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4K TV, i.e. ultra high definition (e.g. Display); better quality than HD TV; Also see: bit; set;

functional kichi Base on michi Way, also see: Command;

kilo, i.e. 1000, IFF base 10; kilo, i.e. 1024, (2^10) IFF base 2; (Number kB, Number kilobyte), also see: Number;


Korea (), , , , 850;

as of early 21st century (2019), IFF mobile carrier,
e.g. KT, a.k.a. Korea Telecom, https://roaming.kt.com, www.kt.com;
e.g. LG, LG Electronics, https://www.lg.com;
e.g. LG U plus, www.uplus.co.kr;
e.g. SK, SK Telecom, www.sktelecom.com;

Korea ((Geographical domain: (.kp) North Korea), (Geographical domain: (.kr) South Korea)); Manmade Global Weather: reduce category 4 storm; reduce earthquake; Also see: Korea;

As of 2565, 2021, this DOMAIN 's (Artificial Intelligence, Idea Processor) has solved drought problem in (Geographical domain: (.kp) North Korea) e.g. avoid drought in Korea, e.g. no drought in Korea, ... ; Remark: Using Rainbow Method; Using WORMHOLE Method; free-of-charge, good luck to Koreans!!