Adzusa (female name); Ari (family name, female name, surname); Arisaki (family name, surname); Radical761;


Agata (name); Radical247;

a-ge, fishcake a-ge; ama ebi, sweet shrimp; amazake; anko, sweet bean paste; Anno Imo, sweet potato; Also see: Sushi;

Agio (family name, surname); Radical511;

Agu (name); Aki (name); Aku (name); Radical593;

Aiji (name); Aisaki (family name, surname); Radical692;

(aimaisa Ambiguration, Speech Ambiguration, Speech Recognition); Also see: Audio;

Akari (female name); Radical954;

Akari (female name); Radical96;

Akari (female name); Kira (female name); Kirameki (female name); Radical462;

Aki (name); Akira (name); Aya (female name); Radical995;

Akira (female name); Shin (family name, female name, surname); Shino (female name); Radical694;

Akira (name); Radical94;

Akira (female name); Radical135;

Akira (female name); Radical288;

Akira (female name); Chou (name); Radical851;

Akira (name); Gen (name); Utsutsu (female name); Radical795;

Akira (female name); Kaku (family name, surname); Satoshi (male name); Radical454;

Akira (name); Radical567;

Akira (female name); Radical752;

akirakani Clearly ;

akirakanisuru (clarify, clear, disclose, elucidate, manifest, reveal);

Akua (female name); Aoi (female name); Radical106;

Akuta (female name); Radical956;

Amane (family name, female name, surname); Radical510;

Amane (female name); Atsushi (name); Iyo (female name); Radical1004;

amidakyo, Amida residence; Also see: Buddha Radicals;

      a.k.a. animation ;      
      animated cartoon ;        
      animated GIF ;        
      animated Graphics Interchange Format ( GIF )
;     animated film ;        
      animated song ;        
      animated software ;        
anime character s ; company ; music ;
Otaku ;   TV series ; video ;    

anzen Safe;

anzensei e.g. ( keeping well being, preservation, safety, security, welfare) ... ;

arigatoh gozaimasu, thank you;

... arimasu ka, Do you have ... ?   masu is pronounced "mas"
jikan wa arimasu ka, Asking ... , do you have a minute?
kasa wa arimasu ka, WHEN raining outside ... , do you have an umbrella?
onsen wa arimasu ka, WHERE at a travel agency, asking ... , do you have hot spring tour?
sandwich wa arimasu ka, WHERE in a store, asking ... , do you have sandwich?

Arou (name); Radical323;

article (a, an, the) in English; article a, and article an in front of singular; article the in front of either plural or singular; without article means generic (a.k.a. whole entity);

Asaji (name); Aya (female name); Radial237;

asobi Play;

at the present (present continuous tense); for that time being (past perfect continuous tense); for the time being (present perfect continuous tense i.e. past + present);

Ataru (name); Radical260;

Atou (name); Radical388;

Atsuru (name); Atsushi (name); Shuuji (name); Radical886;

atsuryoku Pressure; Radical593;

Atsushi (name); Nou (family name, surname); Tsutomu (male name); Radical619;

Aya (female name); Radical598;

ayashi Dubious; doubtful; suspicious;

advance; Ayu (female name); progress; walking; also see: Sushi;

Ayumi (female name); Saki (family name, female name, surname); Sakizaki (family name, surname); Radical498;

Aza (place name); Radical569;

Numbers in Dhamma;

4 kinds of suffering; anger; also see: cry;     angry mood; sad;