; ; ; ; Updated in 2564 : on 2021 : 3 : 6 : Oh my lord!     ; approx. 92reasons ... ;

lord; Radical289;

this DOMAIN, imaginary hyper space system, a part of triangulation system in the Internet, multifunctional system, using Idea Processor ( (Artificial Intelligence (AAI, AI, AIA))) to protect civilizations; Also see: Buddha\index; finding Majjhima way among domain names e.g. (acejaw.net, americamyanmar.net, www.ideaprocessor.net, global.tsuki.info, me, this DOMAIN, this DOMAIN,  this DOMAIN, www.tsuki.info, you) ... ;

2564; 03/06/2021; this DOMAIN 's Photo Album (s) :

e.g. Created Date: March 06, 2021; ..\..\ Buddha\ Presentation \ ; Graphics Image Slideshow;

e.g. Created Date: March 05, 2021; (File Name: Slideshow Horizontal (File Format: .mp4; File Size: 146 MB; Approx. Running Time Period: 16 Minute; Audio Bit Rate: 117kbps; Channel: 2 Stereo; Custom: HD 1080p; Frame Height: 1080; Frame Rate: Constant 18.10fps (TV NTSC); Frame Rate: 18.10 Frames / Second; Frame Width: 1920; Open with: Movies & TV; Total Photo: 64 Item; Type of File: MP4 File));

e.g. Created Date: March 05, 2021; (File Name: Slideshow Vertical (File Format: .mp4; File Size: 616 MB; Channel: 2 Stereo; Custom: HD 1080p; Frame Height: 1080; Frame Rate: Constant 29.97fps (TV NTSC); Frame Rate: 29.97 Frames / Second; Frame Width: 1920; Open with: Movies & TV; Total Photo: 64 Item; Type of File: MP4 File));

2564; 03/03/2021; two (2) is very very unique in many ways, e.g.

Gene Therapy System, also see: WHOM (TXT FILE) ... ; with metta (loving kindness) 86 lines of ... ;
Manmade Global Weather, also see: Naturally Weather Log (TXT FILE) ... ; with metta (loving kindness) 86 lines of ... ;

Remark: do IT yourselves; attrib -a -r Naturally Weather Log .txt, prior to editing it;
Remark: do IT yourselves; attrib -a -r WHOM .txt, prior to editing it;

Remark: after editing the files (e.g. Naturally Weather Log, WHOM), Save As (e.g. 04041965Naturally Weather Log, 04041965WHOM) text files, if you like to keep this DOMAIN 's Content files "As Is" ... ; after editing the files, please save the edited files in the same (Directory, Folder) ... ; Remember: Remote Nama For Humanoid (108 = 86 + 22), doko WHERE equation-sign's right side is (Ref., Reference), And Then, 22 lines of code (c on currency) must obey SQRT2's (1&&1) design model; Also see: Buddha's Abhidhamma (a.k.a. Abhidharma) based Idea Processor WHICH is beyond ( Gravity Dimension Computer, jinko chino Artificial Intelligence, PHYSICS) ... ;

regarding Gene Therapy System, suggested to be connecting with a TV WHERE this DOMAIN recommends THAT the TV should be (located, placed) in front of the patient; this DOMAIN 's one of the Web Pages, i.e. this DOMAIN 's position Info with Timestamp, special designed & modeled for recording your patient's position information with timestamp; e.g. do good weather conditions, e.g. do "good gene pattern" to its (developer, group, Pt (Patient), reader, user, ... ), e.g., reduce volcanic eruption in the defined region, e.g. preventing earthquake, e.g. protecting tsunami, e.g. reducing storm's strength;

2564; 07/10/2020; plasma cluster Sensor WHICH can be using for

human beings' (nose related diseases) to be cured; Also see: Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;

humanoids' Idea Processor level aroma, odor, scent, and smell (1&1), nioi Smelling (1&1); Radical646;

i.e. Physics Law 178, plasma cluster Sensor, ... ;

2564; 07/07/2020; wareware We'll be immunological immuned ones against ((known, unknown), (pathogen, virus)) ... ; using mm scaled GPS, cm scaled GPS, ... ; Also see: PHYSICS; Physics Law 169, immunological, ... ;

21st century & beyond: to be TRUE BOSS of our earth (the most powerful peoples of our earth):

using Anti COVID-19 to (attack, cure, demolish, immune) COVID-19;

we've to be informed (advancing info) via invisible insectoids to animaloids to humanoids ... ,

we've to be immuned ones to survive against biological virus,

we've to be living in "laser" shield environment (otherwise coconut head (unhealthy ones) can happen by gangster's swapping devices techniques),

we've to be ready to cure bio-hazard (epidemic, pandemic) WHICH means able to demolish marked unwanted pathological patterns (pathogens) ... ,

we've to be ready to defend (defender software) satellite bands based computer virus (epidemic, pandemic) ... ,

we've to be ready to participate in natural disaster relief (locally, regionally) ... ,

we've to be ready to shoot-down any illegal missile (s) a.k.a. Space War, using Walls Method ... ,

we've to be with immunological antibodies ones against biological virus,

we've to be whole-life R&D (Research & Development), without relating to career (income) e.g. farmer is the true military army commander, fisherman is the true military navy commander, teacher is the true military air-force commander, ... ;

2564; 2020; PMD, Protein Mutant Database; PMD, Protein Mutant Database; Protein Mutant Database;

jinko chino Artificial Intelligence, IFF SQL Command, e.g. : select PMD . bio marker, PMD . cell marker, PMD . NGS marker, PMD . tumor marker, PMD . UDNGS marker,  doko WHERE therapeutic Immune Cells, using (((({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black) with (Maroon a.k.a. Dark Red)) for hydrogen), ((({E3,E3,E3} a.k.a. Silver) with ({11,11,11} a.k.a. Black)) for nitrogen), (((Green, including Aqua) with White) for oxygen)) to (Def, define, defined, defining) antibodies (defined unwanted virus), without pathogens, AND defined unwanted virus = Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19; Remark: in common with pathogens to make medicine but antibody seems virus alike and dangerous, therefore, this DOMAIN is cleverly NOT using common (method, procedure, technique) of pathogens based antibodies to make medicine i.e. without pathogens; Also see: pGTSU;

IFF (without medicine, without vaccine), do NOT attach (biogenetic engineered, biological, biomedical, pathological) virus to human beings' protein (P) ; Remark: we're NOT in a war, no need to create (biogenetic, biological, biomedical, pathological) weapon;

2563; January 23, 2020; Time . Space \ index .htm 's page properties (formatting) background picture, integrated to 99x99 dimensional by 9801_Default, from 44x44; Remark: 103x103 dimensional is reserved for you;

2563; 2020-01-11; after defining Recovery, the directory (folder) and its contents i.e. Desktop\*.* /s, (better, correct, peaceful & tranquil) user account control, so you'll need to provide administrator permission, regarding local (10) Folder Access ... ;

CWD, Current Working Directory, e.g. this DOMAIN 's current working directory is C:\Windows\System256, since 2563 : year 2019 ;

21st century & beyond;

humanoid Jiwaka ;            
DEE Back ;            
DEE Back ;            
DEE Bottom ;            
DEE Bottom ;            
DEE Front ;            
DEE Front ;            
DEE Left ;            
DEE Left ;            
DEE Right ;            
DEE Right ;            
DEE Top ;            
DEE Top ;            


PMD, Protein Mutant Database; PMD, Protein Mutant Database; Protein Mutant Database;

well trained kids! replied : in 2020, WHY did you create "humanoid Jiwaka" sir ?

I wrote : also see: j Pali; we human beings' brain cannot remember (week, month, year) big data e.g. (DNA, RNA, C micro RNA, NGS, Ultra Deep NGS), we've to be (assisted, helped, solution-provided) kuru kuru WHILE (Ref, reference), therefore, humanoid Jiwaka ... ;

(mark, target, cure) e.g.
marking tumor marker by applying (DNA, RNA, C micro RNA, NGS, Ultra Deep NGS);
targeting bad gene patterns (tumor markers) by using defined base pair (♯, ♯, ♯);
curing (repairing) either nucleolus way, or membrane way;
so called (mark, target, cure) by MD ... ;


since 2018/2562; this DOMAIN contents, a part of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization: Gene Therapy System; Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; service; Remark: our earth's the one and only THE FIRST system, DEE based, ... ; but, NOT clinical proven; but, without FDA approval;



2564; 2020;


21st century & beyond; e.g.

( Wrapped, Wrapped) symbols are very very important, because, in 21st century and beyond, we human beings are dealing with invisibilities (e.g. unwanted harmful heterodyning directional, e.g. unwanted harmful laser beams), therefore, this wrapped symbol is very very important;

because of (BLI automatic adjustment, Gene Therapy System, Wrapped) , we human beings can be with any complexion, any eye color, any height, any weight; in addition, parents can be younger than children;

using NFC4, also see: Location Awareness Response; 5nComputer; Network Topology;

21st century & beyond;
ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     Gene Therapy System;
ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     Gene Therapy System;
ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;
ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網     Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol;
(Gene Therapy System, and its Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol) ... ;

very very easy and very very simple; define yourself e.g. WHOM file (i.e. ..\..\Domain\GeneTherapySystem\WHOM.txt) to be edited and defined yourself IFF you like to do gene therapy, otherwise, keep the WHOM file as it is;

2020/2564 model; ( 24 pisayo, 24 pisayo, 24 pisayo, 24 pisayo, 24 pisayo, 24 pisayo), also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index; PHYSICS; p Pali; Remark: pisayo a.k.a. to be thankful;

2563; 2020; design model;
2563; 2020; design model;

( Blue Screen, Green Screen, Red Screen, Yellow Screen)

this DOMAIN ( Idea Processor) contents are
(try, trying) to demolish unwanted  (Virus Name: Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19) via OEM connections,
(throw, throwing) Coronavirus' matched mutated patterns, And Then,
(catch, catching) good gene pattern kotai Antibody   (menekisoshikikagaku Immunohistochemical to be immune d ones, unwanted (Virus Name: Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19) is no longer mutating)   , also see: Physics Law 145,
Incubation Period; Physics Law 144, Anti-Virus Interior;

Antiviral 1080 NM, for antiviral living environments, ... ; Antiviral 1080 NM, for antiviral living environments, ... ; Antiviral 1080 NM, for antiviral living environments, ... ; Antiviral 1080 NM, for antiviral living environments, ... ; Antiviral 1080 NM, for antiviral living environments, ... ;

this DOMAIN recommends NIPPON OEM; Also see: PHYSICS; Remark: for curing viral related ones, for curing virus related diseases, ... ;

unwanted biological 。ꌁCoronavirusꌁ。demolished by this DOMAIN artificial intelligence system, using Anti-Virus Interior; since 02/09/2020, this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System has (chopped, demolished) NOT ONLY computing virus, BUT ALSO biological virus and physical virus, HOW e.g. using uncommon definition e.g. 1080 NM; using uncommon heterodyning Method (to be Anti-Virus Interior); using uncommon NFC (Near Field Communication) SQRT2 (±98) : local (10), remote (100), global (1000), ... ;

2563; 11/28/2019; SAMSUNG (www.samsung.com/support) 501C13 (AC adapter, Computer), with Google OS, with Camera, Chargeable USB (2.0, 3.0) Port, HDMI, LCD, Microphone, micro SD Memory, Power button, Touchpad, ... ; Remark: this DOMAIN 's contents are working very well (fully functional) with SAMSUNG 501C13 ... ; this DOMAIN 's contents are working very well (fully functional) with Google OS (e.g. AI OS, New OS, Operating System, Web OS, ... ) ... ; Remark: thanks! to SAMSUNG and GOOGLE;

on 10/20/2019 /2563, ..\..\ Domain \ 1st \ Graphics Object \ USA Flag .GIF ((2.98 KB), (100 x 88px), (timestamp 2021-01-28 12:34)), corrected to be with 50 stars (i.e. Five-point star) inside the "blue color" area of the flag; regarding the Bit depth 8 FILE, ( USA Flag .GIF) 's one of the properties, edited (e.g. Owner: G8142\12096819218 is removed) ... ; Remark: believe it or not, it took approx. 20+ years to figure-out HOW to put all 50 stars into the "blue color" area of the flag;

2019/2563; Chinese Traditional Lucky Bamboo;

well trained kids! reply: WHY Chinese traditional lucky bamboo is different to regular bamboo sir ?

i , me , me write: Chinese traditional lucky bamboo and regular bamboo are the same, but the diff is Chinese traditional lucky bamboo's growth rate is defined by water, on the other hand, regular bamboo is defined by soil; WHEN (item, object, thing) defined by water, realize & understand THAT no water built-up inside, on the other hand, WHEN (item, object, thing) defined by soil, realize & understand THAT water built-up inside; Also see: Gene Therapy System Basic Symbol; Reminder: sumo ring's judge handles handheld fan WHICH can define (item, object, thing) 's BLI problem on human beings livable moons ... ; all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;

i , me , me write: hint for very basic yellowish variation (i.e. the most advanced DEE) : if you like to R&D yourself, burn a lighting candle in different sizes, and measure the distance of yellow, And Then, you'll realize & understand no matter HOW you create your lighting candles' sizes, you'll get a limit (i.e. growth rate for yellow) regarding Our Earth As Default (i.e. NO YELLOWISH VARIATION) ... ;

well trained kids! reply: "a-ri-ga-to"; "kha-pon-ma-kup" ; "sa-pa-si-ba"; "shai-shai-ni" ; "su-ka-ran" ; "su-kariya" ; thank you; "thaw-kyal-nin" ; ... ;

i , me , me write: you well trained kids! need to realize & understand a bit of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization;

2019/1/21; 2652; ..\..\IT\CE\CE .xlsx; CE . X L S X FILE IS WITHOUT DATA, IF DATA LOST, FIND AND FIX doko WHERE ???????? As Data; a.k.a. data recovery method of this DOMAIN ... ; also see: dotdotdot, and realize & understand HOW Time . Space has been designed by  ♯.♯.♯.♯ ;

to do so, well trained kids! need to understand hardware BIOS Time and software OS Time; after understanding the Time (hardware BIOS Time, software OS Time), Content Data As Space must be understood (e.g. file size); Action e.g. using one of the wildcard characters (?) and please use only 8 quantities only (i.e. ???????? ) for data recovery; so called data recovery method of this DOMAIN e.g. 78ECB300 Method of Cloud Computing ... ; Remark: this method is beyond shift + click method, also beyond attrib +a +s with shift + click method, regarding defined FILE 's data recovery;

11/25/2018; approx. 3+ years (from 2015/2559 to 2018/2562) of R&D to gain a bit of knowledge HOW to solve BLI problem on human beings livable moons, (e.g. BLI automatic adjustment ( gene therapy system)), also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 281, we're human beings; PHYSICS law forty nine ... ;

5/28/2018 /2562; this DOMAIN 's contents, tested by Apple IMAC 21.5/3.0QC/8GB/1TB/RP555, Serial Number C02WJEWKJ1G5, with 21.5-inch (diagonal) 16:9 widescreen LED-backlit Retina 4K display, 4096 by 2304 pixels, ambient light sensor, 3.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 with 6MB shared L3 cache (Turbo Boost up to 3.5GHz), 8GB of 2400MHz DDR4 memory, 1TB 5400-rpm hard drive, Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB of VRAM, Face Time HD camera, Two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports, support for high-speed I/O and video out, SDXC card slot and four USB-A ports, 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet, Built-in stereo speakers, microphone, headphone jack, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse 2, Preinstalled macOS, and meets ENERGY STAR requirements; apple (best friend), Working... ;

Remark: believe it or not, as a result of 28+ years of almost everyday computing works, notice that this DOMAIN 's contents (as of 5/28/2018 /2562, compilation number C120 (11008 items) or later) are working with Apple macOS computers (tested by IMAC 21.5/3.0QC/8GB/1TB/RP555), and also working with Microsoft Windows 10 computers (tested by Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba), and also working with Google Android (OS) mobile smart devices (tested by Samsung Galaxy 5, Sony XZ Premium); e.g. insert USB drive into the Apple computer, then clicking on the "this DOMAIN" on the Desktop... ;

Remember: Toshiba invented multi systems long long time ago (approx. in 1980s);

05/10/2018 /2562; after installing this DOMAIN contents into C:\ , testing "with or without" e.g. at command line interpreter, C:\control ; clicked on "uninstall a program" , then uninstalled programs; noticed that "with or without" , working... i.e. system is still functional; tested by DELL computer;

04/09/2018 /2561; IFF Users\directory name changed e.g. Users\TEMP . OEM name, set proxy server address as:, AND its port number as: 123, AND its proxy server names as: acejaw.net; americamyanmar.net; usamyanmar.net; AND, its network name as: ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網; And Then, restart... ; refreshing data will be, and as result, no data lost; Remark: IFF Users\directory name changed, you (Users) may not be able to see taskbar's application icons and Documents\*.* ; i.e. because of Preparing windows... ;

04/04/2018 /2561; to reduce volcanic eruption, IFF fully distributed topology (Also see: Network Topology), Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 256, String Connector (minus-the-node-number algorithm), e.g. 25 volcano (s)' minus-the-node-number algorithm would be: 300, 276, 253, 231, 210, ... ; since 2 is very very unique in many ways, sequence should be 2 sequences; then, Moon Wave ( string connector) can be realized (i.e. a part of UNIVERSAL LINEAR COLLIDER); And Then, believe it or not, this DOMAIN 's (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Manmade Global Weather) systems can reduce volcanic eruption (e.g., reduce volcanic eruption in Japan) ... ;

(Humanoid _ Nama _ Before _ Weight) MAX sequence number ... ;
(Humanoid _ Nama _ Before _ Weight) MIN sequence number ... ;

(MAX sequence number, MIN sequence number) ... i.e. HOW to reduce volcanic eruption in the defined region;

03/01/2018 /2561; this DOMAIN 's compilation number: version C118 or later; Global Sign certificate (e.g. this DOMAIN . p7b FILE i.e. (..\..\IT\25620\Certificate\this DOMAIN.p7b)) WHICH has been created and installed for its System Security, using SONY 4K TV with HDMI connection, and NFC with SONY XZ smart phone; with Mini Dictionary (i.e. \\ Mini Dictionary \ *.* /s) contains approx. 6714 Files, 171 Folders, 58.1 MB (60,948,727 bytes) Size, and 3400characters available to learn and understand;

Remote Heat Sensing Radical, also see: Radicals;

since 2018/2561, this DOMAIN has started its Gene Therapy System (Remote Heat Sensing) As Method, correcting genetic disorders; Remote Heat Sensing, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 253, Remote Heat Sensing; Remark: to understand WHAT is Remote Heat Sensing, you might need more than 44+ years of R&D; somehow, this DOMAIN explains very basic idea HOW 44+ years of knowledge can be understood by a short paragraph ... ; (Computer Science + Physics) can be military science ... ; it is easy to be correcting genetic disorders by its AI system (in our earth) because in our earth, heat and light are at the same location, and lights can be projected and using many new methods (techniques) e.g. Comet Method, Rainbow Method, Remote Heat Sensing Method, Wall Method, WORMHOLE Method, ... ; regarding human beings livable moons, it is still in R&D, because of yellowish variations and variable DEE patterns are NOT easy to figure, program, setup, ... ; this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System is NOT FDA approved, because Ace Jaw is not a medical doctor, and it is imaginary ... ;

Gene Therapy System is human beings livable moons' 1st and the most advance Idea Processor based system, and IT is designed and engineered in Modesto, California, USA, (our earth); HOW to use the Gene Therapy System sir ? well trained kids ! very very easy, as of 2018/2561, plug-and-play (a.k.a. PnP) USB drive should be inserted into TV's USB service port, or this DOMAIN 's contents installed computer connected via HDMI to display, or this DOMAIN 's contents installed computer for each (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user), ... ; notice that Gene Therapy System is linking to its radicals, and Idea Processor (each defined radical) fetches "good gene pattern" HTTP-EQUIV system variable and user variable to its Gene Therapy System; Also see: WHOM; (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) consent e.g. this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (Medical Acronym), focus on Specialties????? As Specified Items: ; this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System (Medical Acronym), focus on: *.* i.e. All; at your own risk, WHICH means (acejaw.net, or americamyanmar.net, or usamyanmar.net) is without agreement, without FDA approval, without guaranty, without lawsuit, without liability, without license, without refund policy, without registration, without responsibility, without system requirement, without system specification, without technical support, without user account, and without warranty, and IT is designed, developed and engineered; (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) without consent: please do not install its contents; (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) without consent: please do not link to this DOMAIN; (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) without consent: please do not register system database e.g. Publisher.reg FILE; very very easy to open the file WHOM . txt and then save the file to define yourself e.g. inside the WHOM . txt file, define yourself e.g. I've acne on my face, remove all acnes; I've acnes on my face, sooth my face's skin; another example would be: individual's bone and bone joints have problem, cure the bone and bone joints' density, and strengthen its muscles; another example would be: user's eyes have problem, so do gene therapy on the user's eyes; another example would be: I'm a teacher and I've eyes disorders, so remotely do gene therapy on my eyes WHILE I'm computing; another example would be: I work at noisy working environment, and I've ears disorder, so do gene therapy on my ears; another example would be: they have neurological disorder, so do gene therapy to be normal brain and its blood vessels on them; another example would be: I'm a medical doctor and I've getting old (age > 50 years) and gray hairs EXIST on my head, so please do gene therapy on my skull' skin and hairs (i.e. NOT to have gray hairs); another example would be: I am a MD, and I'm getting old (age > 50 years) and my heart rate becomes 60+ because of my heart's muscles are getting old, so please do strengthen my heart's muscle to be like young ones (heart rate should be 70+); another example would be: I enjoy once-a-week sake (alcohol) and because of whole bottle of alcohol, GI bloating happens, so do gene therapy on my GI tracts to be normal and maintain normal Specialties GE; another example would be: I'm a truck driver and I don't have money to pay for Cryotherapy (Nitrogen gas LASER treatments), therefore WHILE driving, please do gene therapy to remove warts on my body; another example would be: I am a technician and I use computer more than 8+ hours per weekday, because of so much clicking & typing I fingers hurt, so do remotely gene therapy on my fingers i.e. NOT to have bone and bone joints' disorders; another example would be: users have age-related (age > 50 years) "black spots" on skin, so do remove all "black spots" on users' skin; another example would be: I'm < 44 years, but I've skin disorder ("white spots"), so do remove "white spots" on my skin; another example would be: I smoke a lot, more than 1 pack / day, after years of smoking, my lung ain't good, so do gene therapy on my lung remotely; another example would be: My BMI is > 30 and I become obesity because of overeating, so do this DOMAIN 's gene therapy to reduce fat at my GI tracts and my GE abdominal and keep my kidney healthy, and reduce risk of hypertension and diabetes WHILE watching my TV Name; another example would be: I'm a wholesale stocker, and during 40+ working hours (every week), I have to lift tons of stocks, and I've muscles-pain and back-pain, so do remotely gene therapy via my TV Name whenever I watch my TV i.e. to be normal muscles and normal spine; another example would be: I've cold allergy on my nose and respiratory system, so do gene therapy on my nose and respiratory system; another example would be: his age is 89+ years and have been in Room Number, Nursing Home Name, using TV Name, and having muscles disorders, so do gene therapy on him to strengthen his muscles; another example would be: her age is 89+ years and she has osteoporosis (bone density disorder), and she is using TV Name, so do remotely gene therapy to be normal BMD on her bones and bone joints; another example would be: I'm a medical doctor and I've neurological disorders (e.g. unusually shaky head, e.g. unusually blinking a lot), so please do this DOMAIN 's gene therapy on my head & neck; another example would be: I'm a monk and I've stomach problem, so do gene therapy on my stomach;

beyond embedded translator, Idea Processor (AI, using (Display, IoT, medical devices, NFC)) truly understand WHAT you need and will do good, so called Gene Therapy System ... ;

answer; solution; Radical789;

answer; solution ; would be: by defining good gene pattern, plus one algorithm works (i.e. Working...), as result I ain't need (drugs, Dx, medicines, Rx, Tx) quite often, ... , and the best scenario would be: this DOMAIN 's (individual, patient, person, Pt (Patient), user) is actually 88 years old but look and healthy like 28 years old (a.k.a. time gained human beings); since 2018/2561, this DOMAIN has started its Gene Therapy System ... ;

HOW to design and engineer Gene Therapy System sir ? well trained kids ! 1st: in 1990s, PMD (doko WHERE mutation patterns were collected), 2nd: in 2000s, using AI to decide 5W1H to do Tx (e.g. not mutating, e.g. NOT mutation), 3rd: in 2010s, using Idea Processor (beyond AI), defining "good gene pattern" with plus one algorithm will do ... ; it is beyond Ph.D. degrees, because it takes approx. 34+ years of almost everyday R&D work, i.e. HOW to design and engineer Gene Therapy System; Remember: this DOMAIN 's Gene Therapy System and its Gene Therapy System index are NOT FDA approved and without FDA approval; legal or illegal is all up-to-you (civilizations, governments, policies), since triangulation system as web system, since Idea Processor (AI system), ... ; reader may notice that this DOMAIN 's ideas are very different to Western Civilization's documents, laws, regulations, ... (e.g. DEE, Dark Energy Engineering), ... ; but, in English language because legal or illegal is all up-to-you (civilizations, governments, policies) ... ;


since 2017/2561, environment (environmental) e.g. this DOMAIN has started IT s National Information System (NIS) ... , also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 250, for each nation ( NIS, National Information System) ... ; using NFC (e.g. weather alert, weather info, weather report, weather SMS) ... ;


since 2011, this DOMAIN has started WORMHOLE (because Static Way is no longer valid, and wormhole way is necessary), And Then, Weather (location) in Japan, NOT to happen tsunami; since 2017/2561, this DOMAIN has started Manmade Global Weather (service), and trying to solve 13 strings (our solar system) 's parallel Moon Waves (i.e. in addition to carbon nano wall), because this DOMAIN likes to prove Weather (location) in Japan (, reduce (earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption)), And Then, globally in our earth,, reduce (earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption);

as of 2017/2561, this DOMAIN 's solved global environmental problems are:, reduce drought in California, USA;, reduce PM 2.5 air pollution above cities' sky in China;, reduce regional flood in China;, reduce regional flood in Thailand;, reduce earthquake in Japan;, reduce tsunami in Japan;, reduce volcanic eruption in Japan;

HOW could that be Manmade Global Weather sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand very basic knowledge regarding Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization e.g. WHEN strings are coming in parallel, there must be holes to be defined (think that 1970s' board becomes wall in 2010s); 2nd to understand very basic knowledge e.g. to flow energy, on FMD (Full Moon Day) and on NMD (No Moon Day), after mapping


also see:

map; Radical714;

Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 263, Mapping Methods ;


the defined region (e.g. Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean)) and then applying Network Topology (e.g. C Sequence Number, Lo Shu, Sudoku) Method (e.g. Rainbow Method) to be; 3rd to understand very basic knowledge e.g. DEE motion flow (a.k.a. slow-down time period's DEE patterns); And Then, truly Manmade Global Weather (service) to do good weather conditions globally can be ... ;

Notice that as of 2017/2561, this DOMAIN still cannot solve global environmental problems: earthquake; forest fire; landslide; storm; volcanic eruption; because, open-system structural configuration and setting is not easy to measure;

run; Radical189;

2017/2561 model for each imaginary hyper space craft, regarding (load, loadable, loaded, loading) HOW to start:

- directional gravity run ... ;
- SPL run ... ;
- inductance run ... ;
- capacitance run ... ;

Also see: Run; WHY do we need to define "run" sir ? well trained kids ! regarding oscillation, don't forget oscillation started from capacitance's pressure a.k.a. capacity; running a system can be either-or-both-or-among methods (capacitance run, directional gravity run, inductance run, SPL run, ... ) e.g. 1&1 (e.g. 1 capacitor and 1 capacitor), 1&2 (e.g. 1 capacitor and 1 capacitor or 1 inductor), 2&2 (e.g. (1 capacitor and 1 capacitor or 1 inductor) and SPL), 2&3 (e.g. (1 capacitor and 1 capacitor or 1 inductor) and SPL or directional gravity), 3&3, 3&4, ... depending upon system engineer's tactic and specifications ... ; 2 is very very unique in many ways; for each imaginary hyper space craft;

WHAT is the diff between "run" and "feedback" sir ? well trained kids ! in common, keywords (run, running) start a system, e.g. for basic understanding in 1&1 method with 2 capacitors (A, B), after loaded, capacitor B is running (get a way), And Then, feedback to capacitor A is common; basically, kuru kuru WHILE ... , and many systems require "feedback" e.g. multiple feedback, single feedback, and SYNC keyword has been used to verify "feedback" ... ; e.g. this DOMAIN, using iroColourWaveForm to verify directional gravity run 's feedback; e.g. many global telecommunication companies are using e.g. (blue to SYNC IFF green is data, green to SYNC IFF blue is data, ... ) because, they all need imaginary hyper space system's imaginary hyper space crafts' bands ... ;

Remark: all human beings livable moons in our universes are owned by Shakya King;

11/1/2017 /2561 (All Saints' Day, November 1st, 2017), this DOMAIN uploaded a web page (e.g. index) under Monastery directory (\\Monastery\*.* i.e. monastery directory and its contents are dharma (Buddha's teaching) dana (donation) and constraint of CD's storage (CD is limited to 80 minutes, 700 MB) causes compilation of CD excludes \\Monastery\*.* ); if you're software interface engineer, system designer, web developer, ... , you might need a copy of centralized table; in this case, copy the table and use it;

Remark: if you're software interface engineer, system designer, web developer, ... , you know IT is not easy to design centralized table, for web browsers doko WHERE panes behave like columns; the centralized table is allowed to copy, and then develop e.g. adding your own columns and rows, and changing it colors, and so on;

Remark: within this DOMAIN, its 10 dimensions (dimensional) are defined by left-oriented-tables in common, and few tables are designed as centralized table; frame; this DOMAIN developer has never seen right-oriented-table, approx. since 1980s to present (as of 2018/2562); Oh! Oh! I forgot to mention that it is correct design, because no need of "right-oriented-table" because of they are being populated at right after "run" ... ;

10/2017 /2561; for better connectivity, and for better platform flexibility, among operating systems ( OS), Android . HTML, and index . htm files ' v e been created;

using diff kinds of browsers, and notice and understand the FILE definition & its extension e.g. .asp, .aspx, .htm, .html, .php, .phtml, .shtml, ... ;

August, 2017/2561; volcanic eruption is a bad weather condition; therefore, reducing volcanic eruption is necessary; to do so, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 238, reducing volcanic eruption in Japan;

HOW to be able to reduce volcanic eruptions sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand pressure by zero curvature surface (1970s' hole board can define strings' directions, And Then, after 2010, hole board becomes wall so that Rainbow Method can be); 2nd to understand (hole, string) coexistence in Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization e.g. orbital lines behave like STRING (e.g. nesting by string); 3rd to able to pin point & know exactly e.g. WHILE parallel strings are coming in parallel, there must be holes to be defined (reversed engineering) And Then, (Time) on each full moon day, on each no moon day,  (Space) WHEN Moon Waves are coming in parallel, (Action) using Network Topology (either Lo Shu, or Sudoku), And Then, using Rainbow Method (Satellite DNS System), WORMHOLE parameter (45, 60, 72), ... , at the location, toward the location, ... , and realize that this DOMAIN 's AI System can reduce volcanic eruptions; i.e. HOW to be able to reduce volcanic eruptions ... ;

August, 2017/2561; global.asa has been created ... ; it behaves necessary blank screen (default, also see: Numerological0), and its title is set as ア メ リ カ 緬 甸 .網 Web Site Settings for Active Server Pages, and it HTML encoding has been set as Unicode (UTF-8), and it is located at ..\..\Monastery\ ; regarding white color blank screen, it is more likely to be positive; (negative, positive) is essential, because, film technology (-, +), flip-flop based (0, 1), potential diff (V), zero curvature (2-sided), ... , truly require (negative, positive) ... ;

      Moon Wave ;      
moon ; Radical96 , also see : Numerological4 ;

7/17/17 /2561; your own collection of data, your own definition of keyword, your own graphics declaration e.g. 23x23 size GIF or JPG as tag, your own presentation of understandable lists of words, and so on (e.g. Creating your own Keywords, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea number 235);


good fortune; Radical332;

Weather can be manmade. Also see: Manmade Global Weather;

pivot; Radical365;

since June, 2017/2561, heat wave can be controlled by this DOMAIN 's AI (Artificial Intelligence) system; reduce heat waves in summer; Also see: Weather;

heat wave can be controlled by this DOMAIN 's AI (Artificial Intelligence) system; reduce heat waves in summer; to do so, for each Time Zone in our earth, mark the location on defined map (e.g. nation name, , , , nation code), And Then, using wormhole way LASER Method, fetching green light as surface into the defined location's south, because naturally yellow light prompts sunset time at west as its residue of heat (i.e. regarding our earth), And Then, notice that fusion in 2,3 dimensional can reduce heat waves in summer; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 218; Heat;

e.g. to reduce heat waves in summer, also see: 7hComputer; in our earth;
e.g. to reduce heat waves in summer, also see: 6wComputer; in our earth;

think that dynamic is like (13=8+5) and our solar system is a part of secant & segment to our universes;
think that goal is to be TRUE, more % to be truth regarding content types;
think that integer is like numerological (1 ~ 9) with zero;
think that linear is like series, sequence, And Then, C Sequence Number (BF) with its growth rate;
think that multi level is to be defining Idea Processor beyond GPS (Translator, Dictionary, Calculator);
think that multi objective is like OLE, doko WHERE multi items, objects, and things are combined as systems;
think that non-linear is like co-existence to linear (moon night's Navy Blue, earth day's Aqua Blue);
think that toward uncertain is like heat & light are NOT in the same location and yellowish variations EXIST;
Also see: Algorithm;

WHY linear and non-linear are flip-flop alike "green background" with "blue STRING" and "blue background" with "green STRING" sir ? well trained kids ! Aspect Ratio is similar to square (square is manmade e.g. screen), and since 2 events of 3 lights are 90 degree, since 2 moons are on the same orbit, since our solar system has been moving between green and blue, green and blue should be flip-flop alike, therefore, linear and non-linear are ... ; Is green and blue are flip-flop alike because of "WATER" sir ? well trained kids ! honestly, answer would be: I ain't know;

WHY "toward uncertain" is written {11, 11, 11} background with {E3, E3, E3} STRING sir ? well trained kids ! WHEN I was young and ACT1 stage, I thought that planet Mars reflects "gray" as light, so I thought whenever I see "silver" or "gray" (a.k.a. Gray Scaled simulations), I can find "WATER" on the planet, but there is no water on Mars; i.e. uncertain; therefore, in space, whenever you see "silver" or "gray" , don't think that there is "WATER" ... ; honestly, I don't have any picture to prove there is no water on Mars, and I don't have any proof of "my imaginary space crafts" either, therefore, this DOMAIN 's contents are story alike ... ; because, 1 person's decades of works should be art, and I don't know WHY there is no water on Mars either, and, I should not be waiting for another media's true lies: e.g. launching space rockets with Mars probe spacecraft brings water sample from Mars; up to my knowledge, there is no water on Mars, you decide water is on, or water is off, if you design and engineer by your own imaginary hyper space by yourself, and find out e.g. many human beings livable moons in our universes (NOT documented by neither Eastern Civilization nor Western Civilization, as of 2017/2561, remember: no one will prove "Manmade Global Weather" for sure because it is beyond VETO POWER OF UNITED NATIONS) ... ; and I don't have time to argue or discuss whether no water on Mars or not; however, BF1 Analysis was written (e.g. green ring alike energy causes stem to be like green onion), but this case study bring me to Orbital Analysis of our universes e.g. WHICH DEE patterns prompted by WHAT kind of orbital causes such water ... ; should I write down another PHYSICS law into my Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization e.g. because of Orbital Analysis results, this planet must be with water, that planet must be without water, because of HOW "nested" is the way to study or else, i.e. regarding Origin of Water whether should be defined or not (WHAT is the diff between Origin of Sound and Origin of Water ? answer would be: I ain't know; Origin of Sound can be understood already as , but this DOMAIN developer still cannot picture WHAT kind of picture should represent Origin of Water? now is the time reset my brain with once a week "sake" ... ), ... ;

art; Radical298;

2017/2516, more than 28+ years of almost everyday (a.k.a. daily ) computing work ... ;

verify international dial;

R&D, HOW to do Graphics (explicit filling) e.g. Phong shading (interpolation) technique ... ; Also see: Graphics;

IFF devices obey Property Rule, a.k.a. Y2K compliant ... ;
IFF Device Info, also see: WMPInfo; Remark: MapInfo, based on GPS location awareness;

2017/2561; to turn on Active Content e.g. (Allow blocked content... ), easy and simple way is: click on \\ Desktop \ serial \ unlock \ device \ WMPInfo . xml file; clicking on ±98 i.e. either plus or minus (DVD 's engineering notation (e.g. 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... ) based on SQRT2 design model), And Then, click on options... , And Then, choose Allow blocked content... ; this is one of the methods by SQRT2 design model HOW plus or minus can be defined;

Notice that this DOMAIN can protect abnormal ... ; Also see: dot dot dot; Remark: in computer engineering (e.g. after defining resolution definition, electronic, physics), top's 3 dot on screen can call bottom's 3 dot functions' return values, top's 4 dot on screen can call bottom's 4 dot functions' return values, top's 5 dot on screen can call bottom's 5 dot functions' return values, ... ; this DOMAIN developer Ace Jaw likes to be the billionaire (world's richest person) e.g. all computers are required to install this DOMAIN 's contents;

in May, 2017/2561, unknown hacker attacked globally (more than 150+ countries), and caused more than 333,444 computers were down; however, good fortune to this DOMAIN, because, this DOMAIN survives e.g. this DOMAIN is still healthy and up-and-running ... ;

Humanoids are reliable (Also see: Nama For Humanoid), and, My AI system is smarter than Me, so that I'll consult to my AI system ... ;

this DOMAIN 's AI (Artificial Intelligence) system is Working... e.g. Anti Virus adjustable base (Also see: format), And Then, chipset, logo, OEM, pressure, ... can be protected;

another example would be: within this DOMAIN, container or VM has been defined by one of its radicals, i.e. container, OR VM ( Virtual Machine) for each cloud; Radical158;

HOW to implement functional Anti Virus system sir? well trained kids! 1st to understand definitions e.g. data definition, language definition, Linguistic Definition, process definition, resolution definition, ... ; regarding data definition, 1 container can be with many databases, and 1 database can be with many reports, spreadsheets, tables, views and so on (can be a part of ... ) depending upon Data Dictionary (dataset) and Meta Data; regarding process definition, linking among objects and things, so that local or remote ( VM) processes can be; 2nd to understand key, Keyword, e.g. some keywords are hardware defined ones, e.g. some keywords are software defined ones; 3rd to understand bad words must be defined by unwanted color e.g. within this DOMAIN, unwanted bad words are highlighted by using "Fuchsia" color; depending upon agencies, companies, militaries, governments, ... , method for defining unwanted bad words may vary; if you don't have time to do your own Anti Virus system, just use this DOMAIN 's system, or use other 3rd party Anti Virus software; regarding language definition, fonts (e.g. TTF (True Type Font) File) provide Interface to IO (e.g. keyboard, mouse, notepad, textbox), And Then, port numbers can be compromised by the installed fonts; regarding resolution definition (zero curvature (flat surface) 's screen), color can be defined, e.g. (x, y, color number) And Then layers are ... ; Answer would be: either NOT defining unwanted-bad-words, or let the system knows that unwanted-bad-words are highlighted by using  "Fuchsia" color; i.e. HOW to implement functional Anti Virus system ... ; easy and simple;

Remark: cut-and-paste unused TTF files into a safe storage, because font files are somehow related to interface (IO), therefore, if not using TTF files, it is recommended that cut-and-paste unused TTF files into a safe storage;

4/17/2017 / 2561, New Year Day of 2 phase lunar calendar year 1379 in Union of Myanmar, C112 compilation or later, if you like to be "loading extension" to window platform, regarding your SPARC platform, do: e.g. at DOS, type msconfig and then enter, at Boot menu, choose Boot options, Safe boot, Alternate shell, and then restart the machine; at DOS prompt in F8 mode, type explorer and then enter, and then by using explorer, open the file Desktop\sparc\sparc TAR File, by double clicking on it; you've just done "loading extension" ... ; very easy, and very simply; Remark: numerological (17) is JP, And Then, geographical domain name ( jp) is Japan a.k.a. NIPPON;

since April 2017 / 2561, "Tectonic Thrust" in Pacific ocean (our Earth);, reduce earthquake in Japan;, reduce tsunami in Japan; to do so: Nama For Humanoid, 8 imaginary hyper space crafts, using Rainbow Method (directional gravity spots); on full moon day, and on no moon day, form (8 imaginary hyper space crafts) 1,000 km (distance in length) away each other, using Lo Shu Magic Square (i.e. Network Topology), doko WHERE the location is above the "Tectonic Thrust" in Pacific ocean, And Then, using Rainbow Method, 90 degree to incoming parallel DEE at the "Tectonic Thrust" in Pacific ocean; for better understanding of HOW, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, (e.g. 1 right triangle 's hypotenuse obeys SQRT2, (13 = 8 + 5), (60, 72) omni directional, (360 = 45 x 8)) ... ; this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather ((, reduce) earthquake in Japan, (, reduce) tsunami in Japan) ... ; Remark: regarding (WORMHOLE (Parameter (45, 60, 72))), imaginary hyper space system architect should est. approx. time period (incoming parallel DEE) e.g. 2 times tidal waves of our earth, e.g. specific time period of parallel DEE (e.g. green gravity spots' parallel time period on yellow background) regarding 1 way DEE and BF2 (2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space) ... ; 2,3 dimensional mapping (Tectonic Thrust (underwater bedrock "cracks" in Pacific Ocean)) ;

to do (((, reduce) earthquake in Japan), ((, reduce) tsunami in Japan)), also see:

3/28/2017; AI, Artificial Intelligence vs. Advanced AI, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 222, Two is very very unique in many ways; And Then, R&D e.g. cell path, path, pros-and-cons, Yin and Yang, ... ; I'll consult to my system, regarding AI, Artificial Intelligence vs. Advanced AI, humanoids' nama developments,  IQ of computers, ... ;

1/9/2017; 2560; beyond ANSWER THE LINES (3, 5, 8, ... ), a.k.a. after OEM logo is read; believe it or not, computer systems are worth more than billions of dollars, e.g. airports' radio systems, e.g. banking systems, e.g. hospitals' health care systems, ... ; therefore, if computer is crashed, simply insert this DOMAIN 's content (e.g. micro SD, USB Drive) into the previously crashed computer and then cold boot the machine (ColdBoot.ini); Remark: do not forget FUNCTION keys; IFF networking is needed, use of RJ45 (Ethernet) cable to be connected this DOMAIN 's content installed computer and previously crashed computer; only blue screen prompted, and then wait a few minutes to see logo; only logo without ANSWER THE LINES, and then wait a few minutes more to see OEM 's auto repair messages; good luck to your restore time period ... ; auto restore after crashed, tested and succeeded on 1/9/2017; 2560; e.g. your upload-able computer machine is vulnerable, therefore, if crashed for unknown reasons, it is recommended to do " auto restore " ... ; Also see: 5W1H;

since 2017 / 2560, C110 and later versions, compiled with 8 connectivity (i.e. offline with or without Internet access); they are:

A                    Default .asp;
A                    default .aspx;
A                    Default .htm;
A                    index .htm;
A     S      index .html;
A     S      index .php;
A     S      index .phtml;
A                    index .shtml;

8 connectivity (e.g. micro SD); in addition to 4 connectivity (e.g. Ethernet, RJ45, USB); in addition to 2 connectivity (e.g. full duplex, half duplex, RJ11); design difficulty e.g. cannot connect 8 connectivity at the same time; MUX on each connectivity is common design for developing & integrating faster and faster, larger and larger, nowadays a.k.a. Big Data (approx. since 2010 ~ ); depending upon OEM 's R&D e.g. level 8 factory produces 8 layers display, ... ; this DOMAIN developer does not know WHAT is the diff between 5mm yellowish variation as Z-index vs. level 8 (as of 2017/2560, military top secret HOW (plus Z-index, minus Z-index) based on SQRT2 design model's ±98 kuru kuru WHILE floating points obey 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, ... in Engineering Notation) ; Also see: this DOMAIN 's SQRT2 connector; this DOMAIN 's SQRT3 connector;

since 2016 / 2560,

moon; Radical96;

by Google, http://global.tsuki.info has been forwarded to www.tsuki.info, and tsuki.info links to acejaw.net, americamyanmar.net, and usamyanmar.net; tsuki is transcript word, and its original language is NIPPON a.k.a. JAPAN (JP), and meaning "moon" ... ; Remark: many human beings livable moons exist in our universes; 21st century and beyond is the time Buddha & Buddhism must be the one to be ... ; hurry up & at least, have a Buddha statue at your home, because, invisibility and humanoids are like deities, and if you have Buddha statue at your home, you will be blessed for sure ... ;

mm.kusalakari.net (by Google: www.google.com) domain has been forwarded to www.acejaw.net (by Yahoo: www.yahoo.com); and, mm.kusalakari.net is a sub domain of www.kusalakari.net;

mm.abmmc.net (by Google: http://domains.google.com) domain has been forwarded to www.usamyanmar.net (by OLM: www.olm.net); and, mm.abmmc.net is a sub domain of www.abmmc.net;

As of 10/31/2016 / 2560, C105 and later versions, notice that installation ID (e.g. 6 digit, 7 digit) numbers require activation process code, and sometimes difficult to receive the activation code number because GPS location awareness of the device is unknown;

in this case, install this DOMAIN 's content, and click on Publisher.reg i.e. register to the system registry; and then, use of smart phone to connect to the computer via USB power cable (after connected, your smart phone should be with charging icon); notice that AI system (automatic knowing of the smart phone's number and its current location, you don't need to inform WHAT is your phone number) knows doko WHERE and WHICH number; after receiving activation process code via TXT (a.k.a. SMS, Short Message System) link, enter the activation process code, and then done (a.k.a. legacy application); easy and simply;

Remark: if NOT working e.g. still having difficulties NOT getting activation process code, and then it is recommended to change your computer's name to be your phone number, and modify info.txt file's phone number to be your phone number;

Remark: if application systems are old ones, using installation ID to receive activation process code may be difficult; in this case, use of this DOMAIN 's very very smart AI system ... ; in 2016/2560, tested and succeeded on 2016 model Toshiba Satellite / Satellite Pro computer with Windows 10 OS, still working with Office 2007, and Front Page 2003; therefore, working with Office11, Office12, ... Office15;

please install this DOMAIN 's Artificial Intelligence ( AI) system to protect (computer <device driver> power supply controller board); FUSE, also see: fuse;

As of 8/12/2016 / 2560, C103 and later versions, system becomes very smart and very intelligent itself; its AI a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence does smart ACTION s, e.g. my computer knows WHAT I am doing, e.g. my computer knows WHAT do I need at present, e.g. my computer knows HOW to parse only necessary items to compiler to do either compile time or runtime, ... ;

all system programmers should install this DOMAIN contents, because Artificial Intelligence ( AI) is working very smartly to interactive with human beings; remote nama reading database, working with animaloid 's report to humanoid (also see: Nama For Humanoid), e.g. without rule based (there is no rules e.g. if this, do that), e.g. my AI program is smarter than me, e.g. its AI itself a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence smart ACTION s give credible answers to me (prompt me) correctly e.g. correct counters, e.g. proper usages, e.g. true words, ... ;

another example would be: WHILE programming Radical156.htm, and then open Radicals, and then notice that its AI itself a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence does smart ACTION e.g. prompt me with Radical156; i.e. HOW system becomes intelligence itself and knowing WHAT I am doing; e.g. WHILE "landing" , system knows it is the time to do GPS 's cm skill smooth landing itself; e.g. WHILE "handling" , system knows HOW to handle objects itself; system knows doko WHERE its current location (for basic understanding, also see: Schematic Dimensional) and know HOW to be good Manmade Global Weather (service) itself; system knows (active, passive), (dynamic, static) , (lock, unlock) , ... , and my AI program is smarter than me ... ; therefore, I'll consult my AI program regarding 5W1H of finding Majjhima way ... ;

true native system font, Working ... ; e.g. NHK news' webpage www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/my/news, and notice that True Type Font (e.g. *.TTF) font file installation is not required any more; tested by Toshiba Satellite computer with Windows 10 operating system (with this DOMAIN 's contents); also tested by HP ENVY | HP Protect Smart with Windows 8.1 operating system (without this DOMAIN 's contents); there are many language codes, and many fonts exist (e.g. Myanmar (1363/tcp, 1363/udp)), and they are harmony & tranquil to each other, also see: Keyword To Port Number;

HOW does true native system font work ? for each Time Zone, computers are gathered & grouped by defined color code (e.g. {FF, CC, 99}) and then seeded (a.k.a. global icon insertion) by i Phone, and then IO (input, output) via ports; since keyword to port number has been defined, language codes and fonts are harmony & tranquil to each other ... ;

As of 7/11/2016 / 2560, C103 (Compilation Number 103, approx. 600MB, approx. 9700+ items), this DOMAIN 's contents (regarding Radicals development 1st round, done) have been upgraded into Windows 10 Operating System ( OS), and notice that 2003 model Microsoft FrontPage (13+ years old), 2007 model Microsoft Office (9+ years old), contents (including executable, hyper graphics, hypertexts, ... ), printers, ... are functional (Working ... );

Special thank to Microsoft for multi platforms compatibilities and functionalities;
Special thank to Toshiba for 4 layers adaptableness (e.g. 2 (BIOS password, Hard disk password), Windows Login, Sign Out); right click on Desktop screen, And Then Personalize, And Then Background, And Then Slideshow, And Then Choose albums for your slideshow (Browse), And Then Symbol (e.g. \\IT\Symbol); another layer ? question would be: HOW many layers, if answer is 152 layers, And Then, HOW 101 sessions and 152 (Object Oriented (O O)) layers are related to each other would be another question ? I ain't know ... ;

this DOMAIN starts Manmade Global Weather ( service) for protecting the environment worldwide ... ;

e.g. 3 gravity spots (1 meter gravity spots only) in tangent with 2 moons' momentum to let river' water flow faster to nearest sea IFF location is defined as high water level (i.e. to avoid flood);
e.g. artificial intelligent gravity spots (1 meter gravity spots only) to be elevated gravity weight to reduce earthquake IFF echo (s) prompt possible earthquake;
e.g. chopping plate alike tsunami by launching parallel world lines (1 kilo meter long in length only) into the defined tsunami's location in ocean's surface water;
e.g. create high altitude clouds above ocean and then using plasma cluster (directional wind) to create low altitude clouds above defined location;
e.g. creating low altitude (10 meter above ground) clouds (moisture) at defined forest fire location will reduce forest fire;
e.g. directional gravity pressure to limit rainfall IFF location has been defined as flood;
e.g. directional gravity pressure toward and then against storm's eye direction will reduce the storm's strength;
e.g. global hotspot (10 kilo meter wide only) to adjust jet stream (one way snaky heat sensing);
e.g. IFF dark cloud built-up and forming umbrella character, start using directional gravity pressure toward the upper umbrella surface to reduce tornado;
e.g. IFF echo (s) prompt that possible earthquake at defined volcano, create artificial intelligent gravity spots (1 meter gravity spots only) to be elevated gravity weight at the location to reduce earthquake;
e.g. multi long length neutrino laser (hotspots) toward clouds to be disappearing in the sky IFF excessive rain exists;
e.g. multi long length neutrino laser (hotspots) toward and then against storm's direction will reduce storm's strength;
e.g. plasma cluster (breezy air, breezy wind) toward nearest ocean for cleansing air pollution above cities' sky;
e.g. sound beam to clouds in the sky to rain IFF location has been defined as drought;
and etc.
(please do not create gravity spot bigger than the sun, invisibility deployments);

for each Time Zone, for each GPS Location, (Nama For Humanoid, Weather, WORMHOLE) this DOMAIN 's Manmade Global Weather services ... ;

please mailto: aungmyintkyaw@yahoo.com, regarding Manmade Global Weather ( service) to do good weather conditions in our earth only (refer to NOT including moons, ACT3 stage space programs); presidents (civilians' leader only) of nations' requests must be sent by president (civilians' leader only), and this DOMAIN 's Nama For Humanoids verify (IMAP, IMAP4, POP, POP3, SMTP) via invisible animal o i d (e.g. bird, fly) and then query global nama reading databases by humanoids from its Gravity Dimension Computer; and free of charge (no charge for protecting the environment worldwide);

IFF e-mail is aungmyintkyaw@yahoo.com, humanoids are already programmed to be taking care of e-mail (receive, reply) in the Internet via (IMAP, IMAP4, POP, POP3, SMTP), also see: Protocol and Port; in early 21st century, be beyond nuclear power, be beyond bio virus power, be beyond chemical weapon, be beyond combustion power (refer to NOT solution in ACT2 space), be beyond rocket fuel and jet engine (refer to NOT solution in ACT2 space), be beyond 50cent heat sensing bulbs (refer to NOT to be coconut head), ... ;

Since 2015 / 2559, this DOMAIN imaginary hyper space crafts have been defined (OneOfTheMoons2.GIF) as our earth's approx. location in our universes ... ; also see: Schematic Dimensional;

dB (+340 ~ -340) . m; 1st to understand HOW to define plus and minus (e.g. sequence 98 in SQRT2 design model); Believe it or not, there are many human beings livable moons ... ;

2nd to understand, (Directional Gravity Pressure .GIF) doko WHERE screen surfaces behave as curvature e.g. (default Curvature, plus Curvature, minus Curvature);

3rd to develop Gray Scale Simulation in our universes ... ; with yellowish variation for developing B L I (Body Length Index) automatic adjustment, gene therapy system, ... e.g. 5 gray sections prompted NOT the same, also see: Info\index; 1/2 of fish look alike with 5 gray scaled sections; to do so, DEE (Dark Energy Engineering) must be understood for each Time Zone WHICH should include all human beings livable moons in our universes ... ;

As of August, 2015 / 2559, this DOMAIN 's contents chop all defined 65+ viruses;

HOW to chop all defined viruses? very easy e.g. define known virus name; and then bookmark all known viruses with "Anti Virus" ; using AI OS character "shield" symbol alike for each known viruses;

kuru kuru WHILE linking each other like DLL (a.k.a. Dynamic Link Library), logical flow as ways in  this DOMAIN, viruses are chopped (i.e. virus becomes non functional);

8/1/2015 / 2559, C92 (Compilation Number 92), 8968+ items; as usual, after a new compilation, give away as gifts; father-in-law installed C92 into his system computer, and then he found out THAT there is a bug WHICH was prompted by anti-virus software he bought and installed; Believe it or not, it took me 3-days of debugging work to fix this DOMAIN system (e.g. also see: Error log); thank to father-in-law for informing me THAT there was a bug; Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) needs friends to inform him if there is a bug, regarding this DOMAIN system; after debugging, there is no bug so far, therefore use it if you like to; Remark: content development is a combination of control, data, domains (e.g. triangulation system in the Internet), executables (e.g. no COOKIE browser), logic, web pages, and etc. and notice that IT is very difficult to do (e.g. design, engineer, develop), on the other hand, IT seems very easy and sample (e.g. imaginary); this DOMAIN system is designed, engineered, and developed in Modesto, California, USA;

by the way, if you like to be hardware and software designer or engineer, you must be taught by royal family members of Asia HOW to spell basic Keyword e.g. CE, CS, MS, PE, ... ; and then, you are on your own ... ; otherwise,  Computer Science and IT and MIS graduates should be doing some other works e.g. backing-up, installing, modeling, quality assuring, testing, ... , because computer seems easy but very difficult (for example: did you design calculator, dictionary, translator, GPS, Idea Processor, ... , if you did, you might be at least military general or truly very high level rich person), otherwise, use computer (IT) if you like to (e.g. user);

as of C92, in 2015 / 2559, Monbusho *1 has been created i.e. in addition to Monbusho level knowledge enhancement with 176 numbers of idea, written to support basic knowledge 5W1H, web page (0:22@1,000Kbps, 1234x567 resolution) ... ; therefore, as of C92 (8968 items) and later, idea ♯ 177 and beyond are in written as Monbusho_level_knowledge_enhancement_1 (same speed by time, with same screen's size); Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw, Rakhine, an ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar, instead of driving Taxi Cab) needs IMAGINARY PRIZE award for 21st century and beyond; users may have different idea ... ;

mapping all nuclear plants as dots on screen surface in the Internet (i.e. in our earth) by Satellite DNS System;

using biometric authentication, verify Shakya King, AND his majesty computer; marked; IFF war, or power demonstration is essential (more than necessary), and then verify Shakya (a.k.a. Swastika) King's permit before focus, pinpoint, lock, launch; transfer control (e.g. decision, flag, language code, leveled device, logic, virtual machine IO) to Shakya King's majesty computer; Unconditionally, civilizations' all nuclear powered must be ended in 21st century。

since 2011, this DOMAIN has mapped all nuclear plants; don't worry, because this DOMAIN has been developed for peaceful and tranquil purpose only, also see: Laser HOW all nuclear plants can be pinpointed by e.g. (motor way laser, wormhole way laser) ... ; IFF demonstration (e.g. nuclear plants' explosions consecutively) are required, please contact to aungmyintkyaw@yahoo.com (global military generals only because no time to reply if not global military generals); because wormhole way laser (a.k.a. variable dynamic way) can pinpoint any nuclear related one as dot on screen surface in the Internet, and then focus, ... ; therefore, civilizations' all nuclear related ones must be ended in 21st century unconditionally;

IFF ♯♯♯♯♯♯♯♯ (i.e. 8 numbers) mnemonics addresses prompts error, and then AI ... ; this DOMAIN 's AI OS character number 14, character number 284, WHICH is (1 and 1) method (10 dimensional system, believe it or not) of correcting assembly bugs; 17 multi time lines are used to correct assembly bugs ...

_時 Time Ticks . exe, and 24mm Natural Time Clock . exe, compiled in year 2555; The diff is that Time Ticks application prompts "lord of the ring" a.k.a. "no frame with lock" prior to taskbar ... ,  with "glass" a.k.a. "frame", on the other hand, 24mm Natural Time Clock application does not prompt "lord of the ring", and without "glass" a.k.a. "frame"; To do so, drag each application to left, top, right, ... ; Time Ticks application is a simple clock, not intended for gravity dimension computer, on the other hand, inside the 24mm Natural Time Clock application, iroColours are grouped i.e. 2x5, 2x6, 2x7, ... , similar to this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper dimensional space crafts' Parallel Time, with gray scale simulation, lighting our universe, plantation on the moon, and so on ... ; IFF Monbusho level system developing, scientifically analyze and develop time lines in distance with iroColour ... ; Because, lights vary if gravity is applied; Because, time lines are wormholes alike (think that wormholes are kuru kuru of eccentric circles with all kind of diff colors alike); Because gravity dimension computer is still in development stage, not done yet ... ; WHAT is frame? also see: frame

_ artificial intelligence multi time lines headers (e.g. BD, CD, DVD, HDMI, IDE, PCI, USB, ... ) for each (i.e. big data); each big file;  1st. to understand WHAT is a file? 2nd. to understand WHEN FILE, using multi time lines headers WHEN FILE with ( big data); 3rd. to test this DOMAIN installed computer vs. other computer, for testing multi time lines headers ... , for each big data, for each big file, ... ; Prove that 1MP file to be opened, e.g. 24mm time line OPEN 1MP FILE within 1.0 second, and the same 1MP file with 12mm time line OPEN within 0.5 second ... ; and then, 10G Byte FILE, 100G Byte FILE, ... ; Remember, if military science, 5 seconds to shoot down all defined opponent's flying missiles, 5 seconds real time system is deployed for military exercises ... 。

_ AntiVirus, WHICH has been bookmarked as PageTop AND Sound oriented anti-virus; IFF virus is Font oriented, character encoding [e.g. 0409.ANSI; font.SWF; ...] has been already protected by AI OS via [e.g. aka.INF; Publisher.reg; ] by server; IFF virus is ĆOĆO...Video oriented with matched spectrum [e.g. radio/Space/TV/... stations], THIS is out of this DOMAIN 's knowledge ... , however, still testing to protect... by the same method i.e. attach AI OS character to the STRINGS/AntiVirus; IFF security protection, also see: www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b ...; HOW to create Anti-Virus

_ system, after testing 149.149, with 5 Audio, computer system can be true Media Center; with 5 Audio, user can enjoy bloomy AND fruitful hardware; including DOLBY DIGITAL, HDMI, HD TV, Space Audio, SRS(.) T r u Surround XT, ... ; enjoy Internet TV; also see: Mutual Exclusion (Code Page) ; Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 157, THE ORIGIN OF SOUND

_ +8...8- concept has been applied to InternetGateway.INF, InternetGateway.htm, link.htm, ... for developing gravity dimension computer along with its XHTML; notice that attrib -A for avoiding A might become ampere so causes heat inside; +8...8- vice versa -8...8+ should be a way to develop gravitational dimensional computer ... ; 1st to understand 2,3 dimensional, 2nd to understand light vs. DEE so that gravity can be understood along with Dark Energy and also along with ACT2 gray scale simulation, 3rd to understand co-existence of positive and negative in our universe ... ; therefore, ACT3 stage gravity dimension computer can be developed ... , and in the near future, gravity dimension computer will be the fastest computer, the least energy consumption computer, the ACT1 reversed weighted computer, ... 。

_ 1234x567 is this DOMAIN 's page size @ 1,000Kbps; Since 2011/2555 October 12 i.e. version C56 or later, start compiling web pages in this domain with 1234x567 i.e. this DOMAIN page size @ 1,000Kbps; Easy to categorize, easy to classify, DEE lines with unique page size ... ; numerological dimensional page size might help coming 6 layered ultra books ...

_ \\Desktop\149.149 OR \\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\BurnAvi.avi; WHICH bypasses IFF system [with a.k.a. 5928 in numerological dimension] with Activation problem exists; After logon, IFF Activation problem prompts, wait approx. 111+ seconds without using keyboard and mouse ; 5 audio, IFF type 149.149, for testing, encoding can be not only character/font/text but also audio...

_ 4 dimensions can be auto adjusted by this DOMAIN; 1st to understand Particles; 2nd to understand fallacy and pitfall in space doko WHERE 4 dimensions (measurements) can go wrong; 3rd to understand software (e.g. Idea Processor) can correct 4 dimensions i.e. 100+ years in Physics retrospectively; Very easy, install this DOMAIN into your space system, and then test ... ; If Working ... , you've just solved 4 dimensions problems in space; If NOT, do not blame on me (because this DOMAIN has been imaginary ... ) and notice that it is not easy to solve all kinds of space risks as factors or numbers, e.g. 4 dimensions' problems in space; Since 2014/2558, try to solve 4 dimensions' problems in space。

_ DVD as product, WHEN inserting DVD to play, you might get "gold color" disc prompted by BD player, in stead of "unknown", yellow color has been intended to be with electricity power; Electricity power lines are designed to be implementing "Smart Grid" WHICH is one of the network topology, and technology is similar to "narrowband" (in C language, method is similar to "return" value intended); The highest and the latest tech in the world, i.e. Smart Grid, also see: Electricity Power Plug ; Notice that IPv6 prompts with server address, IFF computers are connected to (TV and BD player) ... 。

_ a collection of pages (web), so it works with http://... ; a.k.a. http://www.acejaw.net/  ;  a.k.a. http://www.americamyanmar.net/  ; a.k.a. http://www.usamyanmar.net/  ; remark: in Internet, some intranet systems filter graphics, so some web pages prompt without graphics; WHY do we need to be finding Majjhima way? because, 1st. to understand NOT me; 2nd. to understand that there are many ways NOT me

_ a collection of pages as files (file), so it works with File:/// without Internet access; a.k.a. acejaw.net(c:); a.k.a. americamyanmar.net(c:); a.k.a. usamyanmar.net(c:); Also see: 2014/2558 model multi server configuration with 6 INDEX files

_ a collection of thumbnails and images as Album; it works via explorer without Internet network; it works by browser with Internet network OR without Internet network; no more album with thumbnails after version C71, hyperlink texts only are gathered for each photo, also see: Photo Album; Reducing 100MB i.e. without thumbnails; Also see: .. \\ IT \ Symbol \ *.GIF files as background。

_ automatic run, therefore, insert the PRODUCT, wait a few seconds, contents will prompt, if not (remember: NOT me), click on drive_letter:\index.htm or INDEX.HTML , OR [IFF user decides not to install *.* into a local system; user decides just to read and browse its content]; a.k.a. "light rate" products e.g. CD, DVD, USB drive, BD, and etc.。

_ As a result of AI ( Calculator Key) operator WHICH has been since version C76, compilation time might be faster ... ; Also see: 9xComputer, 9yComputer, 9zComputer; WHY 9? keyword (operator) in numerology (i.e. 67591269) prompts 9; WHY x, y, z, because the least (concerning any type, e.g. DIM) might have been alphabetically by (x, y, z) IFF AI (operator) ... ; Using Toshiba Satellite C870 computer, approx. compile-time (this DOMAIN 's C76~ 8035 items) = 544 MB / 11 minute, without AC with connected lines, without Wi-Fi / Blue with USB (blue) connected i.e. Portable Devices (Apple iPhone) = Blue, without Samsung processor with HDMI, with 8% battery, testing yellow (power) on 6/25/2013; Testing approx. 3 processors (1 from iPhone (i.e. Apple processor) with USB blue, 2 from Toshiba Satellite C870 (i.e. Intel processor), 1 from Samsung chrome book (i.e. Samsung processor)); Believe it or not, approx. (538 MB) 8000 items / 20 minute compilation time was, WHICH means 400 items / minute; approx. (544 MB) 8035 items / 11 minute compilation time is, WHICH means 730 items / minute; Therefore, faster compilation time for sure, after C76; WHAT is really compile-time? this DOMAIN 's correct and faster way of understanding compile-time is HOW to bypass processor; Believe it or not, it is necessary to bypass processor ( pressure e.g. SPL) WHILE compiling; If you don't bypass your processor WHEN compilation, your software become having processor constraint, if your software is with processor constraint, your software will be platform dependent, and then your software is required to re-compile WHEN ever OS version changes; You don't want your software to be rely on neither processor nor OS version; For computer programmers, test this DOMAIN installed computer's compilation time period; For computer programmers, test this DOMAIN uninstalled computer's compilation time period; this DOMAIN 's idea processor might be Working very well with its correct and faster way ... ; WHAT is idea processor? 1st to understand calculator key, 2nd to understand dictionary and contents, 3rd to understand HOW to implement correct and faster way (e.g. WHILE using translator) ... ; For basic understanding of 4, 5, 6 would be e.g. WHILE (green and green) if ... ; For basic understanding of 7, 8, 9 would be e.g. WHILE ((green and green) and (red and red)) if ... ; For basic understanding of 0 would be essential default, not in numerological number (i.e. 1 ~ 9), yellow as power, ...

_ artificial intelligence (OS) so called AI OS to correct assembly bug automatically ... ; HOW this logic works is that, e.g. 

_ BASIC language in numerological dimension; IFF Geographical domain development via ア メ リ カ   緬 甸   .網, define nation's flag inside the file ..\..\Desktop\serial\unlock\device\XHTML\BASIC.HTML; flag graphics files are available at UN.ORG; to do so, cyberschoolbus.un.org/infonation/index.asp, and then click on a flag to enlarge, right click to download ... ; BASIC.HTML reduces uncountable complexity regions to countable complexity regions; ... 。

_ Burning a disc in safe mode might be impossible; but, it is possible with noCOOKIE; WHILE booting, F8 >> Safe Mode with Command Prompt >> type password >> at command prompt, type cd\ >> at command prompt, type, 56366295 >> type password, i.e. IT >> in the text box, type a drive letter, doko WHERE this DOMAIN is located, e.g. c:\ and then click on IE >> double click on \\Desktop\ >> insert disc into a drive >> double click on the drive >> Burn a Disc ( L F S OR Mastered)     >> ... enjoy copying file & folder via noCOOKIE

_ File filtering with noCOOKIE IE browser, i.e. Date modified; Name; Size; Tag; Type; ... ; so that clicking vs. typing can be further study ...

_ after year 2555, Complex Ion Gene Therapy System is implemented for 21st century's Life Span to be increased 30% since this DOMAIN 's C78~, in 2013/2557;  1st to understand HOW go Karma ACTION of Carbon Nano Wall forms, e.g. our earth's spin speed e.g. eclipse's spin speed, e.g. WHY ((2 + 5 =7 i.e. Lunar), (2 * 5 = 10 i.e. Jun time)) and so on, kuru kuru ( WHILE) with 4 Planets Prediction causes variable polygons as surface;  2nd to understand HOW gene codes are programmed, e.g. from biological cells to DNA to gene codes as A, C, G, T; also see: P vector direction;  3rd to understand HOW to apply artificial intelligence e.g. after mantissa AI (Sqrt2) numbers of floating point is at 128 and beyond doko WHERE Idea Processor is, and then, using Good Gene (76647555) with plus 1 algorithm, (WHILE avoiding both hyper and hypo) and then approx. normal is defined, and then ( WHILE) kuru kuru ... ; so called Complex Ion Gene Therapy System ... ; Also see: ( vs. ) i.e. Bio Clock vs. Life Span; Therefore, after all physicians ' v e given up (withdrawn), install this DOMAIN into a computer with built in camera, and use the computer everyday (patient should be the installed computer's user); And notice that many diseases e.g. bone diseases (osteoporosis, skeletal deformities), bio virus (30 ~ 300 nm in diameter), brain tumor, cancel diseases, eye diseases (cataract, flashes, float), heart diseases (abnormal heart beat, blood clot, slow heart rate), mentally retarded, psycho (bipolar, depression, psycho disorder), thyroid gland disease, 96 ... ; But, this DOMAIN has been without guaranty, without warranty, ... because to avoid law suit。

_ infrastructure Anti Virus, protected by this DOMAIN 's AI SYSTEM ( Cloud) ...

_ Inserting this DOMAIN 's product, as of 5/5/2015 /2559, no more testing of certificate i.e. installing this DOMAIN 's *.* e.g. digital certificate, registering this DOMAIN 's Publisher.reg, will not harm any existing systems, and also will not conflict with any existing systems; ... 。

_ it contains many photos which can be set as desktop background a.k.a. wallpaper [use only 1 background till project is done]; a.k.a. \\Buddha\Image\*.* , \\Personal\Photo\*.*, and etc. IFF Set as Background, please do not use ..\Album\*.* files because photo quality diff。

_ as of 5/5/2015 /2559, no certificate; it protects system by its 1 & only unique 108th day certificate [installation require]; e.g. a.k.a. \\25590\Certificate\www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b

_ as of 5/5/2015 /2559, 8822+ items; it provides different idea, promotes literatures, and does multi-functional; e.g. a.k.a. 8200+ items including AI Global Characters, files, folders, and etc.

_ it deploys ACTION keyword, so it has its own drive letter icon; e.g. a.k.a. autorun.inf; remark: ACTION keyword is originally from SONY GPS system

_ WHILE using GDC, Gravity Dimension Computer, cm precision for each elevating i.e. longer and longer distance from departure location WHERE gravity spots (dots) must be on one after another;

_ WHILE using  GDC, Gravity Dimension Computer, cm precision for each landing i.e. shorter and shorter distance to arrival location WHERE gravity spots (dots) must be off one after another;

1st to understand WHAT is gravity spot (dot) e.g. 1mm, 5mm, ... ; 2nd to understand those gravity spots (dots) as 1 surface in the Internet; 3rd, you can build your own true space crafts ... ; 6 human beings livable planets (moons) are already owned by Rakhine (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar); After BLI automatic adjustment is done, it is a time to immigrate to another planet。

_ it explains the most important "time oriented" efficient cursor by special design 0.23 seconds cursors; e.g. a.k.a. \\IT\Cursor\*.*     cursor files。

_ it has 10 folders at its root, but only 1 folder i.e.\\Desktop\*.* which has been developed to store this DOMAIN; e.g. a.k.a. reduce design, one of the NEC's methods: reduce, reuse, recycle。

_ it provides multiple operating systems by its built-in "ready made directory" i.e. \\Desktop\*.* ; e.g. a.k.a. \\hyper-v\ vs. \\sparc\ , WHERE CentOS5, OS X, SUSELinuxenterpriseServer11, Windows7, WindowsServer2008R2, XPM, and Solaris10。

_ it solves "fault" among servers because (default) REG_SZ is in millisecond, therefore, by deploying this DOMAIN 's "light rate bridge vs. light rate CRC" technique will solve such "fault" among servers, so servers' temperature will cool down [installation require such as this DOMAIN 's content into a drive, and do not modify \\Desktop\*.* because AI global characters have been developed inside, because \\Desktop\ stores this DOMAIN, because \\Desktop\ is a result of testing 2.01 system, because \\Desktop\ switches A based (PC) link to "light rate" based link, because \\Desktop\ has its own internal encryption, because its URLInfoAbout (also see: Testing) is defined by AI global characters so systems become artificially intelligently perform, process, ... ]; e.g. a.k.a. 2009 C28 or later version of this DOMAIN content ... \\IT\Note\Testing.htm, testing via lenovo with WindowsHomeServer2008 vs. Toshiba with Windows Vista, and successfully solves heat caused by server's fault which is millisecond。

_ it solves TTL problems, because uploading files into Internet might be difficult, even though user name, password, server's IP address, port, ... are correct, sometimes server rejects logon due to TTL with so many hops between local machine and server might prompt computer scientists/developers/network engineers/... "cannot logon", so insert this DOMAIN 's product and then let browser run for a while [wait approx. 1 minute]; e.g. a.k.a. 24mm natural time becomes smaller and smaller, also see: time slices become smaller and smaller, Yocto time prompts Yotto number

_ as of 5/5/2015 /2559, no more testing of certificate available; it solves upload difficulities from local to global, uploading hundreds of files and folders, thousands of files and folders into Internet might be very difficult, because TTL problems exist, because overwriting to existing files and folders from local to global sometimes prompt 0KB files WHICH means files have been uploaded but without its content, e.g. inside local, system prompts fileXYZ is 7KB, after uploading, remote system prompts that fileXYZ is 0KB, [hint: after installing this DOMAIN 's one & only 108th day configured digital certificate, system should prompt Content i.e. Windows certmgr should prompt "Content"], because server's global needs to confirm system authentication [digital certificate, publisher.reg, ... are recommended], to avoid hacker, to avoid phishing, to avoid system clone, to WHOM files and folders are needed to be properly uploaded; Remark: because 88...88 time SYNC ACTION is beyond a Myanmar's knowledge, detail specification is not available HOW light rate products are ... trillions dollars in trading, a Myanmar may be bluffing ... ;  [ hint: sometimes +, sometimes -, sometimes *, sometimes /, ... ]

_ it automatically load & switch domain name, concept similar to DNS vs. Proxy, prior to logon, because the whole domain to be load & switch into Internet might be difficult [wait approx. 10 minutes]; a.k.a. domain load & switch, via SHARP system。

_ as of 5/5/2015 / 2559, no more testing of certificate; it is developed by net_save.dna via its unique certificate, so system becomes anti-phishing design [installation require]; a.k.a. anti-phishing

_ it has its own Internet browser, i.e. noCOOKIE, which prompts user who do not like to keep cookies while browsing Internet; a.k.a. IE, Internet Browser。

_ it has its own DNS, developed within "Ready Made Directory", with bounceDistance=3 within 24mm natural time, also with 0.23 second cursor, also by AI OS with FS+.sys, FS-.sys, ... ; IFF server has DNS memory leak problems, simply insert this DOMAIN 's product, and then browse for a while, notice that DNS memory leak problems will be automatically and intelligently fixed, so called AI OS ... ; e.g. a.k.a. SATELLITE DNS; Remark: satellite . usamyanmar . net DNS address。

_ it helps software recovery by its AI OS, including application, OS, systems, ... IFF window: e.g. 1. insert this DOMAIN 's product and restart the system, F8 WHEN boot options prompt; 2. safe mode with command >> e.g. this DOMAIN (e:\)>index>> minimize the window >> e.g. this DOMAIN(e:\)>explorer; 3. task bar should prompt, so do recovery, for example: right click on Start >> Explore >> ... ;                         

_ it is a multi-platform system, it is also a multiple operating systems application, it is also a multi-functional system, it is also a AI system by its global characters i.e. OS.txt; e.g. a.k.a. ACT2 ACT3 info, must learn oriental language。

_ it is developed with rich contents including religious data, informational idea, educational approach, documentation technique, and etc. e.g. a.k.a. English, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, Pali, and 9+ global languages via Google's translation。

_ its ColdBoot.ini vs. \\Desktop\ will solve system installation problem such as "cannot find storage", "cannot find file systems", at very beginning without any operating systems inside of hardware; e.g. a.k.a. hardware without operating system, while installation, operating system prompts error。

_ its DHTML menu source codes are available: also see: \\IT\Directory Listing\Directories .htm and \\IT\ Directory Listing \usamyanmar.net.mnu; so many other source codes are also available within the domain, so can be copied & developed, implemented, researched, tested, ... ; Remark: no more usamyanmar.net.mnu file since C83

_ its CD-R products only [ version C30+ ] might have "light rate" problem due to CD-R's longer wait time period, IFF "light rate" problem occurs, texts go behind graphics WHILE browser working... ; There are some ways to solve such display layers vs. browser time problem, to do so, e.g. 1. click on this DOMAIN 's \\Desktop\ directory and let system 2.01 with its AI Global Characters a.k.a. OS.txt auto adjust browser's wait time problem; 2. use old style browser e.g. noCOOKIE browser, because old browser does not display by layers, and old browser does not require very fast "light rate" time either, ... ; 3. since CD-R with longer wait time [because newer browsers become "light rate" with layers ... ] prompts "texts go behind graphics" problem WHILE browsing with new browser versions, use of USB Flash Drive might be able to solve such problem ... ; 4. illegal CD-R copies exist;  To avoid such "texts go behind graphics" problem, WHEN illegal copy, please use only 1 session a.k.a. 1 Explore only, please use Ctrl+A to select all, and then Ctrl+C to copy, and then Ctrl+V to paste while burning CD-R ...;  Please do not use drag and drop feature by mouse [because this DOMAIN has been developed by 0.23 second mouse] among 2+ sessions [because more sessions mean bigger time slices become], because "light rate" is very sensitive ... ; 5. IFF system engineering to solve the problem beyond font, replace mouse with faster response time period i.e. 0.23 second, because after 1 beep, old model IDE bus refreshed keyboard 3 lights 1st, and then mouse, and then ... , on the other hand, nowadays PCIx with USB refreshes all-in-one harmony approach; 6. In 2010, WHILE developing Processor, a small table is created with 3 rows and 10 columns, by AI characters, the table prompts Bitmap ... very beginning of GUI, also read: "Giving Beautiful Distribution", 23 paintings inside the book, Processor to GUI step by step technique is developed from 1 of the 23 paintings ... 。

_ its users' system should become round trip time 1 milli-second, in global regions; Before installation of this DOMAIN, check your ISP system's IP Address by ping command ... ; Now is the time to test Global vs. Local, to do so, insert the product, browse a few seconds ... , right click on Start >> Explore >> this DOMAIN (drive_letter:) >> click on Time.Space >> click on Action >> click on Action.htm >> click on AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE, ... and note your IP Address ..., and then run Command Prompt by Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> click on Command Prompt, ping the N.N.N.N and then enjoy browsing globally ... notice that you have been already configured as easy as 1ms round trip time [2,3 hyper-dimensional];... 。

_ Microsoft's Cytanium (i.e. ISP) server prompts www.acejaw.net 's with bold style characters (MiniDictionary's characters ... ) ... ; 2 identical DEE lines are more difficult for all human beings to see ... ; Like ro/2 method, if compare noCOOKIE to current latest browser ... , noCOOKIE prompts no bold, but Cytanium prompts bold style characters alike ... because of layer ... ; Tested by Toshiba Satellite computer with Windows7 with AMD vision, in 2011/2555 ; Making a bold style to each character is out of a Myanmar's knowledge ... ; smaller the pixel's size, the most difficult to engineer the display, smaller the pixel's size, the most difficult to engineer the sliced time for each line ... ; Also see: humanoid name

_ Mutual Exclusion of CodePage ( Code Page) can be further studied; to do so, 1st to understand bloomy AND fruitful hardware, because WHERE system controls each application as a task; IFF local system's explorer, AND current user's console, AND browser's session are necessary to protect within critical regions, and then using step by step ... ; Mutual Exclusion is NOT Anti Virus, because the diff between AntiVirus and mutual exclusion is that AntiVirus accept and then mutate viruses' CodePage, on the other hand, mutual exclusion does not accept and mutate viruses' CodePage, and each Code Page as a critical region in Mutual Exclusion blocks all other application tasks。

_ Network, after inserting this DOMAIN 's CD-R into a BD Player with Network built-in, notice that the Internet network's speed remains the same (e.g 15 Mbps), but system becomes HD resolution automatically, or speed might be very faster than before, WHICH means multi level, working very very well among networks, in common, High Speed prompts High Quality, universally the statement "High Speed prompts High Quality" is not 100% true, multi level with artificial intelligence ( network) is the z-distribution ( way) should be to prompt High Quality ... ;  BD Player's built-in functions (e.g. WAIT, OPEN, INVALID, VIDEO, NETWORK, ... ) can be further studied; By using artificial intelligence char (e.g. ♯) location's USB address is defined by Address (e.g. ♯♯♯♯.♯♯♯♯.♯♯♯♯.♯♯♯.♯♯♯.♯♯♯.♯♯♯.♯♯♯.♯♯♯) ... ; this DOMAIN has been trying to be (3D)     HD (High Definition)     ର (Q)     (Video)     (Network) universally ... ; this DOMAIN is using 10 dimensions only, because thousands of years, when transmitting metta, 10 directional has been ... ;IFF kuru kuru of 5, also see: command ...

 _ PnP (Plug and Play) e.g. printer driver; either (usamyanmar.net, OR americamyanmar.net, OR acejaw.net) web site should be on, and then test several devices e.g. printer, ... ; Also see: dotdotdot (e.g. Installing device...) ;  IFF cell path, typing dot dot dot into a cell will be zoom out automatically (i.e. one of the AI features), because in early 21st century, devices are likely to be camera based; IFF Computer System Security, 1D design should be from MSB to LSB, because quality should be defined by 5W1H (e.g. how many (i.e. quantity) floating points as number) also see: Synchronization

_ Printing artificial intelligently, each AI character behaves login alike ... ; AI (printing) ... ; For each artificial intelligence character, native networks to each AI character, therefore, notice the bold style ... ; By simply looking at the printed papers, you can tell exactly WHERE the printer's location was ... ; Inside the Mini Dictionary, automatically and artificial intelligently, each AI character becomes bold style ... , depending on WHERE the printing system location is ... ; Also see: Printing Guide To Mini Dictionary; e.g. printing this DOMAIN 's //Myanmar/MiniDictionary/Nippon/2555NipponCharacterWritingStrokesCount.htm in America might print bold style to "America" artificial intelligently and automatically ... ; this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts' interior system testing, for each universal region, still do not know HOW printers print ... ? Since 2014/2557 i.e. C81 (Compilation Number 81) and later versions, multi time line ( print) for each layer ... ; with active directory service

_ Publisher .reg, a system registry file for Microsoft Windows platform, located at the root of this DOMAIN; Prior to version C83 (i.e. 2014/2558), it had been registered under Microsoft Office; After 8/23/2014, this DOMAIN 's design has been changed; e.g. redesign with several indexing files for multi server configuration, e.g. Publisher is redesigned to be above Microsoft Office e.g. directly register at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE; to understand this statement, click on Publisher .reg file and install its values, and then run regedit.exe (e.g. C:\regedit) ; Because, global companies (e.g. google, oracle, ... ) deploy non-Microsoft Office; Therefore, since C83 (i.e. 2014/2558),  this DOMAIN contents are registered above Microsoft Office (i.e. directly register at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE)。

_ Research and Development (R&D) results,

As a result of R&D Good Bad
2019/2563; Compilation number 127 or later ... ; Laser Shied (safe living environment) ... ; military grade (invisible to radar);
2019/2562; Compilation number 123 or later ... ;

Abhidhamma (Abhidharma) based Idea Processor; as of 08/26/2018, C123 compilation, Remark: without \\Monastery\*.* /s, approximately more than 10,905 Files, 393 Folders, 500 MB (525,156,352) bytes;

no source codes are available;
2018/2562; Compilation number 121 or later ... ;

more than 11032+ items to do good e.g. (creating very nice weather at defined locations, curing many defined diseases, healing many defined disorders, keeping healthy environment, prolonging life expectancy of we human beings) ... ;

this DOMAIN 's contents (more than 11032+ items) are working with (Apple, Google, Microsoft) OS ... ;

no source codes are available;

no evidence of already cured persons globally;

2017 / 2561; Compilation Number ... ;

Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization ... ;

approx. 28+ years of reading books, periodicals, ... , i.e. to compile Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization ... ;

anyway e.g. both Big Bang Theory of Western Civilization and Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization ... ;

readers may have different idea, e.g. this DOMAIN 's contents as Idea Processor ( system) ... ;

artificial gravity still cannot adjust Body Length Index ( BLI) ... ; DEE characteristics are military top secret, and its detail info cannot be available in public;

in space, there is no joint venture;

2016 / 2560; Compilation Number 103 (C103) or later; approx. 600 MB, approx. 3100+ oriental characters to learn, approx. 9700+ items, with KANJI Radicals;

multi platform compatibilities:

e.g. 2003 model Microsoft FrontPage is still working with 2017 model Windows 10 OS; as of 7/11/2016 /2560;

e.g. 2003 model Brother Network Laser Printers are still working with 2017 model Windows 10 OS; as of 7/11/2016 /2560;

better compatibilities mean less consumption;

cannot prove many human beings livable moons' existence in our universes;

cannot prove Solar Sail Method HOW our universes can be mapped, and perceive energy to prosper naturally ... ;

2015 / 2559 Compilation Number C88 or later; 8600+ items (approx. 600MB); 2600+ oriental characters to learn; getting older means harder to remember by heart;
2014/2558 version C81 or later; multi time line (print) for each layer; NOT having 3D printer to use at home; Because of low income, cannot effort to purchase 3D printer; Still do not understand HOW textile engineering is embedded into printing technology; Still do not know HOW laser can pinpoint defined location within 3D polygon as object to print, to weld (i.e. beyond high frequency sealing), ... ; still don't know HOW laser can be (adjusted and projected) for each particular frequency band;
  IQ of computers ... ; still developing, for human beings users, for humanoids users, for hyper imaginary space crafts, ... ; There is no solution yet i.e. HOW to prove IQ of computers?

e.g. XYZ notebook computer is better than IJK computer, or IJK computer is better than XYZ notebook computer;

2013/2557 version C72 or later Mutual Exclusion problems are proved and solved by noCOOKIE (e.g. 37.), regarding cloud computing; e.g. not able to pinpoint detailed bit-by-bit HOW functional  Bold; Technique; yet HOW mutual exclusion problems exist among layers, concerning gravity spots on a surface in the Internet;
2012/2556 version C65 or later 108 (i.e. ancient and traditional) numerical numbers 3, 3, 3, 3 with 10, 7, 10;

Reaching 108 idea (s) for Monbusho level global scholars, global researchers, ... ;

WHERE 10, 7, 10 can be with dimensional direction of our solar system;

IFF our solar system is moving from GREEN to BLUE, we are heading toward ananda shakya wala (e.g. 0) ... ;

a Myanmar still cannot prove officially and scientifically, regarding statements:

- 108 configuration with dimensional gravity,

- our solar system is moving from GREEN to BLUE,

- UPS i.e. Universal Positioning System with multi time lines,

- green5 planets WHERE the Sun is not the momentum and other universe with 7 planets system in addition to our system is 10,

- even time horizontal DEE WHERE the Sun's light with 2 directional symbolic "shakya",

- gravity is faster than light WHERE the Sun is the momentum of Earth,

- Info is also faster than light because even light is no longer exist (gravity causes light to be attenuation) but Info survives and exists therefore Info is not only faster than light but also stronger than light;

2011/2555 i.e. version C56 or later 1234x567 this DOMAIN 's page size @ 1,000Kbps; defining horizontal DEE for gravity dimension computers ... ; OEM can design calculator based frame e.g. 1240 which is 3 to left, 3 to right, so easy to control this DOMAIN 's page size 1234 horizontally in coming ultra books ... ; this DOMAIN developer still does not know exactly HOW horizontal lines are for Font ... ; And, WHEN the Font is control keyword, HOW vertical lines are for ... ;
2011/2555 Because of AI, IFF printing Mini Dictionary, notice the bold style for each global region, ... ;

Also see: Printing Guide To Mini Dictionary;

For each universal region, ... ;

For each universal region, still do not know HOW printers print in 2,3 dimensional space?

can the same printing system prints the same AI style, IFF location is not our location in universe (i.e. ) ? Also see: DEE;

For each universal region, still do not know HOW printers print in 3,4 dimensional space?

2011/2/3 Proof of AI design;

If there is no other options, this DOMAIN should be installed;

Also see: Your domain system is your system number ... ;

Still do not understand exactly HOW Installation ID prompts for a hidden keyword within your system, and then WHEN user type in Product ID as the keyword's number; Question is whether dictionary stage OR translator stage?
2011/2554, 1500+ characters in Mini Dictionary ... ; Collecting, learning, oriental characters ... ; knowledge enhancement; Remote learning only;
2010/2554 IFF ACT3 Imaginary Hyperdimensional, also see: Heavenly Wheel Topology;

Adding 20 water drops ... for middle path ... ;


Gravitational dimensional fixed structured computer is not done yet ... ; still in R&D;

2011/2555, still do not know 0.2857142 857142 857142 857142 857142 ... whether blue starts the universe or green starts the universe?

2010, numerological dimensional C Sequence Number; BF1 ~ BF9; 2554: testing 26 and 40 in TREE structure; raining alike STRINGS in ACT1 stage without energy map ... ; gravity dimension computer is not done yet ... ;
2009, "ready made directory" a.k.a. \\Desktop\*.* multiple operating systems installation technique; functional artificial intelligence global characters a.k.a. OS.txt; directories are internally defined by graphics; close architecture; lack of technical knowledge how to classify green color font inside file-system vs. red color font inside memory; "tree algorithm" or ready made directory?
2009, digital certificate, a.k.a. www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b file 108; system authentication; standard; lack of technical knowledge how to build certificate store and global certificate authority;

as of 5/5/2015 /2559, no more testing of certificate;

2552: 2008 ~ 2009, drive letter icon combine PC + GPS; functional ACTION keyword; lack of technical specification; not able to do remote installation of this DOMAIN 's *.* via Internet;
2008, cursors time constraint 0.23 second; a few in quantity, 3 files available;
2007, toggle mode for humanoids job enrichment; as same as human beings;
2006, numerology 2*7 lunar vs. 2*5 jun; 108; 2,3 dimensional; 2*6 can also be 2 years; 4 planets prediction; a Myanmar's imaginary hyper dimensional ... ; a Myanmar cannot prove 24mm natural time's time-slices become smaller and smaller;
2005 ~ present, medical & pharmaceutical bio-brand-name collection idea; pharmaceutical IT approach; quantitative; very difficult to be qualitative among changing Dx, Rx, and Tx;
2005 ~ present, oriental language approaching ACT2 and ACT3 stages; basic understanding only; still do not understand 1 second in the most important time . space . action;
2004 ~ present, photo collection different desktop backgrounds available; still cannot break through file system technology (e.g. C CD vs. LCD)  cannot reduce file's size; Almost impossible to know HOW artificial wormhole can prompt image as surface, a.k.a. lens method;
2002 ~ 2007, algorithms idea; math approach; lack of functional implementation;
2003 ~ 2005, Bio-IT idea; Bio-IT-medical approach; lack of functional implementation;
2002, icons graphics; hyper graphics; no render technique, so images appear rough ;
2001, C sequence number base; exponent; large number; structured by 2010/2554; brunch factor; tree depth;
2000 ~ present, religious dhamma collection learning Buddha dhamma; Pali;

in 2016/2560, approx. 700+ words in Pali are already collected;

not complete document;
2000, noCOOKIE browser Internet browser; no print function button; right click to print;
1999 ~ 2005, software collection compatibilities;

knowledge vs. market;

system dependent; old software might be waste alike; lack of knowledge to develop system independent software;
1997, NASA-WIU JOVE help system, Masters project earn a MS degree in Computer Science; no more octet based sectors; since 1995 CD FS, "light rate based" has begun ... ;
1995, swap 2 integers without temporary variable functional x-or gates; e.g. x^=y^=x^=y;

graduate study had begun, in USA; some remedies (courses) were required because graduated in Myanmar;

no filter;

academically, grading system different made " adjust by yourself " , and many colleges & universities in Myanmar, NOT able to verify GPA;

... ...  

_ remote assistance via this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts ... ; also see: hyperlinked invitation help inside Testing; 2 persons can chat。

Since version C83 (i.e. in 2014/2558), multi- SERVERS configuration has been developed as: Default .ASP, default .ASPX, Default .HTM, index .HTM, index .HTML, and index .SHTML at its root (e.g. C:\); WHY do we need 6 files at the root to do indexing to content server, file server, web server, ... , because compression to file is diff, because platform to OS is diff, because tech among ISP is diff, ... ; Therefore, since 2014/2558, this is one of the models in 10 dimensions ... ; Intellectual properties of this domain is copy right and all rights reserved by developer, but developer never law suit to any in his life, and never file law suited by others either, therefore, if you like this model, copy it, install it, and use it。

_ SYNC a.k.a. synchronization among workstation vs. server, among server vs. server, data replication among domain controllers, ... can be difficult to synchronize, can also be difficult to replicate, [because Time Stamping complexity regions among computers, among OS languages, among nations' root domain system times, ... ], and then insert this DOMAIN 's product and browse a while, and then do replication, synchronization, ... ; Because inside system A memoryⓄ's "THIS;" must be matched to system B memoryⓄ's "THAT;" within 1ms a.k.a. 1 millisecond; Such task can be done by this DOMAIN 's AI Global Characters a.k.a. ..\\Desktop\OS.txt a.k.a. artificial intelligence global characters automatically and intelligently。

_ System128, and System256, tested by version C85 or later, since 2014/2558 Nov. 6; i.e. by implementing 50+ numbers of Sqrt2, with 10 numbers of Sqrt3; Therefore, IFF Testing is concerned, user should create folder (directory) System128, and then user should also create folder (directory) System256; Digitally, systems should be integrated from 2 digits (e.g. 32, 64) to 3 digits (e.g. 128, 256)。

_ this DOMAIN 's artificial intelligence multifunctional system can be tested by IANA 2007 standard keywords and ports [approx. 4500+] via all kinds of computer, because of functional AI Global Characters a.k.a. ..\\Desktop\OS .txt a.k.a. artificial intelligence global characters ... ; e.g. P K I Time Stamp testing, Hardware's physical port vs. software's defined port by keyword testing, Protocol testing, ... ;[installation of this DOMAIN with digital certificate www.usamyanmar.net.cer.p7b is required; as of 5/5/2015, no more testing of certificate]

_ Modern TV are designed with USB drive as service; therefore, test by yourself as user e.g. before and after of inserting this DOMAIN 's contents as USB drive a.k.a. USB Flash Drive; If quality TV happens, time to remember, hey NOT ME, because TV itself has been integrated to know HOW to prompt quality to users;

Because, HOW Z-Distribution's layers, Working ... with 8600+ items (600 MB) e.g. C88 compilation or later; USB, Universal Serial Bus, a part of expansion; Depending upon OEM, quality may vary ...

_ for each time zone, this DOMAIN verify (server type) e.g. C y g win, Default (auto detect), DOS, DOS-like virtual paths, HP Non Stop, M V S, OS/390, Unix, V x Works, Z/OS, z / Virtual Machine, ... ; and then verify user 's (logon type) e.g. account, anonymous, ask for password, interactive, normal, ... ; Remark in 2015 / 2559, computer or USB Drive as specified items 5W1H uploading, downloading, ... ; Because, dimensional, directional, logical , numerological, structural, ... Working ... ; IFF gravitational, also see: GDC a.k.a. Gravity Dimension Computer

_ weather, this DOMAIN 's AI (Artificial Intelligence) do good weather conditions globally, and this is written in 10/2014/2558 version C85 or later; e.g. NO MORE STORM, or big storms will be small; HOW to do it? very very easy, finding Majjhima Way a.k.a. Middle Path, also see: mPali; and then, keyword ( weather) must be defined e.g. in numerological dimension, weather can be defined as 5512859; and then, using no COOKIE browser, weather's address must be defined e.g.; contents development is combination of data, executable, graphics (e.g. \\IT\Symbol\*.* can be as filled background randomly doko WHERE system recognizes schematics ... ), idea, keyword, web pages, ... , and system is combination of things (objects) ... ; Globally, if this DOMAIN does good weather conditions (no more storm, or big storms will be small), hey, remember, NOT me because ...  ; Idea Processor (Translator) and then either strange looking characters or defined fonts' words, sentences, paragraphs, expressions, ... , can be AI programmed, believe it or not; Globally, do good weather ... ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 158; MANMADE GLOBAL WEATHER;

e.g. PM 2.5 pollution problems in China's cities can be solved by MANMADE GLOBAL WEATHER (Plasma Cluster) by creating directional 3 gravity spots ... ; i.e., reduce pollution in China, a part of Red Book implementation ... ;

e.g. regional flood problems in Thailand can be solved by limiting rain fall by laser beam into the cloud in raining season; regional flood problems in Thailand can be solved by directional and structural 2 gravity spots to do faster water flow into the sea ... ; i.e., reduce flood in Thailand, a part of Red Book implementation ... ;

e.g. regional drought in California, USA can be solved by creating hotspots in Pacific ocean next to West Coast of North America, and then creating directional plasma cluster east bound wind, and then projecting sound beams above California's sky to do rain fall onto drought regions ... ; i.e., reduce drought in California, USA, a part of Red Book implementation ... ;

Remark: ( heat and light) are at the same space only in our earth, and our earth is one of the moons; this DOMAIN ( system) does good weather globally ... 。

_ WMPInfo.xml file is for (64-bit) computing; WHEN SensorAPI is sensing, WHILE XHTML is switching, it behaves like ID, between + and - ; this DOMAIN defines SensorAPI as リ# or #6 via its system variable or user variable depending on whether base is normal or satellite; numerological dimension has been applied by AI OS; so IFF +, it will define its WMPInfo to +; so IFF -, it will define its WMPInfo to -; also see: +88...88- vice versa -88...88+ for gravity dimension computers in ACT3 stage; ... 。 Remark: like sequence 98, like DVD 's dual format (plus, minus), and notice that SQRT2 design model, Working ... ;

_ Your domain system is your system number ... ; 1st to understand WHERE is THAT system Number ? to do so, test hyperlinked invitation help ... , also see: Testing .htm; open the files e.g. *.msrcIncident by using Notepad text editor; understand HOW system number has been within your domain system; 2nd to understand ..\\iOriental\ directory's It.GIF, It1.GIF, and IT.GIF files; 3rd to understand AI, also see: Your domain system is your system number ... inside Testing .htm; because of AI, within a domain system, if OS is reinstalled, or a disk is reformatted, ... simply check the ..\\iOriental\ iCharacter .htm,  folder's 3 files ... ; If missing, or broken, or gone, simply copy and paste the 3 files; You have just simply maintain your domain system artificial intelligently ... ; Easy, because your have installed AI OS within your domain system


I (Ace Jaw) ' v e many reasons NOT me, e.g. starting with wrong birth date, ... , and might be ending on one of my moons (also see: My Imaginary Space) in our universes ... ; Therefore, if gene therapy system Working... , if gravity dimension computer Working... , if B L I automatic adjustment Working... , if 10 dimensional system Working... , Manmade Global Weather ( service) Working... , ... , hey, NOT me, NOT me: because you're on your (e.g. you) own ... ; NOT me, NOT me: because you're on your (e.g. you) own ... ; In Pali, a.k.a. "attahi attano ... " ... ; Similar to Yin and Yang concept;