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This webpage is designed, modeled, and programmed by ( Ace Jaw, Ace Jaw, Ace Jaw, Ace Jaw, Ace Jaw).

( DEE, DEE) Drafting (Rulers) e.g.

Ruler 10 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 9 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 8 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 7 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 6 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 5 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 4 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 3 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 2 e.g. , , ;  
Ruler 1 e.g. , , ;  

Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;

Iconic     Iconic     Iconic;

Japan's Flag; Also see: Japanese . Syllabary . HTML i.e. the one and only file within this DOMAIN, special designed && modeled for defining normal Yellowish Variation .  .  .  ;                

1 of the icons in Buddhism; Wheel symbol means beings in samsara ... ; The origin of 2, 3, 7, 10, 24, 108, ... ;                

Japan's national flag; Icon of Nippon;

Also see: 108 configuration, in ACT3 stage; 1st to understand heat vs. light; 2nd to understand 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 and 10,7,10 i.e. C108.GIF; Artificial Intelligence;

United States of America's flag                
USA Flag                


Nippon flag and China flag are somehow related to 108 configuration, Yin and Yang symbol , 600BC, and the SUN and the MOON to do ACT3 stage 108 configuration;                  

Sample Icon


Ace Jaw . JPG; Also see: .. \ .. \ Personal \ Ace Jaw;                
15 degree by SQRT2 longitudes; Also see: GPS;                
180 degree diff to yo KATAKANA; Also see: Physics Law 39419 ... ;                
Audio . i c o, using IT \ Physics \ Origin of Sound; Also see: Audio;                
4p/7p 4p/7p animated icon;                
 4PlanetsPrediction 4 planets prediction; Lunar time; 2*7;                
5gCellPhone Dual T F T Touch Screen 5G Cell Phone;

IFF image map testing, also see: 5gCellPhoneRedirectTo.htm;

Accounting   12 digit decimal point AP, AR, GL accounting; Floating point arithmetic truncates the decimal point number to be rounded; The digits in calculation judges advance in accounting;                
a DNA Array DNA: 1 mile long and human being;                
AIDS vaccine   Immunology by cellular microbiology; Mystery and unknown, but we will not be full bloom;                
Algorithm In Loops World's largest software producer India: i = i + 1; algorithms to be concerned; Also see: Adder;

In M Theory, time t1 at hole i string i value is added 1, so that time t2 at hole i string i value is i + 1; IFF within time t1, and then distance must be engineered, for example, 24mm natural time can be 4 * 6mm, and then pipelining technique alike technology can be applied;

antiviral COVID-19 FORMULA; Also see: Energy & Geometry; Anti Virus; Antiviral Schematic;                
b Doctor Keeping 5 s i l a, building good khamma;                
Binding Energy Binding energy;                
Black Jack Split two aces, get a chance for a jack and an ace;                
B L I _Default

B L I, Body Length Index; Body Length Index (B L I) varies among human beings livable moons; to do adjustment of B L I, also see: b G T S U; Heavenly Wheel Topology;

Calendared Civilization China, 5000+ years of civilization ... ; Also see: Eastern Though;                
Carbon Dated Archaeology By deploying nuclear technology, carbon-dating pinpoints millions of year ancestry;                

CCW _Shakya;                

CW _Shakya;                
Cloned Human In 2004, Koreans breakthrough human DNA embryo replica to stem cell, and H L A type genetic code research;                
CT Computed Tomography ( CT) ... ;                
Dice Cube Dice;                
DNA Origami DNA _Origami;                
Dollar Dollar, a currency, a cash note;                
Draft These drafting icons do not belong to neither independent variable by abscissa nor dependent variable by ordinate;                
e Civil Bridge;                
e Engineering e Engineering: Blocking electron, but passing .... ;                
Farming Paddy Farmers' paddy fields;                

File-Speed .i c o,

also see: IT \ Note \ File;                
FISH  this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using FISH ... ;                
Garment Manufacturing Design in plotter, Business, Fabric Inventory, Cutting, Sewing, QA, Packaging, and Import/Export of garment manufacturing; Single needle, or double needle; Short sleeve, or long sleeve; Labor intensive, or global first step economy; Nevertheless, Juki machines are the best                 

Gene .i c o

Gene; Space Gene;

32x32; 1 bit monochrome;

Geotechnical Geotechnical;                
Gravity machine in ACT2 stage Also see: (G D C, Gravity Dimension Computer) ... ; Remark: 3 circles symbolize 3 planets' gravitational waves, and 2 layered rectangle symbolize co-existence of graviton and anti-graviton;                
Home Real estate and gold, at all time exist above inflation though;                
Hydro Carbon Hydro Carbon: Carbon, Hydrogen, and their connections;
Integrated Solid state Integrated Solid-state solution for space station;                
international Band active X, international Band; International Domains;                
J I T J I T, Just-In-Time Japanese inventory system to reduce holding-cost, and overhead-operating-cost; By using cards; Also see: block;                
Kinetic Energy Tree Seiko kinetic quartz watch's Kinetic Energy Tree;                
kuru kuru DEE  Keyword To Port Number; doko WHERE how many rounds of kuru kuru ?                
Liquor Brandy 10 years old brandy;                
Measurement In Nano meter Measurement in nanometer by deploying a spectrum;                
Micro Multi Media Encoding Since 2000, the best and the latest micro-coded audio video encoding from Korea

Myanmar songs are available online at www.myanmarmp3.net;

IFF 13 strings, also see: Koto ... ;

Monastery 24 x 24;


Neuron Of Synapse We still don't know how electrodes go;                


Japan; Japanese; Nippon;

Hiragana language; Katakana language; Kanji language;

32x32; 32 bit true color with alpha;

Orbital Craft Path  

Inside International Domains ... ; Orbital space-craft's path; O O O   O

PHYSICS: realize & understand THAT 4 sections of the square are NOT the same e.g. 4 "L" Method (at the Top Left); 2 is very very unique in many ways e.g. there is a string, there must be a hole (at the Top Right); "Origin of Dark Energy Engineering (DEE)" i.e. either "eating" pink or green; of course, the Aqua Color is somehow representing Water (heat, light) ... , so called PHYSICS in English Language ... ;                
Protein  this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System, using Protein ... ;                
Quantum Mechanics   Quantum mechanics, but a Myanmar still cannot solve variable energy's vector direction;                
RDBMS   select * in real RDBMS computing world; But in theory, relational and normalization theory;                

using Anti COVID-19 to (attack, cure, demolish, immune) COVID-19;

Serial Number

Also see: serial number; Radical534;

Server Also see: Server ... ;                
Sport Car Sport car;                

symbol of gateway to;                
Sym b o tic Asimo Since 2001, Honda's Asimo robot, world's first human alike;                
Taxi Cab Taxi cab;                
this DOMAIN _M G W this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather;                
United Nations Volunteer U N V services;                
u s a - m y a n m a r USA - Myanmar .net; u s a m y a n m a r;                
u s a - m y a n m a r .help Help     システムsystem;

IFF remote assistance ( invitation) using complimentary ticket OR invitation card;


USB based integrated laser; Also see: Laser;                
Vertical C N C Poly CAM by vertical / horizontal C N C;                
Vest Vest: noticeable vest for people in action;                
YIN and YANG e.g. <link rel="shortcut icon" href="YIN and YANG .i c o "> ; After 2008, in addition to browser icon [ above script ], drive letter icon has been developed;                
In 2D, 4th vector for 4th particle; HOW to measure F of anti-particles of N number H number ?                
Zero Friction Technology Since 1990s, frictionless technology and Toyota's mechanical engineering;                

humanoid Global Military General (Space . War) ...                


verify ( icon) ... ;   logo; since 2023, this DOMAIN has changed its color codes to (China + Russia), also see: Calendar . Earth . Space . War . HTML ; this DOMAIN 's contents are being ready, be readiness, military World War Three (WW III) against (China + Russia)

waiting for USA's official war declaration ... ;

5 kinds of icon are application icon, browser icon, drive letter icon, file's association "Open", "Open With" icon, shortcut icon, show desktop icon, system icon, ... ;

WHERE * . i c o file must be defined inside source code with either relative path or absolute path, and then compile the source code, so that WHEN running application shell a.k.a. *.exe file, application icon appears top left corner of window next to title;

WHERE * . i c o file must be defined inside HTML code within <head> ... </head>, and then the * . ico file must be uploaded into Internet, and the * . ico file must exist at defined directory, for example: WHEN browsing Internet, HTTP and domain name browses YIN and YANG . ico, so that WHEN running Internet browser, browser icon appears inside address box;

WHERE *.i c o file must be defined inside * . i n f file, and the * . i n f file must be within a heap a.k.a. prior to sub directories, inside the * . i n f file, executable text must be written, for example: auto run .inf file has been software engineered as icon="YIN and YANG . ico" , WHEN running Explorer, drive letter icon appears next to drive letter; Notice that @ this time, left pane's string and right pane's string are symmetrical to each other; Also see: Browser .h t m # drive _letter _icon;

WHERE * . i c o file must be allocated by system's Explorer Browse... , for example: inside a Desktop [ also see: platform ], right clicking on icon prompts to create Shortcut; After creating shortcut with defined * . i c o file and defined %PATH%, WHEN double clicking or clicking on the icon will run, so called Shortcut icon;

WHERE next to Start button, if Vista [right click on Taskbar >> Toolbars >> Quick Launch], Show desktop appears on Taskbar, right click on Show desktop >> Properties >> Change icon >> Browse >> choose one of the icons ... ;

WHERE * . i c o file must be hidden, system icon is military top secret, WHEN defining network, a network adapter needs graphics identity ... , for example: wallpaper is in background process layer WHILE foreground process is running as an application, or running as a browser, or running as a window, ... therefore not available to public; IFF graphics behavior similarity, also see: 5gCellPhoneRedirectTo.htm; IFF to test a network, click on Network Adapter . h t m, and notice diff icon ... ; also see: Keyword;

WHERE * . i c o file should be allocated within "Ready Made Directory", also see: "Open With", and after understanding file's association, Menu Bar image as file's association "Open", "Open With" user defined icon can be further developed ... ;

Also see: 108 configuration, in ACT3 stage; 1st to understand heat vs. light; 2nd to understand 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 and 10,7,10 i.e. C108.GIF; Artificial Intelligence; national flag; Icon of China ;

... 。