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angle (central angle (segment) radian) ... ;

 just a right amount of light goes through; Atomic Radio Antenna, also see: Wireless Antenna;

(radio) steps up;

IFF 128 (2 ^ 7) bit AND beyond, GPS, radar, radio, solar, sonar, sound patterns, wireless, ... ;

job site radio; also see: Wireless Antenna (e.g. AM: bar antenna, FM: soft bended rod antenna);

radio reception; receiver; Radical417;

radio*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

I F F SQRT2, a term ( / ) is general rational ( name) and then (( + 2) / ( + )) next term i.e. always ( between 1 and 2) handle for each language code ( form 1 plus) something identity; / ( + ( / )) positive (i.e. +) number THIS quantity > 0;

R D B M S RDBMS      
R D B M S RDBMS      
R D B M S RDBMS ,    
relational data base management system   RDBMS ;  

RDBMS; form (dataset) e.g. for each container, for each database, for each table, for each form (dataset), Data As Record, using Artificial Intelligence (AAI, AI, A I A) Cloud ... ; also see: Gene Therapy System;

R D P, Remote Desktop Protocol, Also see: Cloud;

power factor (SQRT3) e.g. active, or reactive; e.g. p = sqrt3 * V line * I line; IFF (delta a.k.a. triangle, star), also see: Network Topology;  connection point between line is neutral; neutral is half way;

received; receiving; Radical417;

Gravity Dimension Computer        
reduce ;    
e.g.   reduce   earth quake ;      
e.g.   reduce   noise ;        
e.g.   reduce   storm 's eye pressure ;  
e.g.   reduce   tsunami ;        

IFF numerological dimension, 954335 (i.e. reduce); bad weather; reduce bad weather;

Also see: WORMHOLE; dB.m;

referenced; e.g. Ref A: ♯  Ref B: ♯ Ref C: Time Stamp; a b c a.k.a. 123, one of the methods in computing, also see: physics;

register ; ;

          registration ;    
e.g. user registration ;        

IFF OS, also see: Publisher .reg;

relative ;      
address ; annotation text ; command ; coordinate ; degree
of relative priority ; entropy ; file ; generation number
; instruction ; key ; offset ; organization ; path
name ; pathname ; record number ;      

IFF Rakhine, there is "mi yo" (a.k.a. "m y o" ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) in "l i" distance, linguistically;

relative position, marked with triangles (e.g. triangulate, triangulation); in military science, any ( A object AND B object) on AB distance ( line) with defined angle can pinpoint any object to be triangulated (one of the mapping techniques to define 3rd party's current location) ... ;

Report; e.g.

Document Library Cabinet   Container  
Document . Library . Cabinet . Container ;
  Library . Cabinet . Container . Database ;
;   Database   Form    
  Database . Form . Object ;
Database . Report . Object   ;
  Sheet . Object       ;

Also see: avoiding Earthquake In Japan And Taiwan;

      a.k.a. notification ;        

archived; bin; cleanup; defender; download; error; file; internet; log; offline; per; program; recycle; report; setup; system; temporary; thumbnail; update; user; webpage; windows;

reboot ; phase ;

additional vocals, background vocals, banjo, bass, congas, drums, electric rhythm guitar, guitar, harmonica, harmonium, keyboards, lead guitar, organ, percussion, piano, piano & organ, rhythm guitar, saxophone, slide guitar, spinet, talking drum, trumpet, twelve string guitar, violin, violin & mandolin, vocal, vocals, ... ;

RISC , reduce d instruct i
on set computer ;            
( RISC or C I S C ) ;  

GPS (R U H), also see: International Domains; Nation Name (Saudi Arabia);

rule set; e.g. 1. can + verb, 2. can + verb, 3. can + verb, ... ;


  Z - Distribution ruler      
ruler ruler ;      

run at;

run; Radical189;

R U N A T        


        run at      
            run at ; e.g.  
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VB Script RUN AT