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V v;

(5V, 9V, 15V, 20V) USBPD, Universal Serial Bus (i.e. USB) Power Delivery;

validating install;

ver * also see: command;

additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;

DEE _ Aqua _ Horizontal _ Stability;
DEE _ Aqua _ Vertical _ Stability;
Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

vertical multi time lines started by CRT (i.e. Display) in 1990s; 40 lines only; Also see: TV;

WHY 40 lines? 4 is IPv4 WHERE 4 numbers are designed as ♯.♯.♯.♯; 0 is for yellow WHICH means essential default, in numerological dimension e.g. (neither 1~9) is zero, ... ; Must understand processor design 1st, i.e. 4 square boxes alike within 1 square (old IPv4 design), as a result, IPv4 had been with 4 numbers; Also see: early 21st century's IPv6 WHICH has been designed by oriental concept i.e. Time . Space . Action, WHAT kind of Action (e.g. (active, passive), (dynamic, static), (offline, online), ... ) is limited to Space (e.g. x, y, z) and Time is defined by Distance (in mm) i.e. multi time lines ... ; Notice that old design (1990s ~ 2000s) desktop computers' data bus cable (WHICH connects a:, b:, c:, d:, ..., z:) is made of 40 lines;

angle (vertical angle) ... ;

VHF/UHF, also see: Wireless Antenna;

AI OS ( assembly) to correct constraint violation error (e.g. x + 1 < x);

VMS, also see: server type;

    audio ; sound ;

        voice ;
channel ; codec ; compress ion ; conferencing system ;
encoding ; mail box ; message ; messaging ; network
; process i n g technology ; recognition technology ;
synthesis ; transmission ;            

search by voice capabilities: e.g. Amazon Alexa; Apple Siri; Google Now; Microsoft Cortana;